Cooking for one with Cauli Rice

Cooking for one can sometimes seem like a chore - I mean, as much as I enjoy food, it's not quite so fun when you've made a good dish and then have no-one to share it with (or finish their leftovers).. And so with that, I like things of ease. I want quick food, food that's good for you, tasty, and doesn't take what feels like a lifetime to cook.

So when Cauli Rice got in touch about their flavoured packets, it's fair to say that my ears were listening (and my eyes were reading) even though I'll admit that cauliflower isn't my favourite vegetable - nope, not even when it's covered in cheese sauce still! Being a fan however of Uncle Bens and his rice packets (I'm the worlds worst at cooking rice.. Don't ask!), I was intrigued by these. Not only because they took 3 minutes in a microwave, but they were also gluten free. Double win.
And with that, I was challenged to create any recipe in the world that I fancied and using the Cauli Rice. I rustled up some vegetables in my cupboard and pulled out a soup for sauce ready to cook a concoction literally on the spot. I opted for the original for the first try, because there's nothing like sticking with the simple flavours sometimes. I call this, the last minute tagine, kinda...

1/2 Pepper
1/4 Courgette
1 Onion
1/4 Butternut Squash
A tin of tomato soup - I used a spicy lentil, and tomato soup. Yum!
1 Bag of Cauli Rice

In a frying pan, heat some oil and once heated fry off the onions and peppers together. Once fried, add in the courgette (I added in sweetcorn at the last minute too).
In another pan of boiling water, add your butternut squash and cook until soft - depending on how diced they are, this should take about ten minutes.
Lower the heat of your frying pan and mix in the tomato soup, adding paprika to flavour and salt and pepper. I'm also a fan of garlic salt, so tend to mix in a lot for extra flavour. Cheeky huh?!
When your butternut squash is cooked, drain off the water and add into the tagine mix leaving to cook for another ten minutes or so on a low heat. A few minutes before serving, pop your cauli rice bag into the microwave as instructed. Serve and finish off with a sprinkle of fresh herbs and some garlic yoghurt dip for extra taste.
Verdict. Considering I'm not the biggest fan of cauliflower, I particularly enjoyed the rice packet - the flavour was simple, but added with my last minute what-was-left-in-the-fridge-concoction, I think it worked perfectly together! The paprika in the tagine mix definitely stands out, so if you like your flavours, be sure to sprinkle in a lot!
And the best part, is that there's more left over for lunch tomorrow. I like leftovers.

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