Bedroom dreaming

Christmas is looming. My birthday is even closer.
And everybody starts asking what you want, because they want to get you a present.
And well, that's really really nice.
But I don't know what I want.
I mean, there's loads of things I'd like but nothing I really really NEED.
You know, I'm easily pleased.

So I browsed John Lewis for some inspiration, and now my head is bursting with wanting everything. I need a new bed? Yeah I think I do? Oh and then I'd need a new bedside table, and a lamp on top of it.
Because every bedside table needs a new lamp.
And a throw for the bed. That's mandatory when you change a bedroom over right....?

Then I stopped myself again. Because I'm being a little silly.
But I suppose a girl can dream. And this girl has been dreaming of one thing in particular for some time but never really thought about making it happen.
Until I realised that Black Friday is just around the corner (well not literally, I'm not sure I could deal with the crowds and hoards of people. I mean pushers, and shovers. Pass me website sales anyday!) - and maybe, maybe dreams do actually come true (Maybe this IS my month).
This girl has been dreaming of a new laptop.
One that she can sit in her bed and watch Netflix on on a drizzly Sunday morning.
One that she can carry around and look like she knows what she's doing with her life.
One that can write blog posts that don't have to be written on the work computer..
And one that is a treat.
Because we all deserve a treat.
So that's what I'll do. I'm going to sit patiently and await for my alert on my phone (because I'm a little useless with remembering things) to remind me of this crazy Friday that so many people get excited about. And order myself a brand spanking new laptop. A shiny Mac to be precise.
Black Friday, you best not let me down.
Or I'll end up taking myself to the V-Tech section and buying one of those smart watches.

Have you SEEN them? I reckon I'd be better suited with one of them...

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