Because, Music #2

We've all established that I am no singer, however in recent evenings I've come to realise that I would make an incredibly good singer almost just down to my facial expressions. I mean, I would totally win in a competition with Adele. And Kanye West and Drake? Yeah, not a touch on me...
But you know, I guess the main thing is being able to have the voice.
And we figured that isn't happening anytime soon.
Still doesn't stop me singing in the office everyday, thinking and trying so hard to hum quietly when in reality I'm singing in the most off-putting and highest pitch you've ever heard. But music is music and Spotify is my most used app (unless my pesky brother is stealing it to listen to some pretty awful rap - seriously bro, you used to be cool?).

So after sharing with you my Autumn Playlist (which I thoroughly enjoyed - did you?) I came back with another peek into a playlist. And this one is my Cloud playlist. The one that is perfect for the most peaceful and relaxing of times or an evening drive home in the Winter mist. And relax -

The Drums - Down By The Water
Rhodes - Blank Space
The Cinematic Orchestra – To Build A Home
Coconut Records - Is This Sound Okay?
Daughter – Youth
Morning Runner - Best For You
Gregory & The Hawk - Boats & Birds
Half Moon Run - Full Circle
Grant Nicolas - Soul Mates
Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Pictures
RY X - Berlin
The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition
Laura Marling - Ghosts
Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla
Regina Spektor - Samson
Morcheeba - The Sea

Best served whilst running a very warm bath, with candles lit and the sweet smell of bubbles filling in the tub.
And if you're feeling sleepy? This will help...!

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