Autumn Indoors

With the leaves falling outside, the frost collecting on the windscreens of cars and the street lights flickering at an earlier time than Summer, you can definitely tell that Winter is only moments away. It's standing at our door, waiting to hit us. Holding out a scarf for us to wrap up with though.
But we're lucky, because we've got a home to be inside of. A place to keep us warm.
Where we can light various candles, turn on our heating and fires, change into our pyjamas and slippers and boil the kettle endless amounts of time. And watch TV. Trash TV in particular.
Winter isn't so bad.
Winter gives us the perfect excuse to get into bed earlier than usual. With being curled under the duvet as not to put the heating on for longer a good enough reason, as well as it simply being the nicest feeling after a warm and relaxing bath to just snuggle on down under the covers - it really is a place to stay when it's cold and dark outside.
Winter is a time for pyjamas. New pyjamas are always needed when the colder months start to hit us. And slippers too. Because coming home from work and changing into your most comfortable pair of slobs is definitely how to do an evening. Making an effort for people? You must be joking. It's too cold.
Winter calls for hot chocolates. And cups of tea. And mugs of Oxo. Any form of hot drink to see you through the evening, and help you in the morning. There is nothing quite like a sweet mug of hot chocolate, caked in squirty cream and marshmallows to cosy on down with whilst indulging in a book (and a bar of chocolate if you're wild).
All year round is a time for friends, but Winter is the time for having girly sleepovers, cooking casseroles and catching up over mulled cider and prosecco from the comfort of the sofa. Winter is the time when your friends want to hibernate with you, and create warmth in your own home.
Winter really isn't so bad.
And my home is ready for it.

Although, I just need a butler for my morning cuppa.
Apply within.
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