AO Challenge: Pad Thai

Another day, another attempt at the challenge.
And here's me admitting that cooking tofu in my house? Yeah, it didn't work out so well...
But it's all about trial and error, which is what my mama always told me. So you know, I dusted myself off, and tried it again. And well, I failed again.
So I gave up.

BUT I bring to you the second recipe in the challenge... Asparagus and the sadly missing Tofu, Pad Thai - the go to dinner for people in a hurry!
100g flat rice noodles
2 juiced limes
2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce
150g firm tofu (good luck with that!)
5 asparagus spears
Handful of spring onions
1 bag of beansprouts (I added these in for extra volume - is that a recipe term?!)

Cook the noodles following the instructions on the packet (basically fry them off for 3-4 minutes and add into a bowl once cooked along with the lime juice and chilli sauce.
In a frying pan, heat your oil and fry the tofu for 5-8 minutes until golden all over. Now this is what the recipe told me to do, but having never tried tofu before it was a whole new experience and a flop. It didn't seem to cook and crumbled more and more, and after two attempts, I gave up...
Once you've cooked the tofu, set this aside and in the remaining oil, stir fry the asparagus until tender and spring onions with the beansprouts. I added some garlic in for more flavour. Cook for two more minutes and stir in the drained noodles, sauce and the tofu set aside.
Serve with coriander and salted peanuts if desired making this the perfect dinner for anyone after quick dinners and something equally tasty.
Verdict: I make stir fry a lot at home, but haven't made Pad Thai before but this was definitely a winner for me. And although the tofu didn't quite work out (I should stop admitting that now..) the flavours added, made for a party in my mouth.
And there is no party like a mouth party.
I'll be adding this to my dishes of routine dinners..

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