Whether you like cats or not, there is no denying that this picture is cute.
This handsome chap is so handsome.
And you know what? He's all mine.

I like his face.
I like the way he looks at me in the morning, happy that I'm finally awake to fuss him.
I like the way that he greets me at the door at the end of the day, ready to curl up with me.
I like the way he sits on my chest and looks at me hoping I'm OK.
I like the way he perches on the bath, trying to keep me company.
I like the way he meows. It's not normal. But its his.
I like the way that he just knows things.
I like the way that he's like me. He's a little special.

And I like the way most of all, that he's not a normal cat.
He's my cat.
There's not many places in the world that I'm itching to get my little (big) bum too. I mean, of course if you're wishing to take me to the Maldives or America, then you know, my bags are packed ready. But I've never really wanted to go somewhere in particular. Until a few years ago, when one place stuck caught my eye. A country of sharp contrasts. A place where fire and ice co-exist.
Something about Iceland just really appeals to me, whether it's catching the Northern Lights in all it's absolute beauty, spending an afternoon soaking in the Blue Lagoon with a view or hiding out in a log cabin with a warm fire and some hot cider. Watching the clear sky from afar.
But like life, Iceland must wait.
George at Asda however, cannot wait. And they've came up with this incredible new collection which brings countries from all over the world, to our homes.
And if you ask me, that's a winner.
I picked some pieces from the Luna range, with the thought of recreating Iceland indoors. Just without the beautiful scenery to look at. And instead getting Runkle and his not so beautiful bum to look at.
Yeah. He likes sitting on my chest at night, padding on the Damask duvet set. Facing away from me..
For months I've wanted a new light, but I think I've learnt that I'm fussy with lighting.
I mean, it's not that I don't like many lights and lamps, it's just that there's never been any that seem RIGHT.
And then I spied this cute one, with it's mason jar style base. Admittedly, I took off the tassel because, fussy! And after two weeks of thinking no light bulbs actually work in this (thanks mama for just putting the right one in...), it's the perfect addition to my bedside table.
No room in my house, or anyone's house for that matter, should be without some form of ornament. A pointless ornament if you wish. And this was no exception.
My mind has been debating a real grown up bike for over a year now (that means if I'm still wanting it, I'm totally OK to get one now yes?), and so I couldn't resist this metal bike standing proud on my fireplace. And it may be pointless. And people may not like it. But I like pointless things people don't like.
And no bed is a bed without cushions. Lots of cushions.
I chose the grey cushion to keep with the grey bedding, and the faux fur, because, it's fluffy! And you can bet your bottom dollar that I then added three more cushions to my bedroom that night, and snuggled right on in with them.
Because if you can't have ten hundred cushions on your bed when you're single? Then when can you!
Now, if you don't mind, I've got some marshmallows to toast over a log fire, some star gazing to be done in my pyjamas and a cold and Wintery husky sleigh ride to be planned.
Oh wait. I don't have a fire, it's a little cloudy to see the stars tonight and I guess Runkles not really tough enough to pull me on a sledge I don't own (even if he's a little tubby).
I suppose, my imagination will have to do for now...
And my incredibly cosy bedroom.

I like sleep. And I like my bed. A lot.
I also like the mornings, because weirdly it's another day. Another day for opportunities, adventure, new things and a chance to see people (I like people a lot too, but that's a whole other story) and make memories.
BUT there's one thing I don't quite like.
And it's waking up when the dark mornings are still about.
You see, I don't really sleep as much as I probably should. Probably because my mind seems to always be in over drive with thoughts..
"Did I lock my front door? What if someone tried to kill me, I'd be dead for days?"
"Do I need to get some more cheese in, I've only got two blocks and a halloumi pack left..."
"I hope I didn't upset someone today for speaking"
"Did my bum REALLY look big in that dress today?"
Either that, or my head is in the fridge enjoying a chunk of cheese at midnight (it totally happens). But last week, after finding it even more difficult to get up than usual, and with my excuse that "since living alone, it's been harder getting up without anyone waking me" running a little thin, I took matters into my own hands. I made myself sleep better.
And with the help of Victoria Plum.com, here are my tips on how I got a better nights sleep.

A soak in the bath - I'm a little routine in the fact that I have a bath every night. Most nights before bed (sometimes I rebel and bath straight after work), I love nothing more than lighting some candles, turning on my Cloud playlist and soaking in the bubbles of all bubbles. It definitely leaves me feeling calm, and clean. And ultimately cosy for bed.

Blackout Time - This is always a big tip, and one I am useless at because, WHATSAPP groups! I mean, I don't want to miss out on juicy information, or pointless emoji chat. But last week, I waved goodbye at a reasonable time, and instead opted for a book under the covers which in fairness, made me sleepier. Let's just say, I've tried reading every night but I don't seem to be getting that far in...

Fresh bedding and clean pyjamas - There is nothing quite like getting in a fresh bed with clean and nice smelling pyjamas right? Most nights I'll sleep in a vest and my knickers because I end up tangled in the duvet, but on those really cold evenings, Esprit have the best and softest jersey bottoms to keep your legs toasty under the covers. And are always a win for those mornings when you have to get out of bed.

Lavender Scents - Lavender is my favourite smell, and you can be sure that there will be a candle lit by my bedside most evenings and last year Rosie made me the nicest lavender scent spray which is nearly coming to an end. A few spritz of that on my pillow at night really does help soothe and calm you as you close your eyes counting to sheep. Or doughnuts if you're me.

A tired cat - Many people tell me I should shut Runkle out of my bedroom. Maybe I should. But I don't want to. But wearing up all his energy in the day definitely helps for a more peaceful night. I mean, I love cuddles at 5am with him, but sometimes, just sometimes it's such a better sleep when he's sprawled out at the end of the bed ALL night.

And you know what?
I may still have struggled to get out of bed (I blame the arrival of those dark mornings - I mean seriously, who wants to wake up when it's still dark and dreary outside?)
BUT struggling aside, I did feel fresher.
I felt more alert (not sure my brain was any cleverer!) and more ready.
So maybe it's time to put that phone to rest at a reasonable time more.

Although, sneezing and toilet mishap stories on Whatsapp, simply cannot be ignored.
There's not a day that goes by when I don't search into Google "why does my cat..." 
I mean, I want to know why he looks at me in that particular way, I wonder why he's being so needy all of a sudden and I just felt the need to find out today why he keeps nipping my legs late at night (don't worry, it doesn't mean he fancies me), because, I guess my cat sometimes does perculiar things.
And I want to know that he's normal.
Nope, he's certainly a little special. I guess it's true that pets are like their owners..
But there isn't half a load of rubbish on the internet too. One website suggested that in order to stop your cat being your shadow, you should merely try a squirt gun.
Because that's the right answer...
I don't want to squirt my cat with water in the hope he'll back off. Give me all the attention you need CAT.
I like cats too much.
And I'm breaking those rumours on the internet. I'm doing it - and i'm putting the world straight.
The world need to know, what it's really like living with a cat.
Actually, what its like living with Runkle.
The cat who has basically become like a needy boyfriend, who won't leave you alone, in recent months.

Cats like cuddles.
Yes. Cats do like cuddles. But cats like cuddles when you're trying to change the bed, or when you're in the bath trying to wash your hair. Oh and when you're cooking dinner on the hob? Yeah, cats really like trying to cuddle you then.
I like cat cuddles. I like cat cuddles in the evening, when I'm relaxed and watching TV.
I think Runkle likes cat cuddles at 5am though.

Cats are small so they don't take up much room.
Really? I mean, have you seen the size of Runkle? He may not be big in comparison to another creature, but I'm fairly sure that when the light switches off in my bedroom at night, he somehow grows in size. Only for the evening though. Because he sure takes up three quarters of the bed.
It's cool though, I like being curled up by my pillow anyway...

Cats are independent. They don't need much attention.
I think I missed this memo... Because last time I checked, Runkle wants all of my attention, pretty much all the time. He doesn't want to go out today, so I leave him in. I come home and he's basically been sat itching to go outside. I kindly open the door and send him on his way (if his paws worked better, I'd give him a lunchbox of sarnies) and I continue my daily activites. Ten minutes later, I hear a noise. A WHINE. A SHRIEK. 
Oh, that's him wanting to come back inside now. Right.
That peace lasted a while.

Cats care about the people around them.
It's a cold evening outside, and I'm just getting into the bath for a relaxing soak and within minutes I am greeted by the face of fear. The ears are pinned back, and before you know it, he's jumped on the side of the bath wanting you to leave the scary tub of water.
And he'll meow. He'll meow and tap until you do so. But that's only because he cares...

Cats understand your need for sleep.
Because cats sleep so much in the day, they get it. They understand and they agree that your bed is the comfiest place on the planet. That we all need sleep.
They get it so much, that they then like it when you're in bed with them. When you've squeezed yourself in at the end. They like it so much, that actually, they want to play. And they want to move up and down the bed every hour on the hour. Oh and when you have to get up for work? It's OK, they've got it, they are the security guard on duty for the day. And request you to get dressed as quietly as possible please.

Cats will pad you when they like you.
That's so sweet. It's nice to know that my cat thinks I need a massage on my chest, oh and maybe a slight head rub too. And finished up with a little face pad - because my cheeks are just full of pores.
I would just prefer my massages when it isn't 3am and dark outside...

Cats love adventures and the outdoors.
Some cats like adventures. Some cats like chasing birds and hiding in the bushes. Runkle likes pretending to be a bird and sitting on the birds nest high in the tree.
And Runkle likes doing this until he can't get down anymore and realises that his stomach isn't quite as sturdy to hold him - but he's so calm. He just wants you to panic.
And anyway, he knows you love him, so you've probably got pet insurance for him. So he'll hang back for a little longer.

Cats like a safe place.
Great. I'll buy him a new bed, so that he knows it's his, and I'll make sure his litter tray is in a nice place in the bathroom - so he feels just like a human.
Oh coming home from work, and seeing his face is just lovely. Wait, what's that? Oh a nice present in his new bed. But at least the litter tray is clean which is nice.
Nope, a present in the bath too.

Cats are dull.
WRONG. Cats are not dull.
My cat definitely isn't dull.
In fact, come over to my house and I'm sure Runkle will make you change your mind...
He's a pretty special little thing indeed.
And I wouldn't have him and his peculiar behaviour and pot belly, any other way.

Post in collaboration with Argos Pet Insurance.
This week with most plans being based at home and having friends visit me, I've had in my head that my house is due a Spring Clean (can you have a Spring Clean as it gets colder?). I'm planning on thoroughly sorting out each room, maybe a little bit of painting and some re-arranging of my ten hundred ornaments that I appear to own. And starting with the spare bedroom, because that pile of clothes isn't getting any smaller...
I constantly change my mind about wanting a lazy Sunday morning at home, and then when it happens I'm done with it for another six weeks. And because I've been here there and everywhere lately, last night was definitely me time. I stirred myself a hot cup of tea, turned on my heating, grabbed the cat for company and tucked into that book I've been trying to read for ages now!
 Spending time with this one this week. Because I didn't do it enough last week. And he's become even more needy since going out (I reckon that's because him and his big tummy get stuck up that tree occasionally...). Not that I'm complaining. Come pad on me all you want Runklebum!
If there's one house I could quite easily move into (purely for the hostess skills), it's definitely Sarah's! Once you've sorted your way through her huge pile of cushions, a stay with her is always pleasant and relaxed. And she makes a mean Chicken Satay (yup, still thinking about that MillionD!), and will send you on your way with enough Curly Wurlys to last a month (I totally ate them in three days..).
Maybe not the biggest achievement for most, but for me a very proud moment. After spending pretty much the whole year trying and failing at cutting an avocado (I just couldn't understand HOW to do it), I finally cut the perfect one. And you know what? I totally did a happy dance. And nobody saw. So I took a picture. I'll leave it off my CV achievements though..
It had been a while since I treated myself to some flowers, so last week I popped into my local shops and picked up a small bouquet of white roses. It made me realise how much I'd missed having fresh flowers in the house and has me itching to do another Floristry course. For now, I'll just make do with my half cut oasis in the cupboard and some foliage in the garden for now!
Work is the place we're at all the time. And so it's important to get on with the people that you're surrounded with on a daily basis - and it's a bloomin' awesome thing that me and this fruitloop are basically the same human being. Work trips away are always a jolly laugh, with heart to hearts, sing offs, nakedness, caramel frappe overdoses and the occasional bed sharing. Tweedledee and Tweedledum they call us..
I just don't know why...
The doors opened, and you were immediately greeted by bright, bold patterns, various fabrics, textures and an array of colours. An army of dresses tucked up next to each other, each trying to stand out from the other, with collars peeking through the hangers, and long sleeves draped so delicately. All worn daily, weekly. And with stories to tell. A personality to show. Dress upon dress. Skirt upon skirt. And blouses upon blouses.
That was my wardrobe. In 2012.

And then, I grew up. I got lazy.
And I became a fan of the one thing I always had a fear of. Jeans.
I bought my first pair of jeans. The Topshop Leigh ones. I'm currently still on said jeans, and have since brought two more pairs. And I really like jeans.
Jeans just make an outfit easy.
Dinner with friends? Throw on some jeans and a top.
Few drinks after work? Jeans are perfect.
A shopping day on the weekend? Jeans are best for the changing room.
Late for work in the morning? I'll grab my jeans with a nice top. That'll do.
A date? Sure, jeans look like the happy medium.
Running errands? Pass me the jeans.

Jeans, just work.

But George have decided to rebel. They decided on wash day, when they panicked about wearing their not so favourite pair of jeans out, that we get too comfortable in our clothes.
So they set me a challenge. One week, no jeans.
Or so I thought.

The day this beautiful ditsy print dress* arrived (did you know that Erica is an actual fairy godmother?), I did have a moment. A moment of lust, where I forgot about my solid as a rock relationship with my jeans. And I sacked them off. No, I didn't even pick them up and tell them about my new love.
Instead, I waltzed out of my front door in my new dress, with a belt round my waist and these oh so lovely boots* that are the colour of chocolate, and make me want to eat them up, on my feet.
And I felt good.
I felt good in the sense that I swanned about for the day. I looked, how do I put it?
Trendy? The bomb? On point? FASHION GOALS?
Or maybe, I just felt good. Because I felt different. I was wearing a dress. I stepped out of my comfort zone from picking up my trusty (and not so black anymore) jeans, and wore things that I was always so fond of. And in that moment, I was ready for my challenge.
And the following morning, I got dressed. In said dress again (we're all human. We totally wear things two days running, some people even more..). And the following day, I wore a skirt.
And the day after that, I wore a different dress with my fancy cardigan*
And then the next day, I wore said dress, tucked into a skirt.

And then, I failed.

I didn't get up early enough. I didn't plan my outfit in time. I didn't feel quite so on point, or trendy. I felt rushed.
And I wore my jeans.
But having said that, in those few days of being challenged, it reminded me why I liked wearing jeans. Why making a little bit more effort in the morning of what you wear, can really make a difference to your day.
Dressing good makes you feel good.
So George, I may have failed this time. But I'm making it my mission as of now, to get up earlier at least three times a week and mix up my style.

Maybe next week... My bed just seems a little bit too cosy right now..


It's been a while since I did my Five Happy Things (we're talking the end of June - how  is that even so long ago?) and after a non stop few months with little sleep and a diary full of plans daily, with friends and loved ones, I wanted to pick out those small things that made me happy. The real minor details that mean nothing to most, but possibly so much to me.
They're the things that matter.

Pretty pyjamas. Summer is nice for minimal clothing in the bedroom, Winter is nice for feeling like a marshmallow in a cloud. But for me, Autumn is nicest when I can get home and pop on my silky pyjama playsuits, and throw on a snug knit as the evening draws in, feeling comfortable and content.

Cheese. Everyone knows I like cheese. No, everyone knows that me and cheese are a match made in heaven, but never has it had the mention it always deserves. The simplest and greatest pleasure of mine. This week, it totally is. Because cheese never lets me down - I'm looking at you in particular Camembert!

Heart to Hearts. I've always been an open person, as my friends know, but in the last year, I've been known to keep my problems to myself. That mention of a problem shared is a problem halved? It's totally true. And with long drives this week with my work pal by my side, having deep chats about life, feelings, decisions and insecurites, really does feel better when you're sharing it out loud. Conversations about sheep dancing, male escorts and wildest memories are also a fun way to spend five hours in a car.

Candles. Candle time is my favourite. Since moving, my candles have been left, unlit, waiting for these nights to draw in, itching to light the sweet smells and scents around the house. There is nothing quite like a night in with some Netflix, TV snacks (cheese you say?) and 500 candles letting off their minimal warmth. Maybe I should invest in a fire extinguisher this year...?

Content in my own body. This, as we all know, is a constant battle between myself, but right now, I feel OK about myself. I don't care so much that my hair is dark because it makes me have good eyebrows, I don't even mind that my bum wobbles because I buy nice knickers to hide the creases, and I haven't even thought about the bits I wish I could change. Because you know what? When you feel good in your own body, it really does make you stand taller (well, I try to stand tall...) and actually, who even has time these days to sit and pick ourselves to pieces? 
Not me right now. 

So I made a rule to myself.
To fret less.
And if there's anything I should be fretting about, it's how I'm going to manage Christmas shopping alone this year.

It's no secret that I like to fill my weekends with friends. Most of my dates in my diary in fact, have names dotted throughout the week with dinner plans, lunch meetings and weekends spent away seeing those faces I just love to hang out with. And a few weekends ago, I hopped on a train with my Spotify playlist for company and a hot chocolate in my hand, and headed towards the bright lights of London to see a face I like in particular, Kim.
With my backpack in tow and feeling like a trendy hipster, I met Kim at the station, and the best way to start a weekend is by catching up over food. Of course. So we popped into a little Thai restaurant and spent Friday evening laughing over the last few months events whilst sipping on a glass of wine. That's how to do Friday.
As the light came in on Saturday morning, it was nice not to rush to go anywhere and instead drank tea in bed, looking at the London skyline through the window and debating if a denim jumpsuit was too much for Kim to wear and whether moving into a bathroom is totally OK these days.
You know you've got a good friend when they make you your favourite breakfast in the morning. After a lazy morning in bed, we got dressed ready for a day of adventure, and filled our bellies with potato waffles, rocket, bacon and avocado. Because THAT is what you should eat on a Saturday morning. And it's Gluten Free. Winner.
Saturday pretty much revolved around food, with a quick pit stop in Soho for a Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Macaroon! I'm not normally a fan of macaroons (I know, sorry!), but this was literally heaven. I could have eaten it again easily. But we had a date with Boohoo at The Apartment, before stopping by The Radison for a Matilda Themed afternoon tea. You betcha - Gluten galore too! Oh and Prosecco and Elderflower jelly is a hit.
With our little feet having walked what felt like miles, we stopped at the local shop on the way home for nibbles and drinks before changing into our pyjamas for a night of trashy TV and Pimms with a serving or two of fruit. It's nice to be able to spend time together with non stop talking - because sometimes Whataspp messages aren't always the easiest to explain things. Only drool at Kim's evening meals, which I can also confirm, taste incredible.
Sunday morning came round, and I didn't want to leave because not only is Kim's place a new hideaway of mine that I like - those white walls, and floorboards AND OH THE WINDOWS, but also because it's weekends like these that are my absolute favourite things to do. And I miss being able to see her face every other weekend. Saying that though, times like these are ones you always appreciate the most.
She's a good egg she is. She makes my favourite breakfast, lets me sleep in her bed next to her, has me giggling one minute and helping me decide on life dilemmas, and is an all round beautiful human.
Blogging, I thank you.

I always dreamt that I'd live in a quirky house with plenty of character, high ceilings, big windows and natural floorboards. It was always a place I wanted to call home.
And after living in various places, including a flat, a three bed modern home and the quaintest little cottage ever, I honestly hand on heart, have never loved somewhere as much as I do my current place.
The place I call home.
The place that has natural floorboards, high ceilings, a big hallway, a bold blue door, and two beautiful fireplaces.
That's my home. And I have never felt so content before.
There are days when I'll wake up, with the natural light beaming through my windows and decide I want to spend the morning there. Tucked up under the throw, listening to the faint sound of traffic, as the world carries on, and I'm hiding out here. Relaxing. Relaxing in the place that I've built up, that I've made my own.
And there are days when I'll come home from work, the evening sun desperately trying to stay, lighting up the room, showing every single detail in all it's glory. And I'll find myself curling up on the sofa, with a magazine or book, a cup of tea and feeling calm. Calm in the place that I feel proud to talk about, to think I did a good job of.
I like my decor clean and fresh. And simple. I like minimal colour, accents of white, cream's and grey (hey, I'm from the town that never left the 1970's y'know!) with the occasional hint from green plants. But lately, I've been debating a pop of colour, some colours other than green. And I think Habitat knew. They knew what I was thinking.. And they came along at just the right time.
After spending what felt like a lifetime of choosing between their gorgeous range of sofas and armchairs, I finally settled on something a little different. Something in the form of saffron yellow. And I was pleased as punch with my choice.
The simple shape of the Momo sofa and it's hairpin style legs had me daydreaming about retro styles in my living room (especially after wanting this TV unit for a lifetime!) and completed with the cute armchair, adds the right amount of colour I've been looking for. I love the classic style of the sofa, the fact that it fits so neatly into my living room, keeping it clean and dare I say it, sophisticted! And I'm pretty sure that someone else is a fan of it too.. It's also freshened up my living room, making me feel a little trendier..
Because trendy is good.
As is Habitat.
Now, maybe it's time to spruce up the living room. White bedding and a grey cat wasn't the wisest move..
But it's like sleeping in a cloud.
I guess some things never change!

A few years ago, if you'd have asked me what I thought to bath's, I would have shrugged them off.
Swept them under the carpet.
And declared myself a shower girl.
Bath's were boring. They took ages to run, and then when you were in them, what did you do? It got boring. And you'd either find yourself melting from the too hot water, or shivering slightly because the cold tap had ran a little longer than normal...
WHY, couldn't it just be a nice temperature. And fun?
That was what I thought.
But within the last year, my views have changed. And I still believe that the bath fairy snuck into my house one night and changed that for me (although, she could have left me a roll top bath y'know...).
And now I like baths. A lot.
Even if I still don't have the temperature right..

Matalan Direct wanted to help me have the perfect bath one night, actually the ultimate bath and kindly sent me in search of my favourite goodies in Boots. 
I was in Soap & Glory heaven.
Literally. You can even ask my mama.
When I'm feeling like taking a break out (note, ignoring the pile of washing to be done, or emails to reply too), I'll collect up all the candles in my home and scatter them around the bath. That's how to do ultimate right? This scented candle is incredibly sweet and although it had me debating every five minutes what treats I'd nibble on after my bath, it's certainly a good one for relaxing. Sweet vanilla scents are a yes from me.
 Being in Soap & Glory heaven meant buying every single product under the sun (well, not quite but enough). And being a bubbles kinda girl, I made sure to buy some sweet bubble bath which doubles as a body lotion. Perfect for that pesky skin of mine! Doubled up with the shower gel too (I'm a clean one over here for sure!), I was left smelling like roses, and as Soap & Glory say , with sexy skin too!
The ultimate bath had company too, in the form of a big mug of fruit tea, and my bath time playlist (it's a sleepy one!), and no hair wash required. However, on this occasion with Aussie Hair giving me the eye on the shelf (they're cheeky I tell you..) I couldn't resist turning my locks into a shiny dream - and my skin into prunes at the same time.
With my towel warm, the only body butter in the world which doesn't irritate my skin, and some body mist to keep myself smelling the freshest of all, waiting for me to get out, I pondered how long this time I'll take to dry.
Yeah, I still do that childish thing, sitting on my bed and waiting to dry.
Surely people still do that too...
No, just me?

Well, lets just have another five minutes here.
If you don't hear from me again, I've gotten lost in the bubbles. I think I may have overdone it this time...
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