Sharing my Serenity

With these last two months feeling like a flurry of checklists, hotels, customers and little sleep, the word serenity seems like it's over the other side of the world at the moment.
Somewhere far in the distance for sure.
Just like many others, who are also guilty of taking time out. Doing things for us.
So when Portmeirion got in touch asking me to share four things that help me find peace, it felt like just the right time with a holiday to Spain only hours away. And very much needed.
But besides whisking ourselves away to somewhere hot, with a warm breeze, a bright blue pool and an array of cocktails within reaching distance, sometimes it boils down to the simple things that help re-lift us.
That gives us the energy back to continue being busy.

Duvet days with company are ultimately my 'down time' favourite, and admitedlly it's not being alone but nothing beats an evening or a day booked off in the diary where pyjamas are worn, warm tea is consumed, chilli coated nuts are eaten and trashy TV is watched, all whilst hiding under the duvet snuggled up with friends.
Lazy mornings seem to really please me lately. I'm a fairly early bird, but with the light coming through my window early I truly embrace those mornings where I have nowhere to be. Where I can doze in and out of sleep, be tapped on the nose by the cat, and drink the biggest mug of coffee ready for the rest of the day ahead.
Being ahead and organised lacks in my life lately, but those rare days when I re-write my important to-do list and tackle emails, organise my bills, plan my next few weekends and find time to write make me feel like I have life covered. Which is funny considering I'm not so organised. But it's ticked off for another few months at least..
Some place new I always crave. I'm not the biggest traveller (a girl likes her home comforts), but weekends away in new and familiar places definitely remind me of me, and who I am. Whether it's a weekend spent in the peaceful forest, discovering a new place full of quaint shops, spending it at a friends house or heading somewhere I've been before and has captured my heart, these places new and old, always remind me of the beautiful world we live in. And give me that buzz to spend more time outdoors. Or indoors - anywhere, anywhere in the world.

Sharing my serenity has certainly got me dreaming of this holiday only hours away, for an ultimate peaceful me time. Portmeirion Village are challenging bloggers to #shareyourserenity with how you take time out. You can also be in with the chance of winning a nights stay in their village..
Now that's certainly one way for peace and to recharge our batteries,
But first, I've got a flight to catch.
And the beach calling me.
That. That is the best way to recuperate right now I reckon!

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