I'm first to admit that I don't really give myself too much time, just for me.
I like to be busy,
I always have, and I guess I always will be.
But after a busy year (I honestly don't think I've stopped that much at all), I took a few nights out for myself this week. I'll admit I found it hard, but I guess we all need to recharge at some point.
I filled up the ice cream drawer.
I made sure there was plenty of tea and sugar in the house.
And I washed my favourite pyjamas.

Updating my Spotify.. I could spend hours browsing artists on Spotify and although I listen to absolutely anything (sometimes Blazin' Squad definitely are needed for that right moment), I'm definitely a fan of chilled beats and will happily spend my day lost in my thoughts with some acoustic music playing through the speakers. Currently can't get enough of Bridges - Broods. The perfect Summer song.

Scrapbooking... I've always been a hoarder, from keeping every single photograph possible, to never throwing away scraps of paper and this year after starting over, I've been collecting things (again) for a scrapbook of 2015. Of new beginnings! I'll spend time browsing Hobbycraft, and picking up cute paper and stickers from Wilkinson's. I guess I've become a stationary hoarder too...

Netflix Time... Fairly sure that along with everyone, we're all partial to a bit of Netflix time! I do tend to get antsy, but have found myself in the last few weeks watching films, especially ones that get me engrossed into them. Sometimes it's good to step out of your usual style, and watch something different, which is maybe why I'm enjoying films. Un-romantic ones too! Ha.

Doing something different... This is one I'm currently working on, and have found myself trying new things. Last week I decided to start running, and doing some exercise in my living room. It's only small, but it's deifnitely making me feel a little better (I mean I'm still eating chocolate!). This week I'm debating having a cheeky go at Bingo, especially with my holiday coming up - extra pennies are always good. Ice creams need eating!

Painting my nails... Since my nails have finally stopped being bitten (it's only taken 26 years!!), I've become really into painting them. Like every other week, I find myself re-painting them. Admitedlly, it's always the same colour, but you know, as people say.. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Of course with my me time, technically I'm not alone. Because it seems that whenever I'm in the house, I have a shadow.
Runkle the shadow.
And he doesn't want to just sit besides me, or in the same room as me.
Nope, he wants to sit on me.
Or be where I am, doing what I'm doing (kinda).
Not that I mind. It's company still... So maybe it's not actually, me time!

 Last weekend, I loaded up my cute car (that I don't want to be cute. I want it to be cool), picked up Jazzpad from the station, and sang our way to Sarah's house whilst filling our stomachs with wine gums. Once Sarah and her million dresses were in the car, we continued on towards Gemma's house for a weekend of catching up, eating, drinking and basically chilling out along with Tia Maria and Sophie. A bunch of awesome fruits they are.
Now I'm not the brightest spark, I'll admit that.
So crossing over the border into Wales, truly fascinated me. Like it really did.
And well, I'm a little gullible.
So when the girls told me I needed to turn my data roaming off.. Yeah, I kind of believed them.
Friday night was spent catching up, talking all things that we do (what happens with the Pastry Bitches, stays with the Pastry Bitches), eating cheese, and watching films that were too scary for me (and confused my brain!). We waited until the wild one from Essex turned up, and listened to her funny stories over and over again.
On Saturday morning after a pretty tasty breakfast, we popped on our sensible footwear (well, as best we could), and headed out for a walk around Newport (kinda.. wherever it was, it was like being abroad!). The views genuinely overwhelmed me, especially with the weather being on our side. And it overwhelmed me so much, that being out of breath climbing back up the hill, didn't even bother me (well, a little..).
Because what weekend spent with good company, wouldn't be completel without a fruity cider at 11.30am in a proper Welsh pub overlooking the river (was it a river? Or a lake? I do not know. But whatever, it was nice!) discussing real life issues (yeah, mortgages, pay rises etc) and non important issues (school trips, dating disasters..).
We headed into a cute little village with Gemma being the best tourist guide, taking us into quaint shops, having some history in the Roman baths, and doing a spot of sunbathing (and being used as a football post - totally hurt!) by an old amphitheater, before grabbing a cheeky spot of lunch. When stonebaked pizzas are on offer, gluten free choices can go do one. Especially when washed down with a glass of prosecco!
Now I know why Gem is called Gem, because that she truly is. After we rolled back up the hill feeling really full, whilst she was busy rustling up a delicious spread in the kitchen, we all went and snuck under the sleeping bags for a chilled out hour (or two) on the sofa. A few hours later and she'd sorted us and our peckish tums out again.
The evening was spent picking at sandwiches, and nibbling on slices of cake and biscuits, washing it down with some very tasty Pimms, before settling down to watch some girly films. Yeah, we're talking Mean Girls!
Asides from constantly feeling excited to be in another country but still be on the same island and not needing a passport (yeah yeah, it excited me too much - I'm simple!), I love weekends like this that are full of good food (lots of food!), some fruity alcoholic drinks, hilarious stories and wise words of wisdom, as well as being around the best kind of company.
I must say this everytime, but these girls really are bloody awesome.
And their stories.
And their words of wisdom.
And the fact they don't judge each other.
Basically, they are really really awesome. Next stop.. Nottingham!
My living room has become one of my most favourite rooms in my place.
Yep, it's very nearly beating the bedroom being my most loved room (and no, no dirty thoughts thanks..!).
My bedroom is always the most calm of places, and a place I feel like I can relax the most.
But since moving into my own space, I've managed to create that calming feel in my living room too.
It's clean, and simple and gets a lot of light in. 
And is the perfect place to have friends over for drinks and a catch up.

Saying that though, it doesn't stop me always online shopping, looking for new ways to decorate.
Basically, new things to buy.
Because, when you have your own place, you always want to buy homeware.
Like the lot of it!

I've found myself lusting after a fair few things on Habitat. Their sharp yet practical pieces are drawing me in, and have my basket filling up a lot.
OK, so maybe the Giraffe ornament isn't quite so practical.
But LOOK, it's cute!
And yellow. And it's fun.
And well, I'm not really one for much colour, but I've found myself being partial to a pop of colour in each room. I love having plants in the house to bring some colour and life, and I think grey tones mixed with white's really make a room feel so much more relaxing. Yet inviting.
Like the giraffe.
Because he looks inviting.
As does that Habitat Sofa. I could definitely become good friends with that sofa, and imagine whittling hours away watching Netflix and eating ice cream with it. I think we'd be a good pair actually.
And I bet it would look even more super with a cosy throw. I sound like I'm starting a relationship with a sofa. To be fair... It is a nice sofa right?
Why wouldn't you fall in love with it?
Actually, I think I've fallen in love with Habitat.
Not so sure my bank account will begin to appreciate them.. I think we may have a love triangle on our hands.
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