The Joy of Missing out


I used to suffer from FOMO a few years back. Like a lot. In other words, I had massive fear of missing out, and found myself constantly saying yes to everything because 'WHAT IF I MISSED SOMETHING SO GOOD?'
But now.
I don't mind saying no. Actually not so much saying no, more just appreciating that time in can be just as awesome and needed as heading out in heels that hurt (sometimes). And you don't even need to spend as much as you would a night out. So there's always a bonus.
Although, I say that as though I know these things.
But I'm the kind of girl who pre-drank before getting to the bar.
Who would only need a pitcher of cocktail to keep her going all night,
And would spend the rest of her money on chips, cheese and a taxi home.
Yep. That's the kind of girl I was. Still am in fact.
But I'd rather buy all the cheeses, make my own pitchers, keep my slippers on, listen to music that I want too, not have to order taxi's and just stay in with my friends. Yep, I now have the joy of missing out!
Ladbrokes Bingo invited me to take part in their JOMO challenge... So having just moved out, with minimal technology (I'm a bit behind OK?!), I took the sensible route, for once, and picked up a DVD player, because let's be honest, that's a good start.
Then I decided it was time to sort out one of my major life problems..
I'd never seen Bridget Jones before...
So I picked up the two film boxset. And 500 Days Of Summer (somehow I managed to lose 2 copies of this last year?!) and told myself that's all I need in my DVD library.
But DVD's aside, a night in is never ever complete without some trusty slippers, and well, I couldn't resist these cute bunny slippers. I can't resist any slippers if I'm honest, but these especially.
I mean, LOOK at them. They have bunny ears.
And cute buttons.
And well, they were in my basket fairly swiftly.
With any night in, comes the need (and must!) for snacks of all kinds. Movie nights must always be accompanied with Popcorn. That's a fact for you.
Ideally a mix of Sweet & Salt. But I mean, I'll take toffee flavour too. Or plain.
Actually, I'm really not fussy at all. So unfussy that biscuits came into the mix aswell. Jammie Dodgers, Brownies and some Chocolate Chip Cookies (and yes, I was good with GF choices!) were bought. And as per usual, no night is ever a night without cheese.
All kinds of cheese.
Camembert was the chosen cheese. With lots of garlic. Garlic is good. Garlic is great when you're watching Bridget Jones and nodding in agreement.  #Liferightnow.
So I called my friend over, flicked on the fairy lights, fluffed up my cushions and lit all my hundreds of candles. I popped some wine in the fridge and poured a few glasses of cider ready for her arrival.
The slippers were on.
The hair was pulled back.
The curtains were closed,
And the night in began. And you know what? Not once did I get the fear of missing out. In fact, I'm fairly sure that everyone outside of my place was feeling FOMO.
Or maybe not. But I'd like to pretend so.
And with said night in being enjoyable, I have learnt two things:
1) You don't need money to have a good time in - the simple sounds of laughter and chatter between friends are always much more memorable than the faint sounds and nodding in a club.
2) That Bridget Jones is bloody awesome. Super awesome. Like Colin Firth. I like him too.
Oh, and as a third one... I make a pretty good hot chocolate. Marshmallows too. THAT, is my kind of night.


  1. Such a relatable post! I love nights where you put your jimjams on, with lots of much drinks and a good chick flick! Bridget Jones is also one of my favs, such a down to earth film, it makes your realise that everyone get embarrassed and does silly thinks and is a bit weird in their own way :) I have doggy slippers and they're amazing, almost as good as your bunny ones (where did you get them from?)

  2. Lovely post. Do you know what, in my early teen/tween years I used to have FOMO for the exact kind of night you're describing - I used to want to have friends round, make popcorn watch films etc. And I started doing that every Friday when I was about 14 and I remember really vividly being like "this is what everybody else is doing!". So it works both ways :) also great choice, I love Bridget Jones! The books are excellent too. xxx

  3. Loved this post. And Bridget Jones just doesnt get old!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. I had a bad case of FOMO when I was in my early teens, luckily it doesn't bother me so much anymore because I do really enjoy a night in. Plus, the idea of waking up with my bank account the same balance makes it all okay, haha. Love Bridget Jones! Really have to re-watch it sometime soon!

    Angela, The Sunday Chapter xx

  5. Lovely photos! I use to have FOMO when I was younger. But when I did go out, I felt really uneasy as well. I'm a homebody, haha.

    Dori | dorigamii

  6. Loved this my little love. The joy of missing out - yes, genius! That's me all over lately, having outdone myself with heading out and about to enjoy my newish surroundings for months on end. Nothing feels more content to me than curling up with a hot chocolate (although I must admit I sneak a few ice cubes in nowadays), some friends via WhatsApp and some Friends via Netflix. (:

  7. It sounds like you had the most wonderful night in! I highly doubt you missed out on anything -- your night sounds perfect :)

  8. Girl I feel ya! I used to be about going out, all the time. The fomo was so real! However, I can now very much say no to things and LOVE an evening in. Movies, snuggles, snacks, and sleep? Yes! Also, gorgeous, gorgeous photos!

  9. I get the fomo a lot when it comes to blog events! We've got a small community up here in Glasgow and it's always a worry about staying active and keeping involved in events and groups. I am getting better at saying no, because sometimes I feel like I spread myself too thin and end up stressing out rather than enjoying myself. Luckily as I get older my friends enjoy nights in over nights out (apart from the odd one) and sleepovers make me feel like I'm a teen again, I love it! Simple pleasures xx

  10. Loved this post, such a lovely read - I agree I am definitely a convert. Ps love that cat cushion!

  11. This looks like the perfect night in! I have to say I'm a fan of both... but nights like this definitely leave zero guilt and no hangover, so that's always a plus! x

  12. This seems like it was the perfect night in! I used to have FOMO as well, even if I wasn't really in the mood to head out I would, but now I have learnt that it's okay to stay in. x

  13. What a gorgeous night in! Every weekend is a struggle for me, as I love to go out buy equally love getting cosy in bed with a good movie! I have to say, I usually regret my decision to go out come Sunday morning and my head is pounding!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  14. I love a good night in with the girls! I make up my own bags of pic n mix with scoops and the stripey bags and we pretend we're at the movies! I love your cushion with the cats by the way!!! xx

  15. Looks like a great evening in for sure. I was the girl that predrank so I could eat snacks at the bar too. Or I'd get home and make bagel bites!

  16. I'm definitely guilty of FOMO, even though I hate going out and would much rather have a night in like this! Everything you have here is perfect! xx

  17. Love this! I'm a big fan of the night in, it has to be said. Although not with Bridget Jones 2 - potentially one of the worst sequels ever haha! xx

  18. This literally sounds like my perfect night! I love a good night out every now and then, but like you I'd much rather make the stuff at home and save the money and not need to go out in the cold! And throw in friends, Bridget Jones and chocolate chip cookies, I mean... lush!


    josievictoriaa / fashion, travel and lifestyle

  19. Letting go of that fear is the most liberating thing! I think it just comes with growing up a little bit and being more selective over your experiences and who you spend your time with. Sounds like a fabulous night in!

    Megan ||

  20. This sounds like the perfect night in! I've always been more of a homebody than a party girl, and while I do feel the FOMO quite a lot, and give in to it, I will always prefer nights in.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  21. I love this post. Since having a baby I'm always in rather than out. I'm going to embrace the JOMO (rather than stare longingly at my red, suede, 4 inch t-bars currently feeling lonely in the wardrobe)

  22. This looks like the perfect night in to me! xx

  23. This is definitely my idea of a night in! I used to love going clubbing but would now much rather spend Saturday night in cuddled up with my partner, stick a film on a demolish a bag of Magic Stars :)

    Liv |

  24. Staying in with friends is always the way to go! Looks like a wonderful night to me!

  25. charlotterose.25 May 2015 at 11:31

    Love this post :) I love cosy nights in! Definitely cheaper (and more comfy) than a big night out!

    Charli | Charlotte Rose

  26. I love cosy nights out, I also have FOMO though. I do love a night out don't get me wrong, but I also love a cute night in with a film and my comfy pjs on.

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  27. Your photography is just gorgeous - belongs in a magazine! I also share the Mason Jar love :)


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