Five Happy Things


Writing my last post of Five Happy Things was really good for me. It made me sit and think a while. It made me truly appreciate the smallest and simplest things that had become so lost in the last few months. The smallest things that Little Winter was always known for, and wants to still be known by.
Because something that may mean nothing to someone,
Could mean a LOT to you.
And to me this week, it's these five things that have made me happy.

My home. Things are feeling fairly settled around here, and after being away this weekend, I really enjoyed walking through my front door (two actually!) and heading upstairs to find the little ball of fur waiting for me. I have taken such pride in my little space, my little home with it's wooden floorboards, high ceilings and beautiful fireplaces. And what I love the most, is the fact that if I want to leave my pants on the floor, then I WILL.
Because yes. I totally do that sometimes.

Socialising. I've spent the weekend in Brighton and London visiting friends and family, and I've really loved being busy. I love spending evenings in catching up with friends over takeaways, and watching comedy films, but equally enjoy heading to the pub for a few glasses of wine (must stop getting tipsy so easily!) laughing about the fact I'm a terrible swimmer and making plans for the Summer. Time with good people is well spent.

Cooking. Never did I think this would come in my top five, but saying that I have really gotten into cooking. I was never a terrible cook, (I just want food NOW), but since planning my meals (when you're cooking for one - although I cook for lunch and the freezer too!), I've truly gotten into coming home and chopping up my ten thousands of vegetables, and making one of my many favourite dishes. It mostly involves pasta. But that's OK!

My Brothers Cat. YES. I totally went there. They recently rescued the cutest little female cat who lived in a church before, and although she's ten, she's the most affectionate little thing ever. Her purring is adorable, and that little splodge on her nose had me thinking up ways in which I could bring her back to mine. I like cats a lot!

Positive Thinking. These last few weeks have been testing, but something inside me just told me to get on with it. And having this kind of 'brushing it off my shoulder' attitude has been helping. Whether I'm trying to ignore the reality of everything (I'm fairly certain I'm not), I've found it rewarding taking everything with a pinch of salt and telling myself that everything happens for a reason. Because it does surely?
And also, I'm proud of myself. For standing back up everytime life pushes me over (it pushes me over a lot, but I'm not very good on my feet anyway so y'know... Working on it!). I've got this.

So here's to more positive thinking - because stars can't shine without a little bit of darkness.
Tell me, what things made you happy this week?


  1. What a wonderful little post. I have a smile on my face reading it (without even realising!), so thank you.

    What made me happy this week? Going for a jog to the beach from my new house, only to be greeted by the most incredible pink sunset. Such a small thing, but it made me so happy.

  2. Hope you had a lovely time in Brighton! I love these kinds of posts they always cheer me up :) xx

  3. Katy I'm going to give you a massive hug in Wales!

  4. It's so important think positive! And also stay with people with a positive attitude! Cooking is so relaxing, you can do this other times :)


  5. Positive thinking makes me feel better, but I can only do it when I'm already in a good mood. Socializing makes me feel great too :) xx

  6. It's amazing how happy a cat can make you! They are such good stress busters :)

  7. Great list! We have a long weekend here in Canada coming up, so I'm really looking forward to that. And it's finally Spring-time here so that's definitely something to be happy about.

    Happy rest of the week :)
    ~Lor @

  8. lovely post Katy :) here's to more positive thinking!

    Charlotte Harvs - Blog

  9. This was lovely to read Katy! It is always uplifting to listen to people finding good in life, i swear it breeds more positivity. The snippets of your home look absolutely beautiful, I think you have a knack for making spaces into good ones. You're doing such good things! xxx

    Chambray & Curls

  10. I needed this this morning. So thank you. And yes to leaving your pants on the floor sometimes. Never appreciated that kinda situation until my Granny came to stay - solo living for almost 7 months has really done odd things to me hahah! Please give little R a cuddle from me too x

  11. I like to connect socialising and cooking together. Such a great way to do both and have fun at once. Find me at & Have a lovely day, Iga x

  12. You sound so strong in this post! It's not going to be easy but you're getting through it and carrying on, and that's the most important thing! Cooking for one is annoying sometimes, but can be so therapeutic and satisfying X


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