Hello ghd Eclipse

I remember one birthday in particular, one that sticks out from all the rest (besides my nineth birthday in hospital, and then my eighteenth which, we don't tend to talk about. Let's just say that it involved some throwing up in my parent's front garden...). Anyway, this birthday that I remember so well, in fact, changed me forever was my fifteenth birthday. 
My parents bought me my first pair of straighteners. 
And from that day forward, I didn't have to look like Tina Turner no more. Nope, I was about to tame the mane. And I never looked back. Ever.

Fast forward eleven years (yikes - really?!) where I rely on those heated beauties like no other. After a few years with my first brand, Remington, I upgraded myself to the ghd's, because well, sadly, the others just weren't cutting it anymore.
The straight wasn't straight enough.
And you know how it is.. I've got frizz.
Lots of it too!
So yeah, it took a lot of time. A lot of effort.
I bought my first pair of ghd's in my local hairdressers when I was seventeen - and hands down, I had them until last month. YEP that's right.. Nearly ten years.
Now that's a lot of good there.
I guess I was waiting for the day that they'd crumble and decide enough was enough, but nope, they kept me going. And to be honest, they STILL are! I'd spend mornings worrying that two days before payday, they'd probably, and I always knew that I'd replace them right away - without a doubt.
Luckily I didn't have to though.
They're now happily tucked away in my bottom drawer - because y'know, I'm way to attached.
Some things have just been with you for so long. So many memories.
So much taming has been done. All thanks to them.

BUT saying that, I am always welcome to change (hey, life is changing everyday!), and the day that these ghd styler* landed on my doorstop (well, actually the post office - but you get my drift), I knew that a perfect new relationship was about to form.
Little did the Eclipse know of the hard work they were in for...
And oh did they not disappoint.
They are just, so sleek. Like incredibly soft. And they move down my hair like silk.
They make me think my hair is SILKY.
And luxurious.
And greet me with a little beeple (beep doesn't sound so exciting. It definitely beeples) when turned on. I think it's genuinely love. From some heated plates.
Plus they're white - need I really say anymore?
I enjoy our special moments together every morning, occasional evenings, and even hair wash night doesn't seem so dull with these around anymore.
I guess what I'm trying to say, is that these are the straighteners that dreams are made of. They straighten my hair, they curl my hair.. and I'm fairly sure they can do a whole lot more than that.
But you know me. I'm still trying to get over the Tina Turner days.
So two hairstyles are just fine for me right now.


  1. My GHDs have lasted me over 7 years now!! I am so impressed by that, and not surprised at all that yours have lasted 10. They really are worth every single penny, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy a new one should mine ever break *touchwood*. x


  2. I love GHDs! Mine have lasted years along with my styling brush!

    So worth the money!!

    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  3. I have had my GHD for about 7 years now, still as good as the day I go them!

    Check out my blog here :)

  4. there is nothing I would rather use than GHD's they last so long without breaking I have had mine for years!


  5. Haha, love 'beeple'! My ghd's are around 5 years old now, praying they also make the ten year mark!



  6. I hear you on the frizz thing, straighteners are my saviour! (Although I do always get poker straight bits that won't stay down - annoying!) I don't own GHDs as I've always found them expensive, but if they last 10yrs that seems a pretty good return on the investment!

  7. When I was at uni in a hungover state I stumbled out of bed and stood on the edge of my GHDs, snapping off the cover on one side and all of the wires. I was surprised by how cross with myself I was and how disappointed I could be, mainly because mine were only about 3 years old! Regardless I bought new ones within the next 3 hours or so, and even though with my crazy curly thick hair they aren't used daily (I literally don't have the time!) I don't know what I'd do without them! Alice xxx


  8. Katy I just bloody love your style of writing. Who'd think a post about straighteners could be so good?

    PS. I couldn't be without my GHDs either. Best. Inventions. Ever.



  9. White straighteners.. suddenly my wishlist got a little bit longer (hehe!)

    Hunter // paisley-stripes.blogspot.co.uk


  10. These are gorgeous! I bought my first pair a month or so ago and I couldn't be without them!

    Maria xxx

    P.S. Your hair always looks awesome!

  11. Aaah this has completely convinced me to get on the GHD love train!
    My Sentimental Heart

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    Hope you follow me back :)

    I would be so glad!

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  13. My GHD's were my first expensive purchase ever! Ten years and still going strong, though I have been considering upgrading for a newer pair :)