Secret Valentine with Anthropologie

Every year when Valentines Day rolls around, I cringe a little inside each time. I've always disliked it, and make a purpose not to celebrate (this year, I'm meeting up with some of my favourite blog ladies - sorry Little B!), because, let's be honest I like flowers all year round and we go for dinner a fair amount of times a year, so V Day would be no different. But that's also because I don't like to do things on the normal. I like to be different.
Well, I liked to be different until I was asked to join in with Anthropologie's Secret Valentine campaign where they partner up bloggers and basically share the love. Think Secret Santa but for that smoochy smoochy day instead. And, well, I said yes. Because, I like bloggers (I like Little B too), I like Anthropologies Valentines Gift selection, and sharing the love is always nice (sometimes we don't do it enough) so well, it just made sense really.
I have spent endless hours on the Anthropologie site, making up wishlists in my head of all those beautiful homeware pieces - so picking my gift for the blogger I was given (no names allowed, you'll just have to wait till the 14th...!) may have been chosen from what I liked... But that's what people always say don't they? Pick something that you'd choose for yourself? Well, I know that I do anyway!
My chosen blogger is a girl after my own heart who seems to be a little partial to cute stationary and so this made my decision choosing fairly simple (so I thought). I opted for this incredibly beautiful Book Vase (partly because I've had the yellow version in my basket for a few weeks!) and also picked the Monogram Crest Journal for the blogger to jot down all her ideas and thoughts in (she's an organised gal!). I debated whether the orange tones were a little too vibrant, but her photographs always seem full of wonderful quirky images and colour, so here's hoping that my choices fit right in. And that she thoroughly likes them....!
I'm pretty excited to see who's chosen me (if there's anything cat related, then I can guarantee they'll have me sussed!), and will be sharing my gift over on my Instagram on February 14th. So I guess you could say, that maybe 2015 is the year for change. Maybe it's time I go out and buy a Valentines Day card for Little B.. Because if I'm sharing the love with a blogger, I should pull down my scrooge socks and treat him to something nice. Maybe that yellow Book Vase I was thinking about. He likes books and I like vases. So it's a win right?


  1. I am not sure that it is a good thing that you have made me aware of this website! That vase is so cute!

  2. This is so lovely, Anthropologie is the nicest!

    Maria xxx

  3. Oh what a great idea, a February secret santa of sorts, but much more pretty!! I kind of have to like Valentines Day as it's our wedding anniversary (although it's our excuse to NEVER have to buy each other a valentines day card!!)

  4. So much love for Anthropologie!
    I think I'll be buying myself some V Day gifts from them fairly soon!

    one in every colour

  5. Aw what a fabulous idea! I love how quirky the book vase is! :)