Unwinding.. I am trying my hardest to unwind at the moment, but I'm failing. I want to sleep, I need to sleep, but my brain is constantly in overdrive and even with an early night and a scented candle, I find myself lying there thinking about everything for the following day. A few minutes peace can help.
Decorating... Little B wallpapered the downstairs toilet after us hating the painted job we did last year. We're fairly pleased with it, and it seems that the wallpaper has completely fascinated these two kitties. If they had their way, they'd spend hours sitting on that windowsill like statues. Not sure they'd sit still long enough mind..!
Kindness... When my granny came to visit me last week, she bought some flowers for me, which was absolutely lovely. I don't see my granny as much as I'd like too, but with her in the area she popped in for a catch up and hot drink. The more I learn about my granny, the more I realise how similar I am to her.
Cuteness... Little Ralph is still looking very very cute. He's slowly turning more into a cat each day, but those kitten eyes are still winning us over. And now that he has started venturing outside, we may have just cracked this kitty to sleep at night... Well, half sleep! He still wants to lay on your face and tap those eyelashes of yours.
Loving... Since I've been home, Little Runkybum has not left my side. You find him jumping onto the sofa for a cuddle on your lap, he'll snuggle in next to you in the middle of the night (whereas he always slept at the bottom of the bed!), and even this week when I locked myself away in the bathroom, he just wanted to come and join me...
Comfortable... I've spent far too many hours in this jumper, considering the short amount of time I've actually owned it. Sizing up by two sizes was the best decision I made and right now works perfectly for that lazy day, the day on the road, the busy day in the office, and that weekend shopping that needs doing.  It's perfect.
Catching up.. I'm slowly catching up on everything that happened in the past three weeks. It may not mean anything, it may not help, but watching the last few weeks of trashy TV and scrolling back through Instagram as far as I can, has been refreshing. It's funny what you miss out on without really missing out on it at all.
I half expected this year to start like the other years, with January being that boring long month, a dull and miserable time with the January blues kicking in, and payday seeming a century away. But this year was the complete opposite. Christmas was incredibly busy for us, and even though we were very fortunate to be off for the two weeks, we didn't stop once (apart from the day before NYE, when we sat around in our pants!). And in actual truth, I don't think I've still stopped yet - and we're what, nearly the end of February?
I'm a bit of a mixed bag. The days when I'm busy, I crave to slob on the sofa with a blanket and comfort food, and then the weekends where no plans are in sight, I find myself in a fluster itching to get outside, to make the day worthwhile. For the first time in what feels like a while, I have not stopped. And I've really enjoyed it. Even from a work side of things (and if you know me, I've never been career driven!), I find myself replying to emails in the evening, setting reminders of things I need to do in the morning, and for once, feeling almost positive about my career. Work has completely taken over my life in the last month and a half, with my suitcase becoming my companion, my hard work paying off (yeah! I do actually think I've worked harder!), the satisfaction of meeting customers and them warming to you, and even the odd glass of wine seeming ideal, to attempt a good nights sleep (it didn't happen!). So I guess with work filling up this small brain of mine, my weekends (well, the weekends I wasn't working!) should have been spent relaxing, putting my feet up, and catching up on the housework that won't do itself (and catching up on TLC - Extreme Couponing, I've missed you!). But instead, I filled my diary. I filled it with weekends at friends houses, lunch dates with my favourites, and welcoming anybody and everybody into my house. And it's been so full on, that I guess I've had little time to think of myself, and instead put everyone else first. Simple things like painting my toenails got put aside, printing off pictures for our frames weren't completed and sorting through that pile of unwanted clothes still remains, and instead I thought about everyone else, and made time for them. And kept myself busy, because it was fun. It kept me on my toes.
So this week it felt like a complete shock when I stopped. I had no plans for the two days I booked off,and as much as I probably needed it, I felt completely lost. I currently feel completely lost. Right now, I feel a little like I don't know who I am - this busy person I've become in the last few months has almost pushed me, pushed me to do better in my work, but on the other hand not know much certainty about anything else. Except that I need to look after myself. And that if I could right now, I'd easily curl up in a tight ball, and fall asleep for a week (ideally somewhere hot, but my snug blanket will do).
I'm not really sure where I'm going with this, but I'll leave you with Claire's latest post where I'm sure many of us can agree on. And as she writes so perfectly "Everyone has an opinion, but none of them live your life".

If you've been into my home, within seconds of stepping through the front door you'd be greeted with the smell of candles, and know that I like a good candle or two. Whether it be the sweet smell of the  Pink Lemonade Flamingo range,my all time favourite Pink Sands from Yankee Candle or the simple delight of Asda's own Soft Linen, I thoroughly enjoy closing the curtains and lighting the candles (it also saves us on our heating bill!). And it's almost as though Yankee Candle know that I now have a candle allowance (yep, it got that bad at one point..!), when they asked if I'd like to try their new Pure Essence* range. I did not need asking twice.
Most of my favourite scents are the soft ones that have a simple, relaxing sweet scent, so I was a little unsure on how I'd find Cassis with it's blackcurrant scent. So whilst prepping up a pretty tasty dinner, I popped this candle on the shelf as I measured out my cups of lentils, and diced some peppers. Considering it's described as 'vibrantly stimulating', I found that is wasn't as vibrant as I thought. It almost seemed relaxing in the kitchen, yet with just the right amount of scent of sweet blackcurrant berries. This scented candle may have just swayed me towards stronger scents.
I was instantly drawn to the Shea Butter (nope, not because it was white - OK.. partly!) with Yankee Candle labelling it 'pure contentment'. Now that's a candle I like, and it certainly did not disappoint. As I've been away a lot and have had little time to relax, I decided to settle down in the dressing room with a good book, some nail varnish and body butter and a handful of chocolates, and breathed in this smooth scent with hints of fruit blossoms. If there's one candle that makes me feel calm, this is top of my list.
Now Aloe Water surprised me too. I knew it was to go one way or another, I'd either really like it or really dislike it, and move it to the bathroom to collect dust. BUT, I officially LOVE it. I cannot quite explain the scent from this candle, except it's refreshing smell, mixed with a hint of aloe, truly makes this the best candle to relax to. It's been by my bedside most evenings, popped up next to the bath with me, and even been on the coffee table during the evenings.  Aloe Water, you are currently my new favourite scent. Winner!

A few weeks ago, I braved the town on a Saturday (I couldn't tell you the last time I'd done this!) and pottered about for last minute Christmas presents (me and Rosie were doing January Christmas - which turned into February!) and I ended up buying lots of bits and bobs to make a scrapbook. I thought it would be the perfect place to look back on. Plus any excuse to buy fun craft things...!
I've missed being at home, and decided that today was a stay at home and mooch about/catch up on life kinda day. And although I was up fairly early (as usual!), I'm yet to get dressed, have eaten all the snacks in the house and spent the morning sitting in the garden with those kittens who have thoroughly enjoyed my company too.
With working away for the past two weeks, I've completely felt out of the loop with everything, including catching up with friends and seeing family. On the other hand, it's always nice to spend a few weeks away from the office in a cute hotel, even if involves living out of a suitcase and hoping a few glasses of wine will help sleep away this buzzing brain. Sometimes a late night cuppa isn't so bad either...
Changing the bed is always a right pain without the help of a kitten who really enjoys pouncing through the duvet. Little Ralph is a complete wild thing (I really don't get when he sleeps..?) and will try his hardest to get under any duvet he can. And fresh white sheets? Yeah, they're his absolute favourite of course!
I think Little Runkle has missed me, because since Friday, he has not left my side. He does not stop purring when he jumps on the beds and comes in for a snuggle, and has taken to sitting on the windowsill when we're in the bath. Oh that little cute face of his. If I could take him to work everyday, I definitely would!
Little B and I spent the weekend at Sarah and Gray's house with Rosie and Tom and Claire and Liam, and just like the last time, had an absolutely brilliant weekend. We spent Saturday afternoon drinking cider, eating too much halloumi and getting competitive over a game of Pug-opoly in the local pub, followed by an evening of laughs and pea chat and some pretty tasty pulled pork (topped with plastic cheese - hooray!). With Sunday being a beautiful day, we headed for a walk around Kenilworth and finished the weekend with a delicious lunch and a wild trip to Wilkinsons. A weekend revolving around food, drink and laughter is the best kind.
These girls? They're all kinds of awesome. And if we were a bunch of peas, we'd be the sassiest peas in the world.

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