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Lets get one thing straight first -  I'm not a fitness queen, I've never been to the gym (actually I lie, I went once to use the swimming pool with friends), and I'm not one to watch what I eat. I also have never set myself a New Years resolution where I tell myself that I must get fit this year.. Because reality is, I'd only kid myself. This year is the same, I'm just doing my thing, eating a fairly average diet, could be better, could be worse. But I do know that I need to get fit. Not skinny. Fit. So that walking up the stairs to my office doesn't tire me out, learning to carry more than one shopping bag at the supermarket and to stop myself being constantly tired. Because as I've gotten older, I guess I've realised that I should be looking after myself more.
I said this last year and had bought some trainers that saw the light of day twice (three times if you include the trip to the post office...) and even after telling myself at the time "if you buy something expensive, you're bound to wear them more, right?". Right? WRONG. It was just a waste of money...
And then I discovered the fitness range from New Look and in the back of my head, I thought that maybe, just maybe, this WOULD give me that final push. Not to be queen of the gym or perfecting yoga poses, just to y'know, sort myself out. Be less weedy and breathless. So I picked a few pieces from the range.
If you ever wondered what the female Mr Motivator looked like - then I am your lady. These ultra jazzy leggings (albeit a little tighter than expected) most certainly look better on the New Look model than my own thighs, but they're fun. And getting fit should be fun (so I think anyway). The matching crop top is nice and fits my little breasticles perfectly but you won't catch me wearing just this to the gym (doing the housework, maybe!), which is why I chose the vest, to cover those wobbly parts we have but pretend we don't. It's simple, comfortable, and it does the job. Which is always a winner for me.
And do these clothes make me want to start running (again)? Quite possibly yes. Because now I have everything that I ever needed to exercise.. Which I obviously thought I was missing before. Well, let's see how long this lasts... I've even gone the extra mile and created my fitness playlist on Spotify, in the hope that I'll be shimmying out the front door within seconds. If you can't get onto Spotify, here's a few of my favourite tracks to get me moving:
My Delirium - Ladyhawke   |   We Own The Sky - M83
Boy From School - Hot Chip   |   Boom Clap - Charli XCX
Tidal Wave - Sub Focus   |   Sleepyhead - Passion Pit
Afterglow - Wilkinson   |   We Are Your Friends - Simian Justice
Ghosts N Stuff - Deadmau5   |   Paper Planes - MIA
Animal - Miike Snow   |   End Credits - Chase & Status
Here's hoping anyway. And it all depends on the weather. Nobody likes rain do they? Nor cold, or the darkness.
On second thoughts, I could always just stay in one more night, snuggling up in my extra warm dressing gown and browsing through Instagram at everyone else getting fit. Because someone's gotta help keep the chocolate market going. And on this occasion, I don't mind taking one for the team..
Crop Top* | Leggings* | Black Vest* | Nike Trainers | Dressing Gown*


  1. Oh that crop top and leggings set looks amazing Katy!! I actually miss New Look of all things now that I'm here. I totally hear you on the getting more fit thing. I'm trying to get back to a weight that feels more 'me' as well as improve my overall health as now that I'm walking everywhere, I realise just how UNfit I am! x

  2. What great picks , I acutally got all of my workout gear from Primark not that it's been used yet lol. xox

  3. I need some work out gear! x

    Lizzie Rose Blogger

  4. Love these bright colors!

  5. You look amazing! Love the jazzy colours. ;)

  6. Love that gear! I have a slight obsession with sports bras (of all things!!). They are just so damn comfy and make me instantly feel more sporty... when I put mine on I immediately have to start shadow boxing - haha! xo

  7. The problem with all the lovely sports kit out there is that it's become a bit of an obsession for me. I found something I loved to keep me moderately active (cycling to work) and then discovered sports kit is easier to launder, and now I have a whole section of my wardrobe dedicated to storing it- oops.

    I'm not super fit, I don't really do hardcore exercise and I'm not one of these people who went from hating on exercise to deciding to be a PT, but I do feel 100x better all round (less stress, more awake in the mornings, stronger, and less out of breath after the stairs) for doing a 20-25 min cycle into my office (and back again) most days. I think it's time we left the all or nothing attitude to being active behind and remembered that it can be fun, and it can be little and often too.

  8. Oh Katy it sounds like I wrote this..

    I'm exactly the same. I've never been to the gym, nor have the desire to exercise but feel I should be.. the clothing ranges brands are bringing out are certainly helping.. I'm loving the New Look range as well as Primark & Missguided. :D x

  9. Oh, I`m inlove with your new fitness style. You look modern and hot! Nike proven!

    Domestic Cleaning Surrey

  10. They definitely are! The clothing ranges are spot on and hopefully it'll help! x

  11. Oh Chloe that's funny!! I wish I was a bit more like this...! I know that by finding something I enjoy, it'll be easier :) and like you said, little and often! x

  12. Hahah that's a funny obsession!! Maybe I should try it...! x

  13. Oh Sarah, you always know how to flatter me.x

  14. Haha.. Primark workout clothes are pretty good too! x

  15. Ahh I bet you're pretty limited with what you can get right? I am super unfit too!! xx

  16. I prefer working out with my own gear, but at the gym with my
    personal trainer. It’s a little bit more costly, but I get much better results.


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