Simply Be Real

"I'm fairly sure that my black vest IS in this pile of black clothes somewhere...."

The internet is a funny thing, in the fact that it can portray us to be something that we're completely not. Now I'd like to think that what you see here is what you actually get if you met me in person (maybe with a little more waffling involved...), however I do have a secret. I'm a complete and utter messy person. Like all the time. Which is completely funny, considering people think that my house is always so tidy and simplistic. I guess I blame my Instagram photos for that (but really, would you really want to see my huge pile of clothes piled up in the dressing room?). But saying that, it's real. I'm messy and my pile of clothes aren't going anywhere - because they're real. We all have these real moments, we're only human, and Simply Be are currently embracing it, by picking bloggers to share their real fashion moments and turn these into a personalized illustration by some very talented illustrators. which I think is a fab idea.
When I was asked for a real fashion moment, I didn't know where to begin.. Was it when I sit writing a blog post about the beautiful embellished dress that I've recently photographed, I'm actually sitting with my slobby clothes on and most likely tissues up my nose, that people would relate too? Or the fact that some days when I take my socks off at the front door, I somehow stuff them into my handbag, and realise when I'm at the supermarket handing over my socks instead of cash, that maybe others do this too? Well no, I decided to stick with something that I'm fairly sure other ladies can agree with. Yep, I'm talking about these wardrobes that we all have which you know are full of clothes, but for some reason, there is just NOTHING to wear.. Weird that.
There are many mornings that I am late for work/meeting friends/or whatever other activity I do these days, because my pile of black clothes that I have accumalated seem to be growing bigger and bigger and eating that black vest that I always cannot find each morning. I'm pretty sure that it gets eaten by the pile every night... Or the cat. His white hair (don't ask why we got a white cat....) and my black clothes really work great together.. Honest.....

So, there's my Simply Be Real moment, because, yep, even with a walk in wardrobe and approximately 150 hangers, I still can't find much to wear everyday. And Katherine managed to portray this utterly perfect, even completing the illustration with both kitties (because let's be honest, you know that wherever we go, they go. And Little B always comes in asking me to hurry up...). I guess some things will just never change....


  1. The main thing I get from this post is that oh my god I am so glad I am not the only one sitting with tissues stuffed in my nose every now and then! Lol

    I'm a messy person too - most of the clothes I wear on a regular basis live on the floor...

  2. haha! i love this!! i love looking at (blog) photos of people's beautiful houses & stylized photos but it's so nice to read about people being a bit messy & sloppy and that i'm not the only one with clutter, piles in corners & unfashionable moments.

  3. Love this! I love how Runkle and Ralph are there too! Such a lovely illustration and keepsake x


  4. Alexandra Higgins27 January 2015 at 14:58

    Love it! Great illustration.
    Spring cleaners Bromley

  5. Love it . oxx

  6. I love this illustration so much, and you know what that is a very real struggle! xx