We're slowly getting back into routine, including replying to those emails which have been ignored for well over a month (sorry to anyone awaiting a reply!). With working away a lot these next few months, my new best friend has genuinely become this Logitech Keyboard*. My fingers on the iPad (and iPhone for that matter) always catch other letters, so blogging whilst away tends to be put aside, but not no more! It's light to carry, connects to three devices by Bluetooth and doubles up well as a Netflix prop-me-up so it's a win for me.
 We're currently in talks about a new kitchen. Since living in our home a year, the kitchen has slowly deteriorated, with us not even having a cutlery drawer no more. We kinda know what we're after, something minimalist with shelves for displaying all those kilner jars and a real wood work top that matches our table and bench, but as we've also discovered lately.. It's quite tricky to agree on somethings! At this rate, we won't have a kitchen until 2016....!
Hooray, it's mini eggs time! I can never ever get enough of mini eggs, like ever! So when Little B was heading to the shops the other night and asked if I had any requests, it only seemed right to bring home a bag of mini eggs. Sadly (and hugely weird), they didn't have any and Little B didn't want to come home empty handed. So he stocked up on the Pick & Mix stuff and filled that bag right up!
Poor little Runkybum.. He had a little trip to the vets this week, and it turns out that he has cystitis. Speaking to the nice vet, we surprisingly found out this was caused from stress, and something so simple as taking away a litter tray, only leaving one, could leave any cat feeling stressed. With Ralph around we're still learning, so we've doubled back up on the litter trays, give Runkle some one on one every night and invested in a Feliway plug in!
Little Ralph is definitely growing up fast.. We decided this weekend to let him out in the hope that it'll tire him out and also keep him occupied! It took him a little while to venture outside but decided that the rest of the day would be spent sniffing all the plants and attempting to climb onto the shed. This photo actually makes him look like a full grown cat, but he's actually still very kitten like. Because this kitten does not sleep....!
We've been enjoying family time a lot lately and when the sun is shining, we've been taking walks around the quarry. It's always lovely to make the time for family and friends, and make sure that there's a next date in the diary to meet up with Little B's parents whether it be dinner in a quaint village, or a sleepover at ours or their house. And there's always time for dinner at my parents house, and a cup of tea on the weekends. The best kinds.

We do not need the weather to give us the excuse that staying in wins over getting wrapped up and heading out on the weekend. Nope, we're all for curling up under the faux fur throw, with some Lindt chocolate and some poorly chosen TV. And those kitties of course...!
Last weekend was one of those weekends where we did very very little. It was genuinely a much needed time to do nothing with having just finished up a twelve day week. And since Christmas, we've not been around much so little Ralph has had to adapt again, and has probably felt a little lonely. Which would explain why he does not leave us alone, even when we take a trip to the bathroom...
Gahhh look at those little faces! I'm totally 110% biased but they seem like the cutest things. They're faces never seem to make us smile, and coming home from work to be greeted by these two is one of the warmest feelings at the end of each day. And although people say that cats aren't as loving and needing as dogs, these two in the last month or so have wanted our attention constantly. And we're totally fine with it.
Are they best friends yet? There's still a lot that we're working on, and hoping that as Ralph calms down (this hasn't happened yet), he'll start to learn when Runkle wants his own space and to snooze. But right now, if Ralph isn't suckling on our knuckles whilst laying on our chest (or our head), then you can bet your bottom dollar that he's bumping bums on the bed with Runkle. And it's safe to say that after these next two busy weeks and weekends (seriously, when will it stop?!), we'll be joining them and having another lazy weekend. Because lazy days with cats, cuddles and endless chocolate, are ultimately the best in our household right now.

You know when we always joke that the couples who dress together, stay together? Well, we're not really joking anymore... Little B blames it on me, because I never used to wear jeans, which made getting dressed just a normal job. But since that changed, we have to inform the other that "I'm wearing the black jeans today OK" (most of the time it's me, because I only own black...) and this works. We have it sussed out. Or we had it sussed out. Until Little B definitely started being rebellious and wore black jeans at the same time, which is actually fine... We have different tops on, and footwear choices. Well, that WAS the case...
And then I went and decided that grey was my new favourite clothing colour (still love ya black!) and slouchy tops are still up there on my 'you're-the-greatest list'. Which is fine, had Little B not got a wardrobe of grey shirts piled up (I tell you, he likes the grey shirts!). But y'know, with it being Winter, again, it's totally cool... I wore my leather jacket, and had a scarf, so you almost couldn't see the grey fleck top, that looks so similar to his grey shirt....
But then I took it one step further.. I never own practical shoes (ask anyone who ever walks anywhere with me, and they'll tell you that!) but my brain had been telling me in the last few months that maybe it was time for some trainers, some proper casual trainers (that aren't bright pink DC's... Honestly, they looked good in the French Alps all those years ago!) and well, these just seemed to be the ones I was looking for. Which again, is totally fine. Had it not been that Little B owns a grey and blue pair. That he wears all the time. Like literally, all the time.....
Maybe he should just take it as a compliment, because it seems that I'm slowly stealing his look (or his vibe as he'd probably joke!). But bad luck for him, we're pretty much the same size (he would definitely disagree and tell me that I always stretch his boxers when I wear them... CHEEK!) so he best start watching what he's buying.. Who knows where it'll end up. Actually, that Shore Project Watch he has is quite nice. And I think it'll go perfectly with my new Urban Outfitters skirt....
Grey Top* | Jeans | Puma Trainers*
Grey Shirt* | Jeans | Shore Projects Watch* | Nike Trainers

Lets get one thing straight first -  I'm not a fitness queen, I've never been to the gym (actually I lie, I went once to use the swimming pool with friends), and I'm not one to watch what I eat. I also have never set myself a New Years resolution where I tell myself that I must get fit this year.. Because reality is, I'd only kid myself. This year is the same, I'm just doing my thing, eating a fairly average diet, could be better, could be worse. But I do know that I need to get fit. Not skinny. Fit. So that walking up the stairs to my office doesn't tire me out, learning to carry more than one shopping bag at the supermarket and to stop myself being constantly tired. Because as I've gotten older, I guess I've realised that I should be looking after myself more.
I said this last year and had bought some trainers that saw the light of day twice (three times if you include the trip to the post office...) and even after telling myself at the time "if you buy something expensive, you're bound to wear them more, right?". Right? WRONG. It was just a waste of money...
And then I discovered the fitness range from New Look and in the back of my head, I thought that maybe, just maybe, this WOULD give me that final push. Not to be queen of the gym or perfecting yoga poses, just to y'know, sort myself out. Be less weedy and breathless. So I picked a few pieces from the range.
If you ever wondered what the female Mr Motivator looked like - then I am your lady. These ultra jazzy leggings (albeit a little tighter than expected) most certainly look better on the New Look model than my own thighs, but they're fun. And getting fit should be fun (so I think anyway). The matching crop top is nice and fits my little breasticles perfectly but you won't catch me wearing just this to the gym (doing the housework, maybe!), which is why I chose the vest, to cover those wobbly parts we have but pretend we don't. It's simple, comfortable, and it does the job. Which is always a winner for me.
And do these clothes make me want to start running (again)? Quite possibly yes. Because now I have everything that I ever needed to exercise.. Which I obviously thought I was missing before. Well, let's see how long this lasts... I've even gone the extra mile and created my fitness playlist on Spotify, in the hope that I'll be shimmying out the front door within seconds. If you can't get onto Spotify, here's a few of my favourite tracks to get me moving:
My Delirium - Ladyhawke   |   We Own The Sky - M83
Boy From School - Hot Chip   |   Boom Clap - Charli XCX
Tidal Wave - Sub Focus   |   Sleepyhead - Passion Pit
Afterglow - Wilkinson   |   We Are Your Friends - Simian Justice
Ghosts N Stuff - Deadmau5   |   Paper Planes - MIA
Animal - Miike Snow   |   End Credits - Chase & Status
Here's hoping anyway. And it all depends on the weather. Nobody likes rain do they? Nor cold, or the darkness.
On second thoughts, I could always just stay in one more night, snuggling up in my extra warm dressing gown and browsing through Instagram at everyone else getting fit. Because someone's gotta help keep the chocolate market going. And on this occasion, I don't mind taking one for the team..
Crop Top* | Leggings* | Black Vest* | Nike Trainers | Dressing Gown*

Little B and I are always fond of not only making memories, but remembering and treasuring them. As a teenager, I had various scrapbooks and still have boxes under the bed which remain full of "special moments"... Those things that probably mean absolutely nothing to anybody else, but to me, are what has made my life so far. And like everything, I want to continue these things, so when I saw Sarah's Instagram picture with her happy memories jar, I took note (quite literally at a later stage!) and decided that we too, would make our own 'Happy Days' jar. The jar that will be written in everyday, where we must find one thing that has made us happy.. And yes, eating Camembert definitely counts as a happy day!!
It was also the best excuse to 'need' to buy some more jars (because y'know, we don't own enough already...) and pop a cute bow around the lid, because, I like ribbon. And bows. And proudly placed the jar on a shelf in the living room, which prompts us each night, to write down a few words and add it into the jar. And watch it begin to fill, full of memories and moments, and those simple pleasures that we can easily forget every day.
I can't wait to read back through them at the end of the year. And then stick them somewhere else. Because I'm a hoarder like that...! 

Hello 2015 (and Happy New Year finally!), what a whirlwind you have already been. Yes, we have taken quite some time away from Little Winter, more than we probably intended but equally enjoyed.
As much as we love our little corner (I'd say that if the internet was a square, we'd definitely fit into a corner, just quietly, minding our own business) of the big world wide web, we've really felt at arms length from it in the last few months, and not because of our stats, or followers or the content we publish, but just because we realised, that for us, BLOGGING ISN'T EVERYTHING. This may upset a few or raise some well shaped eyebrows, but since locking our phones in the evenings, keeping those laptops under the coffee table and spending our weekends walking places without a camera has made us remember that, WE LIVE IN A PRETTY BEAUTIFUL WORLD PEOPLE (most of the time) and as much as seeing what X is wearing on Instagram or checking who's doing what on Twitter is great, actually seeing animals in the forest having a nice life, and enjoying the full taste of food infront of us, is so, SO much better. Like really better. And those moments are what's priceless.

Don't get us wrong, we love taking photos (yep, those cat photos won't take themselves...!) and capturing those moments for us to look back on, but actually enjoying that moment right there and then, and not tweeting/instagramming/blogging about is, almost makes us remember them in a different way. A real way. And it's also been the perfect opportunity for us to just enjoy company from our friends and families, actually talk to them, drink with them and laugh with them. And keeping it hidden from the internet makes me feel like it's a more special moment. Like the internet doesn't need to know what my aunt did at the Christmas table, or what present my brother bought us for Christmas (actually, that you DO need to see!), because really, they're our moments to treasure. And I like it.

But going off on one here, and not really knowing where I'm actually heading with this, is to say, that YES we are still sticking around for a while, as I just don't think we're quite ready to close this place down (I mean, where would all those cat photos go...?!), but bare with us if we don't tweet our every step or Instagram that delicious lunch we just ordered, because we'll probably be outside somewhere taking great pleasure in the real simple things in life. Like the frost on the ground, and the dark evenings around us. Saying that, we'll maybe just be hanging out with our cats. But that's cool. That's our life. And that's what's real to us.
So, hey 2015. Let's make it a good one!
Also, March is looking like my favourite month so far, and I can't wait (it also doesn't have anything to do with the fact that my Frankie diary is covered in cats, during the month of March!)!!

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