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Normally, if there's one thing that we're terrible at - it's dressing for Winter. Which is almost a funny sentence, considering we did a handful of Winter seasons in the Alps, where the weather was cold, and we practically wrapped up warm day and night. Yet, since returning to the UK three years ago, our sense of layering has gone down the pan, and well, we shiver in the morning when we're going to work, or for an afternoon walk around the shops. Basically we don't do UK Winter very well (which is always funny with our blog name!), BUT this year we've gotten SO much better. We are basically, set for Winter.
 Our wardrobe that once was filled with thin dresses and t-shirts have been replaced with chunky knits, super soft jumpers and tops that are ideal for layering. Our accessories collection is also rapidly growing with a variety of scarves and bobble hats to choose from in the morning and our chest of drawers are overflowing with thick socks.
 We've scoured the high street, with our favourite knits coming from H&M, Primark and most recently Laura Ashley. This sequin knit has basically not left my side since it fell into my hands a few weeks ago - and that's saying something, considering I am not a fan of sparkles (I know, weird huh?), but it's cream, and it hides those lumps that one would rather not show. And Little B? I have never known somebody to wear something in a row as much as he does this scarf. Every morning, without fail, it is wrapped around his neck as he leaves for work.
Little B has most definitely become an accessories kinda guy in the last year (maybe it's down to the fact that I work in men's accessories too...) and after two years of his beloved Daniel Wellington watch being worn to death, it seems that this new one came along at the right time. And as his pupils at school always tell him, he's a 'bit of an alright stylish guy'. I like to think so too - maybe one day, I'll learn that heels in the countryside are not so great. But I guess we can't get everything right...

Laura Ashley Knit* | Laura Ashley Scarf* | Topshop Jeans | New Look Boots | Olivia Burton Watch*
Primark Knit | Laura Ashley Shirt* | Laura Ashley Scarf* | Topman Jeans | Daniel Wellington Watch*


  1. Wonderful article! Winter is such a tricky fashion season (especially for a all-year-round dress wearer!) but you've perfected a warm exterior and, most likely, interior.

    I absolutely adore the new watch. :) xxx

  2. Love this x


  3. You both look great!
    I feel the cold and have been adding extra layers in recent weeks. I love thicker winter jumpers and trousers have replaced skirts/dresses

  4. I love Laura Ashley! Their clothes and homeware are always so unique I'm always wanting to buy things when I go in the store!

    hellomissjordan.blogspot.co.uk xx

  5. I love your outfits! But I know what you mean. UK Winter is so hard! I can do Canadian winter just fine, but I just can't seem to dress appropriately for the temperature over here. How funny! x

  6. Twit Twoo you two scrub up well! I thought I'd just got the hand of the layering and now I'm back in 20C heat and feeling very confused! I'll probably spend the next couple of weeks staring at good knits for a January in Manchester though. I need to get the dressing for warmth game back up! I love that you chose lighter colours Katy, it looks so fresh xxx

    Chambray & Curls

  7. Loving your looks guys! The scarves are gorgeous, and you're looking beautiful xx

  8. Love this. The scarf is amazing . xox



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