That Festive Feeling


This year, we decided to get a little creative with some presents and opted for homemade onion chutney and orange shortbread. We finished them off with some hessain tops tied with string, and popped in a Christmas bag with red tissue paper and candy canes. We're really chuffed with how they've turned (and tasted!) out.
It was a pleasant surprise when this little tree decoration and a cute Christmas card arrived in the post from Olivia Burton last week (thanks guys!). We decided to keep our tree simple this year and chose only lights to complete it (those kitty's!), but we made an exception for this beautiful wooden one which now dangles with utter pride.
I've never been a wreath fan, however Harrods have completely swayed me on this one when this absolutely stunning (and such sweet smelling) seasonal wreath* turned up on our doorstep. Within minutes Little B had hung it for all to see... Although we're slightly regretting that we hadn't painted our manky coloured door sooner...
Christmas is complete in our household (apart from the food shop, which we keep off putting!) and all the presents are wrapped and each one individually tied with gingham ribbon and string. We're itching to put them under the tree, but I guess having two very excited kitty's means that they're hidden away until Christmas Eve. Cat life!
I love this little lady on top of our tree.. and as you know by now we're not very traditional (although, weirdly, I'm a traditional kinda girl about some things!) and instead of opting for a star or fairy, this tree decoration from Tiger was the only thing I liked. Plus her scarf and bobble hat are cute, and the kitty's can't reach her. So she's safe!
This year must definitely be a sign for all things new.. With my original dislike for wreaths and now being converted, the same has happened in the way of tinsel. Tinsel used to scream tacky to me years ago, but this year I really really fancied some for the bedroom. And with some rice lights tucked up in it, I absolutely love it! 
Christmas, we are ready for you!


  1. Aww, this post has made me feel all warm and fluttery inside. I am so excited for christmas, and yours just sounds absolutely lovely :)

    I just bought myself an Olivia Burton watch (although it shall be going under the christmas tree), and that tree decoration makes me so glad that I did so. Isn't her stuff just beautiful?

    Merry Christmas, Littles :)
    Laura | elelibee

  2. This is lovely! Sooo festive :D Happy holidays!
    Clare x

  3. Oh it all looks lovely! I love wreaths but living in a flat once more doesn't really allow for them. Yours looks beautiful! I always think they seem very grown up to have at your front door :)
    Chambray & Curls

  4. This is so lovely, that tree topper is so cute!

    Maria xxx

  5. Lovely post! Love your wreath so much, it's gorgeous!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  6. That wreath is gorgeous - I love the idea of a citrussy scented one but have never actually gotten around to getting one myself. We finally got into the full festive spirit and put up our decorations today... true to tradition the day before my birthday!! xo

  7. Wow, that wreath is so beautiful! It must smell amazing, I'd be tempted to keep it inside!

    Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

  8. How can you not like wreaths?! By far the nicest decorations, and I do love your one. It has put mine to great shame!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  9. What a lovely post! That wreath is gorgeous! x

    Angela // The Sunday Chapter

  10. That wreath, ornament, and tree topper are all too cute! I also love that you did handmade gifts. I had to chuckle about you not putting your presents or ornaments up/under the tree because of your kitties. Our presents are not under the tree due to our silly pups!

  11. That wreath is just to die for!! It looks amazing - and I'm inspired to try to DIY something similar next year.

    xx Kathryn


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