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Boobs. Or breasticles as one likes to call them, are thought about daily, especially when there's no better feeling than taking your bra off at the end of the day (or within seconds of closing the front door - true story!). With only hand sized breasticles I want to say that it's not a struggle buying bras compared to some ladies, however in the last year or so I am a completely unknown cup. I'm not as small as an A, nor as big as a C and B's? They don't fit right either. Until I got one of the Triangl bra's in an XS, and well, it was like a match made in heaven.
BUT one bra isn't enough.. I mean, I'm a girl with two underwear drawers (yes, I have those pants that I never ever wear, but y'know, you just don't know when you may need them. For safekeeping. Although you will NEVER wear them. ever.) and so I set out looking for something new. And Urban Outfitters made my dreams come true.
During the opening of their latest store in Leicester, I spent a fair few hours debating whether an unpadded bra would do the trick. After a few nibbles (yes food, not nipples) and browsing through the rails, armed with an array of bra's, I headed for the changing rooms. Quite literally within minutes of trying on this bralet, my prayers had been made and my breasticles were dancing, especially considering I'd been after a bralet for ten hundred years that didn't have wires, making sitting down a difficult task. Not this one - it was comfortable. With a capital C.
The fit is absolutely perfect with the beautiful lace detailing and the flattering long line structure. There is underwire to keep everything in place and no flapping about with fastenings, making this bralet easy on (or off) in one swift movement (unless you just can't do sexy undressing like yours truly...!).
So thank you Urban Outfitters, I think it's fair to say that you have converted me to the world of unpadded bralets and beautifully laced designs. And my breasticles are certainly pleased about this too.


  1. I absolutely love bralets - it's all I wear. I just couldn't find a bra that was comfy enough for me to wear all day, and whilst my bralets still get whipped off as soon as I'm home - they're so comfy during the day. I have a few lovely ones from Victoria Secret but will definitely be looking to Urban Outfitters now as this is beautiful. x


  2. Such a stunning set Katy! For a stunning girl!

  3. These are such beautiful pieces! I never through to look to Urban Outfitters for underwear.


  4. This is such a pretty undie set. I'm terrible when it comes to underwear, and often pick the largest most unflattering to wear (because they're always the comfiest) when it comes to my undies lol which I probably shouldn't be admitting to over the internet. DONT JUDGE GURLFRIENDS!

  5. beautiful! this makes me want to get a new set. <3

  6. The underwear always looks lovely from here



  7. You have persuaded me that I need a little lace bralet in my life asap. How has it taken me this long! Jojo

  8. YAY someone else that says breasticles! :) Can totally sympathise with coming home from work and flinging the breasticle holders off! x

  9. Oh I need a lace bralet! I love the lace detailing on that one you chose.


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