A short while ago (I say that loosely because I really can't remember when... it felt like months ago, but I'm fairly sure it was only weeks) I left my work desk early and popped on a train to London to go and see some new pieces in for Next. This excited me, because not only did I get to hang out with my favourite little Jazzpad (did I ever tell you she's awesome?), but it was only my second event I've ever been too.
We arrived at a pretty swanky hotel located just around the corner from Picadilly, and as we made our way up to the top floor we couldn't help but imagine what life would be like living here. Awesome I bet! Within moments of being inside the suite, we were passed some fizz from the ever beautiful Gemma and told to delve into the sweet treats dotted around the room. I could definitely get used to this.
As you know, I've always been a Next homeware girl so I was a little unsure of what I would find on the rails - would it match up to how super comfortable my sofa is? Are the details on their clothes as perfect as their accessories? Yes, YES they are. And I for one know where I'll be heading to stock up that Winter wardrobe of mine. There were some gorgeous and ideal pieces ready for Christmas parties, including a black lace playsuit and a sweet white shift dress complete with embellished flowers.
The most favourite piece that stuck out for me was quite possibly the grey cape - I had huge cape envy, and have now decided that life will not be complete till I own a cape. Oh and actually, some brightly coloured heels.. Because as we know, I tend to stick to boots. Not this time, I think I may officially be changing...!
As lovely as it is browsing through rails whilst tucking into some delicious quiches (I definitely didn't call them flowers...), it's always best to catch up with old and new friendly bloggers. I got to spend more time hanging out with Claire and Tara after meeting them both briefly in the past (who are both super stylish ladies!) and getting to meet Steph who has such luscious locks. I also had the opportunity to meet a lovely little lady Eleni, who is the talent behind Fall Into London and illustrated all of us throughout the day which was a pleasant thing to take home with us. Thanks Next! You're even more awesome than I thought!


  1. It all sounds delightful, loving all those cute little prints..and the cookies! x

    The Little Things

  2. Those illustrations are such a nice touch, and I'm a big fan of those shoes! Sounds like such a lovely event :)

    Steph xx
    Lay It Bare

  3. I love Next homeware and clothes. These sneak peeks look really exciting :) thank you for sharing. I love the cute Next biscuits too xx

    Forever Dreaming of Oz

  4. I love next home! I don't really go in for the clothes but from your photos there looks like they have some nice bits in :) x


  5. this looks so lovely, hope you had a fab time katy! x

    charlottesweb8.blogspot.com :)

  6. I love next home, your photos are fab and the illustrations are cool xx


  7. Those biscuits looks so good! Love the sketches too! Abi :)

  8. Gosh I need those blue heels in my life!

  9. Miss you already darling XXXXXXXXX

    Roll on flower arranging! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  10. Ah man I WISH I went to this! Would've been fab to meet some of my fave ever bloggers (including you!) <3

    Josie’s Journal

  11. I love Next. They are opening a huge one in Sheffield... ooh I wonder if they need bloggers for any events! ;)

  12. Wow I’m so envious, what a perfect way to spend a day! Such a cool idea to illustrate the guests :-) Those next cookies look so good too! Next is lovely for A/W pieces ;-)! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog