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Flowers. They are my ultimate favourite (as you've probably guessed by now) and I remember so well the first time that I ever received a bouquet of flowers. They were from my mama.
As a child I just couldn't ever understand why grown up's enjoyed flowers..They seemed almost un-usable, boring, and not even edible. But on that day I remember, when we moved into our first flat, my mama popped out to the car and returned with the most beautiful bunch of flowers. And they were for me. For me and my place.
Ever since that day, I have become incredibly fascinated with the beautiful colours and textures of these sweet smelling things that don't just grow in the garden, but flowers that can instantly change and uplift a room in so many ways. They can light up a persons bad day, bring comfort to terrible news, make rooms feel fresh and clean and most importantly show us how incredible every living thing in life is (ooh deep.).
When Appleyard London contacted me to see if I was interested in their Luxury Flowers, it's almost like they knew me too well, and with a floristry course booked in for next month, I just couldn't say no. The moment I hit the go button on their site, I was instantly drawn in with the perfectly put together displays and after much debate, I decided upon the Blueberry Muffin bouquet (who doesn't love blueberries!). It's clear to see that Appleyard really do take extra care with detail right from arranging the flowers to the delivery at your door (and offer Next Day Flowers) Although my flowers were left with a neighbour over the weekend (oops to me!) and some strands had to be picked out, the bouquet certainly sits pride of place on our telephone table making the entrance into our house so much more welcoming.
Appleyard are currently offering my readers 33% off their bouquets with the code GIFT33 - so if you feel like putting a smile on someone's face, brightening up a room in the house or just because you totally deserve it (amen!) then it's definitely worth a stop by. Autumn flowers truly are a wonderful thing.


  1. They're lovely, I love the vase that you have them in. Where is it from? xx

  2. That bouquet of flowers is absolutely gorgeous! I am going to have to check them out. I adore fresh flowers!

  3. Such gorgeous colours Katy. The floristry course sounds fun!

  4. They're so beautiful! And I'm a huge fan of your telephone table, super pretty!

    x Giada | Miel Café

  5. Beautiful bouquet, such a gorgeous mix of colours!

    Saskia /

  6. Absolutely beautiful. I have quite a dreary flat so I always try to have some flowers around to brighten the place up a bit x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  7. Those flowers really are gorgeous! The colours are great.
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  8. Love the vase and the colours of the flowers

  9. Love the vase and the colour of the flowers

  10. Those flowers are beautiful!

    Maria xxx

  11. Love the floverd and post.


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