Things about the weekend


Things we liked about the weekend.
1. Having no reason to rush out the front door with plans (for once this was perfect)
2. Taking time to make delicious breakfasts and chatting over a fresh mug of coffee
3. Catching up with my gorgeous little cousin over a few too many cocktails and having many many giggles about the past. And talking about the future. The best kind of evenings.
4.. Watching Little R enjoy the birdbath in a new place. He spends many hours lazing on it.
5. Finishing our upcycled telephone table and sitting at it in the evening. Just because we can.
6. Spending a Saturday night curled up on the sofa and taking part in the TV gameshows. Because, that's cool.
7. Packing (well kinda) for our holiday! That is all.

Blog posts we enjoyed this week.
1. Ghostparties - Home Tour & Update. Utterly beautiful. We're already planning on how we can move in.
2. Katherine Louise - Tan Leather. Have you ever seen anyone rock tan leather as good as Kat? Nope, me neither!
3. A Rosie Outlook - Wrist Candy. That watch and anchor bracelet though. And those gorgeous photos.
4. Kirsty Wears - Motel Rose. A perfect dress on a pretty perfect little lady with ideal background scenery too.
5. Sarah Nunn - Tailored. A simple yet absolutely beautiful look. And those legs though!
6. Sweet Monday - Bretown Newtown. If any post will give you food and lifestyle envy, it's this one.
7. Girl In The Lens - Wallflower. Because it got us excited for our holiday to Ibiza. Oh and she looks a babe.
8. Lily Loves Lola - Road Trip Part 2. Showing us that England ain't all so bad - look at those views. And that cottage!
9. The Little Magpie - Friday Night Outfits. This whole look. And that face. That is all.
10. Carrie Brighton - All Change. Proving that change can be good, and positive. She also has lush hair!


  1. Such a lovely post, I'll have a little read of all the blog posts you liked! x


  2. About to spend my evening checking out your favourite posts x

  3. Oh you're going to Ibiza! I love it there, I hope you'll post some photos when you get back! x

  4. Such a lovely selection of posts! I'm definitely having a read.

    Emma x

  5. This just made me happy to read and I wanted to share that with you.

    x Justina //

  6. N'aw thanks my favourite little 'uns, love you longtime too x

  7. Your house is so gorgeous!
    Thanks for the blog recs too - I shall have a browse.

  8. Sounds like an amazing weekend by my standards. Oh and I also loved Ghost Parties house tour, I get serious envy looking at her place!

  9. Katy your weekend sounds perfect! :)

    AND thank you for listing one of my recent post as one of your weekly favs <3 this makes me very happy to know that you liked it!!!!!! xoxo

    1. I'm also going to enjoying checking out all your other favourites now too :D

  10. Aww thank you so much for the mention lovely lady! I hope you have a wonderful holiday! xxx

  11. Thank you for mentioning my post Katy! So lovely of you. *blushes* xxx

  12. Lovely post! Long weekend breakfasts are the best :) Enjoy your holiday!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  13. i love weekends! Especially long ones! Great blog xx


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