Being home


Little R got his first taste of the cattery whilst we were away on holiday. He really told us about his time there, but we get the impression he was miserable. A miserable little button. Yet considering this, he has not left our side one bit since we've been back... He'll pop out into the garden and within minutes head back inside to check we're still there. That's cool though - I don't mind. But I do mind waking up to this view on Sundays...

Being away means for unopened emails. And you know what? It's pretty great. What's not so great, is coming back and having to sit down and tackle through them. It's taken some forcing, but today we both grabbed some popcorn, a cold drink and sat down with the mindset that we CAN totally do this. We got halfway before working our way to the sofa to catch up on TV. The rubbish TV shows kind.

Birthday celebrations call for birthday flowers. Always! And with it being a close friend of mine's, I had in mind that I really really wanted to make my own bouquet. Sadly with no flowers growing in the garden, I headed to the local shops and picked up four different bunches including flowers I wanted, took them home and put together my own arrangement. And you know what? I'm pretty darn chuffed with this. AND I got to keep a vase myself!

As much as I'm not into showing much skin, I did struggle adapting from a bikini to pretty much Winter clothing. Like ooh golly it's pretty cold huh? I however, am NOT and refuse to wear tights until October. So for now it's the midi's and jeans. Oh and the boots are back out. Yep... We refound our love for those trusty shoes of ours. Although with Winter looming, surely this means for new boots?


  1. Such beautiful photos! Especially of Little R! I'd love a little loyal cat who never really left my side that's so sweet! Those flowers are gorgeous too! Abi :)

  2. Good job on the flowering arranging, gorgeous bouquet :)

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  3. That bouquet is stunning, I bet your friend was so chuffed with it! I hope you had the best holiday, it's awful how quickly it's gotten so cold here x

    What Rachael Wrote

  4. The bouquet is just lovely! I would be very chuffed if someone gave one like that to me! The cold weather is a bit of a shock isn't it? One minute it was summer and then it just got cold and wet.

  5. Aww love this post, your cat is way too cute! Love your boots too, I'm happy it's getting to that time of year again!

  6. Lovely photos! Your cat is just too adorable and I love your outfit!
    Helena /

  7. Awww your kitty is just too cute! And that's a beautiful bouquet! The only thing I like about coming home is getting to sit down and catch up on things... It's nice to instead of always being in the loop! That's when you know you've had a break :)

    CAT xo
    What Cat Says | BlogLovin'

  8. All of these photos make my heart fuzzy! You have a lovely perception on everything, and little R is just far too cute. Oh, and massive Kudos on the bouquet, they look beautiful!

    Laura | KUWB

  9. That bowl where you put your popcorn is so cute! Where did you buy it??

  10. Your cat is adorable and your photos are lovely :)

  11. Aww your wee cat! I'm heading home from holiday today and not looking forward to those emails

  12. Bless your cat! Mines never been in a cattery but he has been to my dads house and spent the night at my friends and lets just say - he's always glad to be back home! Have fun with those emails :D

    Yazmin xx

  13. Your cat reminds me of my own; she's a little affectionate ball of fluff who hates it when I go back to uni. Lovely post as always :)

  14. Lovely photos :) That bouquet is so pretty! And I also really need to invest in a new pair of boots this autumn.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  15. That is a gorgeous arrangement! Flower arranging is something I'd like to do but to be honest I don't think I'd be very good at it.
    The autumn weather has crept up fast! I went out and bought a new scarf just in case.

  16. My gosh that baby kitty!!!! He's so adorable and from the description you made of him, i get the feeling that he and my Yoda would totally get along! Adorable! As for the tights problem, i'm sad to say that i wore mine's already bloody cold here!! :(((

  17. Your photos are always so gorgeous! I adore your heart-shaped popcorn bowl. It has been a little chilly in the mornings and evenings lately, and I am loving it :)


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