As told by Little R...
They sent me to this place. This place full of noisy cats and small spaces. My people, they know that I like plenty of space - I like to go where ever I want, because I get my own way you see. Not this time though.
I remember seeing the suitcases but because they're always farting about places I really didn't think too much of it. As long as I got my food and the back door left open, life was good. And then one morning I was woken up (I'm fairly certain I was still asleep) and put into my cat basket (why do they do this? I do NOT want to go in.. can't they take a hint?) and taken to that place. The Cattery. It was all new to me, as normally they get some blonde lady over to keep an eye on me (yeah, I love waking her up and showing her who's boss around here!) but for what seemed like forever I spent my time being miserable. I did nothing there and only came out to eat when nobody was around. I didn't want cuddles or fuss. I wanted my blanket and garden. The other cats around me looked like they enjoyed themselves.. I can't understand why. But I kept myself to myself and thought this what how life was to be.
About ten hundred days later (it was actually only five!) I heard a noise. It was the people, with my people. They had come to rescue me. And take me back to my favourite things. Luckily they had some money to pay for me to get out (word on the street is that Argos Cat Insurance include cover for  Cattery fees) and finally, I was free.. Well, after I was forced into that basket again!
Since then, life has been better. I don't take my people for granted anymore, and now I'm so scared that they'll go again, that I even follow them to the toilet and the local shop. But apparently, that's because I'm weird. My neighbour Charlie, he doesn't do that. He quite likes that place. I'm really not sure why.
But life is definitely good again and I can go back to my normal day.
*Post in collaboration with Argos

 H&M Dress | New Look Jacket | Ash Boots | Olivia Burton Watch | LYDC Bag
Many a times I will find myself reaching for the same item of clothing (funnily enough, I'm not actually talking about my leather jacket and black boots.. Uh huh, I know I wear these a million!) and spend hours fretting that I just have nothing to wear (which is also funny considering I have a whole room dedicated to clothes!).
I always tell myself that I must become more adventurous whilst I whittle away lunch breaks pinning super stylish ladies on Pinterest. What is their secret to always looking effortlessly cool? I can only pull this off in comfortable attire of sweatpants (I like to think I look effortless, which I do. But also probably trashy. Win some, lose some!). So today I dug out this dress, because I like it and it makes me feel a little cool.. And then I put it with my jacket and instantly remember how predictable I am.
But alas, today I felt like a cool kid, a cool kid that shops at Urban Outfitters and such. Talking of UO - my dear friend Jazzpad has this awesome competition for those Midlands folk like me (yes this is my subtle entry of what I'd wear - everybody likes a bit of bum showing sometimes!), who can win a ticket to the opening event of UO in Leicester - pretty cool huh? There's also access to the stylist team, and by the way my predictable attire is going.. I could probably do with a few tips! Fashion - it's a funny ole thing isn't it?

Little R got his first taste of the cattery whilst we were away on holiday. He really told us about his time there, but we get the impression he was miserable. A miserable little button. Yet considering this, he has not left our side one bit since we've been back... He'll pop out into the garden and within minutes head back inside to check we're still there. That's cool though - I don't mind. But I do mind waking up to this view on Sundays...

Being away means for unopened emails. And you know what? It's pretty great. What's not so great, is coming back and having to sit down and tackle through them. It's taken some forcing, but today we both grabbed some popcorn, a cold drink and sat down with the mindset that we CAN totally do this. We got halfway before working our way to the sofa to catch up on TV. The rubbish TV shows kind.

Birthday celebrations call for birthday flowers. Always! And with it being a close friend of mine's, I had in mind that I really really wanted to make my own bouquet. Sadly with no flowers growing in the garden, I headed to the local shops and picked up four different bunches including flowers I wanted, took them home and put together my own arrangement. And you know what? I'm pretty darn chuffed with this. AND I got to keep a vase myself!

As much as I'm not into showing much skin, I did struggle adapting from a bikini to pretty much Winter clothing. Like ooh golly it's pretty cold huh? I however, am NOT and refuse to wear tights until October. So for now it's the midi's and jeans. Oh and the boots are back out. Yep... We refound our love for those trusty shoes of ours. Although with Winter looming, surely this means for new boots?

Breakfast in the week consists of a fruity smoothie and a go-ahead bar. Easy for people like us who are on the go (or semi lazy and prefer an extra 10 minutes in bed). However on weekends and holidays we always make the most of this time and cook up some tasty meals to start our day - our favourite normally consisting of garlic philly scrambled eggs or pancakes.. But alas, there's a new favourite in town. Yep, the Nutella french toast with strawberry sprinkling!

As I always express, we don't tend to measure things out properly, however we followed a recipe who did things in cup measurements and spoons so we kinda went along with this but y'know it's not too accurate and it still tasted amazing! So to make this truly incredible breakfast, you will need:
Bread (we just used normal loaf bread)
5 Eggs
1/4 cup of heavy Cream (we just used double cream)
1 cup of Milk
1/4 teaspoon of Baking Powder
2 tablespoons of Flour
4 1/2 Tablespoons of Sugar (personally we'll add more in next time to make it that little bit sweeter)
1/2 teaspoon of Vanilla
Nutmeg (this is optional. Some people prefer using cinammon but we gave nutmeg a try instead!)
Butter (to fry off your bread in)
We firstly made our Nutella sandwiches with the chocolate being fairly thick on the bread. Once this is done, add to a blender the milk, cream, eggs, vanilla, sugar, flour, baking powder and nutmeg. Blend this for roughly 10/15 seconds and then pour into a shallow dish (we used an old ice cream tub which actually worked perfectly!).
We then dipped a sandwich at a time into the mixture and allowed a few seconds for it to soak up. This was done for both sides -- and once it had been soaked we gently squeezed the sides of the bread to keep it together.

Next we fried off some butter in a pan (we used our griddle pan which worked best) and made sure that the butter didn't burn. Once the pan was warm and the butter had melted, we popped our first slice of toast into the pan. This was cooked until golden brown on the base, and then we flipped this over and did the same to the opposite side. When one toast had cooked, we removed the butter from the pan and repeated the process again.
Personally (I haven't seen anyone else do this), but we popped ours into the oven for a few minutes on a VERY low heat (it has baking powder in so the chances of it rising are high!) just to keep it warm whilst cooking up the other slices.
Serve your french toast with a side of strawberries and a sprinkling of icing sugar and enjoy. Best enjoyed with a fresh glass of orange juice and an extra dose of strawberries (you can never have enough strawberries!).


Things we liked about the weekend.
1. Having no reason to rush out the front door with plans (for once this was perfect)
2. Taking time to make delicious breakfasts and chatting over a fresh mug of coffee
3. Catching up with my gorgeous little cousin over a few too many cocktails and having many many giggles about the past. And talking about the future. The best kind of evenings.
4.. Watching Little R enjoy the birdbath in a new place. He spends many hours lazing on it.
5. Finishing our upcycled telephone table and sitting at it in the evening. Just because we can.
6. Spending a Saturday night curled up on the sofa and taking part in the TV gameshows. Because, that's cool.
7. Packing (well kinda) for our holiday! That is all.

Blog posts we enjoyed this week.
1. Ghostparties - Home Tour & Update. Utterly beautiful. We're already planning on how we can move in.
2. Katherine Louise - Tan Leather. Have you ever seen anyone rock tan leather as good as Kat? Nope, me neither!
3. A Rosie Outlook - Wrist Candy. That watch and anchor bracelet though. And those gorgeous photos.
4. Kirsty Wears - Motel Rose. A perfect dress on a pretty perfect little lady with ideal background scenery too.
5. Sarah Nunn - Tailored. A simple yet absolutely beautiful look. And those legs though!
6. Sweet Monday - Bretown Newtown. If any post will give you food and lifestyle envy, it's this one.
7. Girl In The Lens - Wallflower. Because it got us excited for our holiday to Ibiza. Oh and she looks a babe.
8. Lily Loves Lola - Road Trip Part 2. Showing us that England ain't all so bad - look at those views. And that cottage!
9. The Little Magpie - Friday Night Outfits. This whole look. And that face. That is all.
10. Carrie Brighton - All Change. Proving that change can be good, and positive. She also has lush hair!

Expressing our love for monochrome on our last outfit post hasn't swayed us to add much colour to outfits lately. We seem to have fallen into the trap of those basic colours, you know the ones, the blacks and greys and navy's and tan's. I mean you just can't go wrong with them and they never let you down. Not ever. Especially not this jacket of mine either. Chances are it'll be walking places on it's own soon enough!

 River Island Top | Primark Skirt | New Look Boots & Jacket | LYDC Bag* | Olivia Burton Watch

As you've probably noticed on this little site of ours, seeing myself in something strappy or showing upper skin, is rare. Incredibly rare. So it's almost a little shock that I picked up this River Island top a few weeks back with it showing some shoulder, and dare I say it, a little corner of my chest. You see, upon realising that most of my wardrobe isn't practical for any form of beach holiday, I kinda panicked and after debating it for quite some time (I feel sorry for my friend who sat in that changing room waiting for me...), the option of buying this top was non existent. I needed it really. Oh and the skirt? I didn't need that. But it went fairly nice together. 


Relaxing. Is a funny one. On a Monday morning I sit at my desk and dream of how my weekend will be such a relaxed one, lazing about and having time to kill. Popping into the kitchen to retrieve items from the fridge occasionally, drinking delicious smoothies and catching up on life. However, my Friday I begin to worry if no plans have been made for the weekend, and think up places we can visit, things that need doing.
You see, that's how perculiar I am. I like the idea of relaxing, but I deem it a 'waste of a weekend'. Life is incredibly short (I'm sure I was only 12 a few years ago....) and it seems that I want to cram as much in as possible. I guess you could look at it in a good way, making the most of everything and what not (yes, cramming in as much as possible does sometimes mean pottering around the shops. It counts OK!) but sometimes, just sometimes maybe it is time to stop and appreciate having nothing to do. And take time out for yourself. I tried it. It was difficult but I tried.

I had an afternoon all to myself. Little B was out with friends playing golf, and little R was terrorizing the butterflies in the garden (I know, I've tried having words..) so I grabbed some snacks from the fridge (a good start if you ask me), poured a cold Fanta into a glass and headed upstairs to the freshly decorated spare room. For those first five minutes I was super prepared and ready for this, grabbing my favourite light read, turning on my most listened to Spotify playlist and opened the window letting in the warm air. I was ready to do this. I decided to paint my toenails, scroll through Twitter, catch up on blogs and browse Pinterest. Then I read some of my book. I was doing this, I was being relaxed and kind of enjoying it. Thinking that a good few hours had gone by, I looked at my clock and realised that 34 minutes had passed. THIRTY FOUR MINUTES. Was that it? Now what? I was bordering on fidgety by this point (I'm a fidgety kinda gal) but I persisted. For another 21 minutes. And then. I gave up. Got dressed and decided that I needed to visit Asda. And then see a friend, and then do some baking. Maybe I am just not the relaxing kind?
Was I slightly bored? A little. Will I be doing it again? Possibly. Do I regret it? No.


Our spare bedroom had become a place to store those things that were sitting in boxes un-used but couldn't quite get rid of, heaps of books and anything else that didn't fit in with the rest of the house. The jumble room basically. So when Laura Ashley contacted us about doing up a room for their blog, it was essentially the kick up the bum that we needed - and we are eternally grateful. Because we now have the most relaxing of rooms (yes, this one beats our bedroom in terms of relaxing!) and we are utterly in love (yes, I say that all the time!).

We toyed with the idea of turning it into an office and then a man room (I wasn't keen on this one) and then somewhere to chill out, and after agreeing that we have guests a fair amount, we decided to keep the bed and make it as relaxing as possible but still practical. Little B really didn't want another room in the house white (I can't help it, I like white!) so we agreed on a soft grey tone - keeping it neutral but with the option to add colour.
After much debate, we finally saw the back end of our bookcase and replaced it with this sideboard that we upcycled and are totally in love with! The knobs are from Ebay (there is a huge selection available!) and we're pretty pleased with the outcome. We're already painting up some more!

Keeping with the simple theme, we stuck to white bedding and added the grey with this gorgeous throw and cushions (honestly, this throw is literally the cosiest - ask Little R!) and decided instead of putting up photos (partly because we're so indecisive) we'd make the most of the guest towels and display these. Ooh it makes me feel like a true grown up (and maybe I'm pretending to be a B&B owner..?) but I love the look of them hanging so gently. AND they work perfectly next to my beloved Bell Jar which I picked up for a bargain £8!

 Since decorating the spare room, it has become the perfect place to chill out in. I still get that little buzz every time I get to the top of the stairs and see it in the corner of my eye, looking all ready and waiting for guests and of course there is always a fresh bunch of flowers in the room whenever we have people to stay. Because to me, that's what makes it the most inviting. The final things that we're planning to add to this room is a small ladder at the end of the bed complete with a bedside lamp and ornaments, and we're debating a picture wall above the bed. Just to complete the feel of the room. But for now, we're pleased as punch!

Argos Bedding | Upcycled Sideboard | Laura Ashley Towels, Jar and Alarm Clock | Boundary Mill Bell Jar
Laura Ashley Grey Cushion | Primark Cushions | Wilko's Voils | B&M Mirror, Throw & Clock | Ikea Plant

We eat a lot of courgette, like basically in every single meal (I think I'm going to end up saying this about all vegetables!) and whilst going about my daily pinning I saw many recipes with courgette as the pasta replacement. As much as I LOVE carbs (they call me carb queen.. well, kinda) I was eager to try this and when I read Lizzie's post, I got right on it and with mince in the fridge we rustled up some meatballs too. Admittedly, we probably could have done with more courgette (are we piggies?) but as I always say, trial and error guys. Trial and error.

I know I mention this now every single time, but we don't measure things out. The internet had advised us to use a courgette per person, however we personally will add in an extra one next time (but that's just our hungry tums!) So to make this pretty tasty and incredibly easy meal you will need
Mince (or anything that will sit yummily on top!)
Courgette (most recipes use 1 per person)
Chopped tomatoes
Diced peppers and onion (diced incredibly small)
Garlic! (we are lazy yes!)
Salt and pepper
We set our oven to 200degrees, and whilst it's heating we fry off our peppers and onion in some oil. Once these are fairly transparent we add them into a bowl of mince, season and mix. Then make your meatballs, by rolling into little balls of goodness. We used 250grams of mince, and it made us 8!

Once your meatballs are rolled, place them in the oven for roughly 15/20 minutes (we just kept an eye on them). Whilst the meatballs are cooking you need to turn your courgette into pasta shapes. This so isn't a fancy term - but basically most recipes used a spiralizer or a Julienne Peeler to create the courgette spirals. We had neither, and so Little B patiently hand chopped the courgette into slices. We shall definitely be investing in a spiralizer but chopping did also work! ANYWAY when your meatballs are cooked and ready then fry off the courgette in butter and season with garlic (YUM!) for literally a few minutes. In another pan heat up your chopped tomato sauce and season (optional. We also added in some red pesto and chilli flakes which tasted amazing) and mix in your meatballs.
Serve your delicious meatballs on a bed of courgette spirals with a side helping of toasted pitta. Enjoy!


Little Me could eat corn on the cob every single day if she had her way.
Sometimes Little R poops in the bath. But this isn't a secret anymore!
It's fair to say that Little B is a modern day housewife. Yes, he does all the washing!
When nobody's looking Little R will nibble Little B's ear lobes. Kinda weird...
Little B and Little Me have been together for four and a half years.. Not many people know that!
A boring one, but we live in a three bed semi-detached house in Northamptonshire (nope, not Brighton, Bristol or Bournemouth as people think..!)
Little Me's number one guy in all the world is John Smith. Yep, Pocahontus' guy (oh and JGL closely after!).
If Little B had one wish, and one wish only it would be to visit space. 
One time Little R ate a whole chunk of chicken from Little B's dinner. Little B was not impressed.
If you play a rap song, chances are Little Me could rap it fairly good. Eminem in particular.
Little B is training to become a teacher after nine years as a chef. 
If you look closely, it looks like Little R has an M inbetween his eyes. The monobrow maybe?
Little Me works for a Men's accessories supplier and dabbles in the seasonal tradeshows.
Oh and Little R? He spends his days sleeping on the bird bath.
Whenever Little B is incredibly tired (and lacking sleep) he tends to shout in his sleep.
In all honesty, we think Little R is gay. He doesn't seem to gel with lady cats, preferring to sniff male cats bums. We're totally cool about that.
However much time there is, Little Me is always running late. Even when she's not running late.
We all eat far too much food, tapas and dreamies in particular. Oh and ice cream!
Spending the evenings relaxing in the spare room with this furry one. Although since Little B has been off work for the Summer, Little R has found a new BBF. And I am no more his chum who he wants cuddles with. Unless I have treats.

Opening the kitchen doors and replying to emails at my leisure. Because this is definitely one way to spend your Sunday morning (and it has nothing to do with waiting for Little B to wake up..). It's always better when a pastry is involved. Always.

A Saturday afternoon at Granny's farm feeding the ducks and chasing the chickens. Every single time we see them, they never ever fail to make us smile. Even if the geese hiss a little too much. Oh and the baby chicks are too cute.

Being on the road with work and exploring new places. And definitely driving on this beautiful road through Yorkshire. Places like this really make me appreciate living in England. Especially when the weather is delightful.

Spending time outdoors and making new pals with the local sheep. Even if they act like Regina George and the other two girls. Little B took a shine to them, and it seems they took a liking back. That afternoon was bliss in the countryside.

Seeing this face. Always. My little Jazzpad never fails to make me smile, even if we spend our weekday evenings in pyjamas stuffing our faces with ice cream (looking atchu JazzP) and catching up like old friends. Cause she seems like an old friend. In the best way possible.
There comes a time in life when wearing black and dressing like a T-Bird is just part of your day. Our time has come. And yes, it's totally OK for the ladies to dabble in this look too, because y'know the Pink Lady outfit is all fun and candy floss and that, but sometimes trying to be cool is the only option, y'know?
Boohoo Smock | Ash Boots | Warehouse Bag | RayBan Sunglasses

We were heading out for the afternoon to a local village with an amble in mind and within minutes left to leave, one still couldn't quite find that right piece of clothing. Fate however came on my side when the postman dropped this simple dress through the letterbox.. It's almost like he just knew, that I was a damsel in distress (sometimes it feels like it!). I have that kind of fetish where new clothes must be worn immediately. Although it means a constant urge to spend, on the plus side it makes me love those items in my wardrobe that are left forgotten and unworn for weeks. Like my Ash boots. Now I can't seem to take them off again...


If there's one thing I cannot stop eating at the minute, it's butternut squash and sweet potato. Like seriously, I want it in everything - along with halloumi of course! On the weekends that we're about (which is pretty rare) I have started to enjoy cooking us up something a bit tasty and this butternut squash and sweet potato salad has been my ultimate favourite. And finished up perfectly with some Tzatzki on the side.

As I always mention, we don't measure quantities or have a set guide for cooking - we personally prefer to have enough that we think will cover however many we're cooking for (in this instance two), and just trial and error. So to make this delicious salad you will need
Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato (I used a tiny whole squash, and half a potato)
Leaf (lettuce, rocket, spinach or whatever works best for you)
Sweetcorn (I love the sweetcorn!)
Courgette (ideally grated but not essential)
Feta YUM!
Pesto (I'd normally use green, but red works too!)
Oregano & Paprika
Firstly I dice my squash and potato, drizzle some oil, sprinkle some paprkia and a splash of salt and place in the oven on 200degrees. This will roughly take half hour, but I personally just keep an eye on it. Whilst these are cooking, I prepare the rest of the salad, grating the courgette, cutting feta into small pieces, dicing the peppers (you can always fry these too) and cutting up the leaf, because I am a child, and the supermarkets keep it fairly big. Then I'll arrange this all on my plate leaving the feta till last so that it slightly melts over the squash.
Once your squash and potato are cooked, mix in some pesto and simply add to the salad. Finish with a sprinkle of Oregano and serve. We're fans of Tzatzki and think that a few dollops to the side of your plates makes for the tastiest salad this Summer. Let us know if you make this!

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