These two

These two melt my little heart at the moment. Because they've become the best of chums.
They hang out in the bathroom together, eat breakfast together, soak up the sunshine together and even do the gardening together. It's a pretty strong bond they've got going on. And although it makes me sad that Little R would rather nuzzle Little B's beard than snuggle up under my knees at the moment, there isn't a day that goes by when I don't pull that squishy-like face (you know the one, shoulders up, eyebrows pert and squeeze face of cuteness) and embrace their relationship. I guess I need to dig out those cat treats more..


  1. This is such an adorable picture <3

  2. Such a cute post, reminds me a lot of my boyfriend and his adorable cat! x

    What Rachael Wrote

  3. Aw such a cute post! Hope you are all well lovely :)

  4. Aww cute! I'm sure you're their favourite too!

    Saskia /

  5. Aw this is so lovely, it must be so great having Little R around I wish my flat was cat friendly!
    Nina from little nomad

  6. Aww how cute! Such a sweet photo too :)

    Yazmin xx

  7. This is freaking adorable. I want a cat! xx

    Katy |

  8. This is too adorable.

    I love seeing men with children and pets. It's so cute, or is that just me? haha.

    Naturally Jes