Growing Up


Little B and I went to an engagement party at the weekend, and we've our first joint wedding of a friend coming up in September, so you can imagine that we're pretty excited. It's also hit us that we're not teenagers anymore, and even though I forget my age every single day (it's happening already) we're in 'that stage'.
The stage where everyone and their nans are questioning when you're going to get married, or how long it'll be till you have children (and if you're feeling under the weather, the automatic assumption that you've a bun in the oven!) and if I'm being honest, sometimes it can all feel a little overwhelming.
To be fair, Little B is incredibly broody and would get down on one knee tomorrow if he had his way, but there's this small part of me that still feels like I'm not ready to grow up. And I'm not sure why. Don't get me wrong, we're going to be together till we're grey and old (hello grey over here already!) but it's THAT commitment. THOSE commitments. That's what scares me. Oh and the thought of having a ring on these sausage fingers.
Can't we just spend our days sitting in our pants eating crisps from our bed watching stupid TV and putting off our homework until the last minute, like teenagers do.
Do we ever get to that stage where we almost agree we've grown up..?


  1. Ben and I have a joint wedding in July, it feels strangely cementing in a relationship and we've only been together a fraction of the time you guys have! xx

  2. Girl after nearly 8 years I'm still running scared. Hell I don't even want to move in with my boyfriend haha. I enjoy living at home and having my own space. I blame only child syndrome. I just don't think there's any rush at all.

  3. Need this playsuit in my life!

    Millie @

  4. Your playsuit is lovely, especially the scalloped edges!


  5. I really love your top. And aw this was a really cute post - sentimental but so true to life and realistic which I love about you - you seem so down to earth, Katy! Lots of love xx

  6. aww you guys are way too cute. I know exactly what you mean when you get to this point in your life. Shocked to be 'grown up' but wanting to still be care free and young!

    Love the scalloped detailing on your playsuit.

    Lola xx

  7. Lovely outfit - that playsuit is really pretty and I love those shoes! :)

  8. That playsuit is so gorgeous, perfect for summer! Also, I couldn't agree more, I NEVER wanna grow up, such a scary thought! x

    What Rachael Wrote

  9. You look gorgeous in that playsuit! I wish my friends would hurry up and get married so I'd have engagement parties and weddings to attend! I agree with you though, some 16 year olds started at work recently and it took a while to dawn on me that I'm actually nearly 6 years older than them :(


    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

  10. Your playsuit is gorgeous. If you guys want to be together then what's the rush?
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  11. Thinking about growing up is scary, and then I realise I'm almost there! Love this outfit you both look great :)


  12. When you started to think about growing up is always scaring so just let it just happen :)
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  13. Hey, look. I'm 33 and still don't want to grow up. But I still say don't rush these things! Do take your time and enjoy life: you're right about that.

  14. You guys are so cute. I know what you mean though- every day it seems as though there is someone else on my Facebook, or another of mum's friend's children who is getting engaged, or having babies. I am not QUITE ready for that yet (and still in a fairly fledgling relationship, so it isn't likely to happen that soon!). That said, earlier today when thinking about my "life plan", I did catch myself thinking "Oh, and by the time I've reached that goal, I may have had a couple of babies"...!!!!

    I don't think we ever truly grow up though. And my proof for this is watching 50-something businessmen drink. Worse than students, I tell you!

    Alice xx |The Cup and Saucer

  15. I know exactly how you feel, sometimes I feel all grown up but then I panic and feel like I have just been caught pretending! I guess people are constantly asking 'what's next', as soon as you move it, people assume you are buying a house, or getting married and then having children... I figure as long as you never lose that sense of fun and enjoying the moment too, it will all be OK in the end!

    Maria xxx

  16. The only secret to growing up is the realisation that you don't really grow up - at least not in your head. You might change the name of some thing, school = work, homework = housework and maybe it is a mortgage you are paying rather than your parents and the ring on your finger is more sparkly than the one from topshop you wore for years, but nothing has really changed. Many days are still spent eating crisps in your pants and wondering when you are going to grow up!

  17. While I am already married with a kid, I do remember when I first started noticing my friends getting married and such. Honestly, I was scared that it would take a little of the fun and youthfulness out of my life, but trust me, it hasn't! In fact I was reminded of what a kid I am just this morning as I was doing a full reenactment of Frozen for my 19 month old daughter :)

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  18. I can feel you! Most of my friends are getting married, so i feel like the circle is shutting down..Its not the best feeling (given that I dont even have a boyfriend lol) but unfortunately...we do grow up!



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