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We've always been pretty impractical people in more ways than one, but I think last weekend was our biggest error by far in the way of the warm weather. We'd taken a trip to St Albans to enjoy some BBQ time, waffle breakfasts and basically relaxing, so we packed light (for once) and brought casual attire with jeans, shirts and boots. Which again, would be totally fine, if it didn't decide to be the warmest day pretty much ever (so it felt anyway..)!

Topman Shirt | River Island Jeans | Daniel Footwear Boots* | River Island Sunglasses

Like the wildcats that we are, we persisted. And it definitely didn't have anything to do with the fact that we were sporting our new shoes that we were enjoying too much. Sometimes you have to beat the weather, especially if shoes are involved. I mean seriously, look at Little B and his pretty swish chelsea boots - he did look pretty dapper. And a trendy Wendy too. Even if he did highlight to me last week that we own too many shoes. HOLD BACK a second here.. You can never own too many shoes. Ever. And that was my excuse for these beautiful Ash trainers.. Because I totally didn't own a pair like them at all..... And for once I'm not even kidding.

We ate our breakfast waffles in the sunshine and took a slow amble around the lake and quaint streets, before caving in and agreeing that the weather had won. We were hot. Too hot for shirts and jeans.
If I've never had a good enough excuse before to head to the shops to buy clothes, then this was it. It's fair to say, Little B and I realised that sometimes over packing is better. So now we've flip flops, wellies, jumpers, and bikinis stashed away in the boot of our car. Because you just never know...


  1. I made this mistake of wearing jeans as well,why is the weather so unpredictable? You guys look great though! :) xx


  2. Well aren't you two the cutest?! Love the new shoes, those boots are gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  3. Both looking very dapper here. I power walked to the train station today and thought I was going to die when I got there, so red and gross because it was hot and humid. I want my cold and windy Wales back xx

  4. This is mysort of outfit, I love it! But you're right, not good for heat waves xx

  5. I keep wearing jeans since I'll wake up and it's overcast then by midday it's bright sunshine and I'm melting! Are those the Jamie jeans from Topshop? I'm after some new skinny black jeans and these look like they're right up my street x


  6. Nice outfits, you two looks super cute, like the shoes :)
    Sofa cleaning South Sutton

  7. Loving your watch, lovely post! x


  8. Very smart, the both of you!! Lots of love xx


  9. I'm never dressed appropriately for the sun either! You both look super cool (and I'm definitely on your side, you can NEVER have too many shoes!) x

    Josie’s Journal

  10. Would Little B be up for sharing any of his style tips? My boyfriend has suddenly announced that he wants to buy 'outfits' (as opposed to his usual worn out jeans and t-shirts with geeky things on them, I guess..). He seems to think I have all the answers, but men's fashion is a bit beyond me. Little B is a stylish chap, what's his secret?!

  11. Hey Man, Shoes is awesome. I like it.