I'm a fidget. Little B's a fidget. So it's always a mission for us to persist at duvet day and quite frankly since we moved into this home in December, we've never gotten round to it (being a grown up is just so, BUSY!). But last weekend we realised that we really did need a weekend doing as little as possible, wearing the duvet, eating all the bad stuff and snuggling down to join the hype of Orange Is The New Black. And yes, we're hooked FYI. Like super hooked.

We didn't even wake up late (I get bored of sleeping too - short attention span over here), so I pulled out the blender and whizzed us up some caramel frappe's with cream. They were the perfect start to our lazy morning.

Little B was on breakfast duty, and once we'd finished the excited Oh-ma-god-we've-maple-syrup-flavoured-sausages dance, he rustled up some tasty scrambled eggs, hash brows and sausages on extremely buttery muffins. It was good.

We'd seen the hype of OITNT on the internet, and after Little B learned there would be naked ladies involved, we joined Netflix and realised after one episode that our life would never be the same. We are ultimately addicted.

There was little time for toilet or tea breaks, but we made a quick dash to grab some crispy M&M's from the cupboard along with some Sensation crisps. They always taste so much better hiding under the duvet cover.

Little R spent most of the afternoon outside, which made a nice change considering he'll spend his hours licking our toes or nibbling on the flowers. When he discovered he was missing out of cosy time, he was quick to join us.

Little R in a bow tie, is literally my favourite thing right now. When he totters about the house with his bow tie on, and climbs onto the bed in the morning and looks at me, my heart melts and makes me want to squish his cute little face.. In a good way of course. I don't think Little R minds it either because he certainly doesn't pull away when I put it on him. I think even Little B doesn't hate it on him secretly.

Little B and I went to an engagement party at the weekend, and we've our first joint wedding of a friend coming up in September, so you can imagine that we're pretty excited. It's also hit us that we're not teenagers anymore, and even though I forget my age every single day (it's happening already) we're in 'that stage'.
The stage where everyone and their nans are questioning when you're going to get married, or how long it'll be till you have children (and if you're feeling under the weather, the automatic assumption that you've a bun in the oven!) and if I'm being honest, sometimes it can all feel a little overwhelming.
To be fair, Little B is incredibly broody and would get down on one knee tomorrow if he had his way, but there's this small part of me that still feels like I'm not ready to grow up. And I'm not sure why. Don't get me wrong, we're going to be together till we're grey and old (hello grey over here already!) but it's THAT commitment. THOSE commitments. That's what scares me. Oh and the thought of having a ring on these sausage fingers.
Can't we just spend our days sitting in our pants eating crisps from our bed watching stupid TV and putting off our homework until the last minute, like teenagers do.
Do we ever get to that stage where we almost agree we've grown up..?

I love food, and that's never a hidden secret. I also like friends, and so brunch dates with friends are an ideal way to spend a Saturday morning if you ask me. And with a catch up needed, Megan and I headed to a local cafe in town that I'd heard about, for some pretty tasty treats. Kafe Bloc has won us over.
With their mismatched furniture and quirky wallpaper, it felt like a place I could spend hours relaxing with a latte in hand, whether it be chatting to friends, or replying to emails alone. It was peaceful. Yet delightful.

Almost as delightful and delicious as the Eggy bread that I opted for which most definitely took me back to my childhood with it being Mama's specialty for easy dinners. My brother and I would spend that hour devouring as many as our stomachs could handle. Although, I can't seem to handle more than one slice these days.. The oozing syrup and soft cream tipped me over the edge. In the best way possible. So much so, that I'm already itching to go back and tempt Little B into ordering it, so that I can have a cheeky mouthful, as I tuck into their Chorizo Bruschetta on the menu. It seriously doesn't get better than that!


Last weekend we were invited to Westfield London for their Make A Date campaign, and if you know us, we always make time for date night (any excuse to indulge in fancy food or excess amount of popcorn!) so we filled up the car with petrol, whizzed some fruit smoothie together and prepared some CD's for our drive to London.

With my new obsession for jeans still not quite over yet, I threw them together with my trusty Orange Circle tee and blazer (this blazer has seen better days...). I knew that the day would be spent pottering and for once my practical head took charge, and I opted for my Orthopedic shoes as Little B likes to call them. They're from John Lewis if anyone's actually interested!

When we arrived, we tracked down a concierge desk and simply giving our pin code and order number, we were presented with a gift card in a flash (we'll pretend I didn't take forever deciding on the actual gift card packaging...). The gift card could be used in most stores which was music to Little B's ears, and restaurants. So we were both pretty chuffed, and ready to face the day.

After what seemed only a few hours of shopping, we decided to head outside to enjoy the sunshine that had graced us. With bags full (for Little B may I add.. except some homeware...), we opted for a simple yet always tasty dinner at Wagamama's... Partly because Little B was itching to try some rice wine! A table in the courtyard had our name on it (not literally mind) and it seemed the perfect spot for us to enjoy each others company as the sun was beginning to set.

It was incredibly nice to not feel rushed (especially with Wagamama's always being busy!), and after attempting for no spillages on white t-shirts, we made the most of our evening in the courtyard as the sun began to set. With a bottle of wine on the table, we spent the next few hours giggling at old memories, and discussions on home interiors. It was an ideal kinda evening.

Because we can NEVER not have something sweet after a dinner, we ended up at Dunkers after spotting them earlier in the day. Mini pancakes guys. MINI PANCAKES!! With a variety of toppings to choose from - and it's fair to say that we were in heaven! Nutella, strawberries and white chocolate shavings made the best dessert we'd had in a long time. Even if our trousers were about to burst.
We then made time for a cheeky little cocktail in between, stopping at Balans which do some incredible cocktails! I chose the Kiwi Splash which was DELICIOUS and Little B went for a favourite of his, the Mojito! With our trousers about to burst, and our walking a little uneven, we headed to the cinema.

The night was still young (as are we, which we sometimes forget!), so instead of hopping back on the train for an early night, we decided to check out the cinema and boy were we NOT disappointed. I mean, we're from a small town so our cinema is pretty dinky (although we think its big), but the screen and seats certainly took us by surprise. I'm fairly certain that I spent most of the film in awe at the size. But yes, the film was amazing (totally worth seeing!).
Considering it's nothing something we'd have thought of, we had such a lovely time at Westfield for their Make A Date campaign. There's plenty of things to do, even if your man isn't into shopping! 

Are the ones when the sun is shining through the window, a fresh sweet coffee is sitting on the bedside, the birds are singing, Tom O'Dell is playing on Spotify, the kitty is out exploring, the bed is warm and cosy from the nights sleep and you're still in your light pyjamas wondering what the peaceful day ahead will bring. And enjoying these simple moments far too much. Those are the best kind of Sunday mornings.

We thought it was time to share another room in our home, with our dressing room and living room going down well, and this time being in the form of another favourite room (I told you I say this all the time), one that is the perfect place to spend a weekend morning relaxing in! I share a lot of photos on Instagram of this room which has nothing to do with the fact that I sleep a lot..! So let me present to you, our bedroom...

I've always wanted a clean fresh feeling bedroom, with white wash walls, clean white bedding and simple touches and although we've not got white floorboards in (I'm working on it - but Little B always tells me the floors are pretty good to change!), I'd like to think we've somewhat achieved this. There is literally nothing better than waking up in the morning with the light shining through the voils, and feeling refreshed for a new day ahead. And these faux fur cushions are literally dreamy. So so dreamy to lay your head on.

Little B wanted to add colour, and as much as I wanted simple white alongside our beautiful wallpaper (him and my mama did good!), I agreed to a few small touches - with blush being slightly incorporated - and by this, I meant adding a few vases and boxes. That's enough right? Although since taking these photos last week, I have bought a few new storage boxes in blush to add to the shelf, along with a potted plant (it's fake FYI). Our bed was perfect for the cottage we once lived in, and although I never ever want to be rid of it, the ivory colour bothers me slightly now. But I think that it fits in with the wallpaper - which is definitely a win in my books, I love how it's fairly subtle but when the light catches the twigs, it's utterly beautiful. Can you marry a wallpaper?

I'm a huge storage box fan, so when Little B bought these for me, it's fair to say that my eyes lit up! Although his ulterior motives behind this were to keep my hair bits and bobs tucked away.. And yep, they're totally empty right now! Ooops! But alas, there's always the bedside table and ottoman too, but at the moment it's still got Little B's things because somehow my stuff just gets everywhere else.. I guess he deserves some space! And as far as I'm concerned, as long as it's tucked away, thrown into a box then I'm fairly happy - because I like people to think we're tidy folk over here. Let's just hope they don't open any drawers or boxes, or worse, look under the bed...

Amazon Bedframe | Argos Duvet | Dunelm White Cushions & Lamp | B&Q Print Cushion | Next 'House Rules' & Wallpaper
Next Boxes & Bottle | Out There Interiors Bedside Table | Debenhams Fairy Lights | The Range Photo Frame | Wilkinsons Voils
Dorothy Perkins Dress* | John Lewis Sandals

Today takes me back to the last of my teen years when tea dresses were high on my list alongside shift dresses. Every weekend was spent drinking tea, eating cupcakes and bringing home a new dress from my favourite vintage shop. Fast forward seven years and those tea dresses are few and far in between these days, with jeans and a casual tee being favoured (and that trusty leather jacket..), but with the evening sun still shining through, this yellow tea dress was just perfect for a few glasses of pimms with friends and family in the garden.

As much as I love throwing on my jeans and boots, it's fair to say that a tea dress instantly lifts your mood, making me feel like a true girl... And finished up with the most comfortable white sandals a girl could possibly own.
Dorothy Perkins isn't a place I always visit and I'm not sure why (I guess it's a habit thing...) but after browsing their site, I'm fast thinking of the space I need to create in the dressing room with my already filled basket. They're also running the #DPDressSelfie competition where you can win a dress every month for a year and if you ask me, well me and my inner teen think that's amazing. I would always find room for twelve new dresses...

Urban Outfitters Dress | Topshop Jeans | Duo Boots* | Primark Bag | New Look Jacket

The weekends are coming and going quicker than we can say we're hungry (we say it pretty fast...) but we'll take it as a good thing considering these little feet of ours have been pottering all over the land lately. And for busy weekends it seems that jeans have become my best friend. Alongside Little B and his best friend jeans. So basically, we're just one big jeans family... Apart from Little R. He prefers free roaming.

I like wearing dresses but it doesn't half disappoint me when I shrink them in the wash. This has happened on a few occasions, I think, unless I've suddenly grown in my sleep but I'm uncertain. So instead I looked on the bright side (silver lining and all that - not literally) and turned those cheek-flashing dresses into tops. And it's a complete win all round because I've still got my dress to wear and it also covers those chocolate loving thighs of mine!
6KS Top* | Fashion Union Skirt* | RayBan Sunglasses | Olivia Burton Watch* | John Lewis Shoes

I like this skirt. And I like how it makes me feel Summery and that it's OK to eat all the ice cream in and outside of the house. But I wish that I could like it just that little bit more if it weren't so see through. I mean, I know Little B isn't complaining when he catches a glimpse of my undercrackers, but I'm pretty sure that the rest of the world and their nans don't wish to see that on a Sunday afternoon. Certainly not in a quiet little village.

As told by Little R...
It's 4am and I get the sudden urge to go outside. Like right away. I don't think the people understand after my first years as a housecat, I am still excited to go outside. Even if I just potter. Must wake up the people. Sometimes they don't feel my paw tapping the chin, but a nibble on the arm or a lick in the ear always works.

 Seriously they leave me out for a few hours, but I'm ready to come in after an hour. I always decide to give them a cuddle in the morning but they get out of bed five minutes late. I guess they don't like my cuddles. But I'll still follow them around for the morning. Because I'm hungry. Or just interested.

The people feed me dry food when they have something to eat. I'm just getting into wet food, but it's pretty smelly and I only really want the jelly bits.. Don't they realise that yet? I'm not too bothered by their food, only popcorn, lettuce and cheese but when they made milkshakes I quite fancied it. Instead I got this cat milk. It was pretty good. And so I brought my pal along to try it too. He looked good dipped in the bowl.

 I like the bath OK. And the sink. And I really like splashing about in water. But why do they put a lot of water in it when all I want to do is lay here (and on the odd occasion leave a present...)? I'm always intrigued by the water but I learnt my lesson when I fell in once.

They throw me outside when it's sunny, but it's fun when I can climb the bamboo tree. That's until I can't get down..I always fall (it's a good job the people got me cat insurance!) so then I make it my duty to sit on the bird bath and await their return. I'll always bring them some insects back too but I think they want more. Ungrateful!

 Although they leave me sometimes for a while, if they've come back with bags then I'm fairly happy. These are my favourite bags, but sometimes they bring back noisy ones which are full of food. I will spend hours in here hiding away waiting for them. And then I'll pounce.

It's a bit rare, but I may have a little nap in the afternoon. If the people are on the sofa I try to be friendly with them and sit on the computer but I get pushed off when a whirring noise starts. I'll take myself upstairs and see if the airing cupboard is open - if not my blanket will do.

 I like other cats. I want to play with the other cats, but some of them don't want to play. I really don't get why because I let them into my house to eat my food. Sometimes I do this because I just want to smell their bums and it's the only way. People think I'm weird. I just want to be their friends.

 My days are always really busy. I don't sleep much and my little feet are always walking around the house, my voice is always used and I eat quite a lot so I do look forward to lazing out on the people's bed. I'll always be the first into bed, because then I get the most space. Unless it's cold, then I make sure I'm snuggled up right next to them. Sometimes even on them. And then I'll dream about birds, and milk. And tomorrow.

This post is in collaboration with Argos Cat Insurance*
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