If money was no object..

This week our first ever joint wedding invitation came through the post (can you believe it, all these years and we've never attended a wedding together!) so you can bet your bottom dollar that our first thoughts were needing something new to spruce ourselves up (the 'lovey dovey' alcohol filled evening came a close second in the thoughts..). For once I'm trying to be practical as we've an engagement party next year - so you know, it seemed right to do that famous thing your mama told you "kill two birds in one stone, and buy something that is versatile for both". Hmm. I thought that was sensible for five minutes, but who are we to kid. We like splurging.
And although we say we like splurging, we're still talking about heading to the high street to pick up our outfits, because after all it's much more fun and exciting to buy two outfits for two occasions right? But it hasn't stopped us from dreaming what we'd buy if some nice chap planted a money tree in our overgrown garden...
No outfits can be complete without a little bit of expensive arm candy and in true style we picked some pretty swish watches from The Watch Gallery. And if you ask me, you can NEVER have too many white watches (or brown if you're Little B). Although, if I wore something this bling and fancy, chances are I wouldn't be swinging my arms in the air after the first dance...
*In collaboration with The Watch Gallery


  1. dress, very cool :)


  2. What a beautiful wishlist! I adore the shelly's London shoes <3 so beautiful! x

  3. That is one very slick suit! It is difficult to decide how much money to spend on one occasion.

    Saskia / girlinbrogues.com

  4. Everything on this list is spot on! Don't we all wish for unlimited money from time to time? Hope you have fun when you do go!
    Lovely Notions

  5. Obviously I'm going to say that the TWG addition is ah-mazing but I am crushin' on the Peter Pilotto number too - how insane?! Gx

  6. Love the dress, Peter Pilotto's designs are so cool! Xx