It may not be a big deal to some, but it makes such a nice change having Little B to talk to in the mornings as we get ready for work and leave the house together (sometimes he'll even make my lunch for me!). I also do enjoy seeing him look smart and sharpish for his day ahead. And me? I decide two minutes before I need to leave!

Little R made our hearts melt this week (he always does, but more so than EVER!). He didn't like the fact that Little B and I were sipping milkshakes this week at the table and wanted in - so with his saucer and cat milk out, he perched himself on a chair and looked content. With that funny cross-eyed face he pulls.

We have definitely got a shelving obsession as of late, and with adding two shelves to the kitchen last week and some to the dressing room, we found ourselves wanting more in other rooms. Little B took to putting some up in the bathroom which has already made such a difference. It called for a new vase.. Of course!

I'd seen Triangl underwear* and swimwear floating about the internet lately, and when this set popped through my letterbox (well kinda, the postmad had to knock), I totally fell into the hype. Like seriously, this underwear set is amazing! So amazing that I feel tanned, and for that brief moment (I couldn't not..) I felt pretty damn good!

On Saturday we woke pretty early, and instead of lazing about (this is so Little B and not me) we headed into town to get some bits done and browse the market. It seems that the market has become a place for delicious food lately, and we certainly weren't complaining. So much, that we bought chocolate filled crepes for breakfast!

As you know we're suckers for shoes and it seems that our stash is slowly growing week by week especially in the boots department! Little B picked these super swish boots from Daniel Footwear* now that he's a pretty important teacher, and instead I opted for some casual Ash trainers. You know, because I'm forever itching to be cool. And trendy..

It may be nearing June, but never have I been so grateful for this extra snug 6KS coat* that I literally cannot take off. It's super warm (which at the moment is a godsend) and perfect for those evening strolls, long walks in the countryside and late night trips to the supermarket. Am I already looking forward to Winter to properly wear it? Maybe a little!

Sugarhill Boutique Dress* | Kin @ John Lewis Sandals | Warehouse Sunglasses*

A hazy afternoon spent wandering around the local village makes for the perfect day in our opinion. Especially when it's rounded off with a refreshing drink at the pub too. These are the kinda days that make us wish for Summer to hurry up and wish for it to stay longer than possible, but like everything we must appreciate those days in particular. And we certainly did that.
I popped on my new found favourite dress (I'm pretty certain that I say this every single time, but seriously I wear this at least once a week, if not more!) with it's easy style and opted for some strappy sandals because in fairness and dare I say it, I'm getting a little bored of boots. Actually, not so much bored.. more just branching out!

I guess wearing different shoes also means it's time to face the facts and realise that we've got to grow up someday soon, and with events coming up - boots just won't cut it. So I'm calling it a practice test!

Smock Dress | Backpack | Sandals | Sunglasses c/o Warehouse

This is my final part of the #WAREHOUSEWEEKENDER in collaboration with Warehouse and I've gotta be honest - I am in love with these sandals! Like seriously, I've always been a fan of tan footwear (you know me and my boots) but there's something about these little sandals that make for the perfect footwear - and ridiculously comfy too!
I'm a bit of a smock dress fan so when I spied this one on the rail staring at me with it's navy tone, print and effortless look, I just knew that I simply couldn't say no. Because it's too hard to say no to dresses, right...(please tell me I'm not the only one with this daily struggle?). And it would make an ideal weekend dress for packing light!

The only downside to strappy sandals is the fear of the weather turning at any given moment, resulting in wet toes which most definitely occured this weekend. But sometimes that's just the price we have to pay!
Saturday saw eight of the Warehouse stores up and down the country host events with Grazia magazine in store and from what I've seen, looked like a pretty good way to spend a weekend afternoon! Don't worry if you missed the event, you've still got time to enter the competition where you could win your ultimate weekend paid for, AND three outfits! Now that's a competition we can't refuse!
Relaxing baths... Little B has always been a fan of baths and spends many evenings (even more so now) soaking in the tub alongside my puzzled face unsure how people can enjoy a bath SO much?! Until two weeks ago when I was feeling lethargic and low (and my old age finally kicked in!), I sprinkled in a generous helping of The Bathory* bath soak and sunk into the tub, did I finally answer my own question. Baths are pretty nice. And even nicer when they're letting off the sweetest smells that I combined (well chose) myself from a perfectly presented little bottle.

Sweet things.. I love things. Especially little things. Like a lot. Some people call them niknaks, and some people even call them garbage, but I call them little treasures. And this adorable cat brooch from Ginger Pickle* has got me realising that maybe I have become a bit too into cats. But that's OK, because I'm just going to wear it and share it with pride. If you like little cute things, then this website is right up your street!

Attempting organisation... It's no secret that I'm unorganised and always always running late (even if I'm not late, I'm still think I'm late!) but I've made the extra effort to mark everything in my diary because we sure know that my brain can't remember what I did yesterday! And inbetween jotting down lists and important dates, my time has been filled circling the pages of the Home catalogues. Hoping Little B will find them.. And take note.

A new scent... I may not have the flashiest perfume shelf, yet I sure have plenty! More and more high street stores are bringing out the most beautiful of scents and after bowing down to every single Next perfume going, I was looking for a new one (actually this is a lie, I declared in store that I didn't own enough perfume....). As soon as I spritzed a dash of Zara rose onto my skin, my decision was made. It was to be mine!
Stripe Top | Skirt | Backpack | Sunglasses c/o Warehouse

I'm back with my second edit for #WAREHOUSEWEEKENDER in quite possibly my favourite one of the lot.. And it definitely isn't to do with the stripe tee! But lets all take a moment to appreciate the backpack - something that I never quite thought I'd ever be adding to my wardrobe, yet here I am with one. I'm still pretty unsure that I am cool or even quirky enough to pull this off, but you know what? The fact that it fits in basically everything but the kitchen sink (I was willing to compromise) is kind of a big deal. Which is funny considering I'm not your typical girl who has stashes of makeup or hair products. Nope, instead my bag is filled with boiled sweets, my diary, ten hundred hair bobbles, a purse full of receipts and a lot of pointless clutter. Oh and sunglasses!

I'd like to think that this outfit could almost bored on that famous 'day to night' look. Maybe if I dropped the cheesy grin, and added some pink lipstick - I'd be ready to go for a few cocktails. Well, that's what my brain was telling me when I picked this edit. And personally, I think it would be a perfect match for part of the weekend in London.
Don't forget to enter the most incredible competition over on the Warehouse homepage (I've definitely entered myself - oops!), and also find out about a fab event they're running in stores. As I mentioned, the dates is already in my diary.. And there we have it, a pretty substantial reason why my diary NEEDS to be carried at all times.

This Summer, Warehouse want to help make everyone's festival, city break, party or even BBQ the best one yet by launching #WAREHOUSEWEEKENDER online and in store from today. Not only are they collaborating with Grazia Magazine but somehow in the midst of everything, an email landed in my inbox asking me, yes ME (I still can't believe it myself), to create an edit of 10 key pieces that I could pack easily into a backpack for a cultural weekend in London. And with the unpredictable weather that we constantly battle here, it wasn't easy.
So I took it upon myself and even though I don't live in the city and the sun certainly struggled to shine, I put together my three outfits and pretended that my day would be filled with a wander around museums and sight seeing with coffee breaks thrown in for good measure. And here's my first edit...

With the #WAREHOUSEWEEKENDER campaign up and running, to prove that they really will be the place to head for those Summer essentials, they've also got a pretty incredible competition for one lucky person and a friend to enjoy a weekender of their choice and three full outfits from Grazia's edit. That's a lot of clothes ladies! But that's not all (oh how they're spoiling us here!), Warehouse are also hosting in store events on May 24th to get you into the festival spirit. If beautiful clothes and customising sunglasses doesn't tempt you, then I don't know what will! If you're a Midlands lass like me, then it's most definitely worth heading to Birmingham Bullring for your Summery fix (and if you're not, don't worry - then check the site for your nearest store).

So ladies if this weather isn't helping your Summer vibes, or you're stuck on inspiration outfits for that festival or BBQ then jot that date down in your diaries, because I for one, know that Warehouse are going to be popping up in my wardrobe during those warmer months. And now I've got my city break outfits sorted, surely this can only mean one thing right... I need to book up for a London weekend! Little B, are you listening?


Although there's little snippets of our home that always pop up, it seems that we got a bit behind on our 'Inside Our Home' posts after only showing you the living room! But alas, today I'm showing you a peek into one of my much loved rooms (I'm sure I say this about all of them...!), the dressing room! And it's all thanks to Little B and his papa for their motivation from various Pinterest images and utter patience with a saw and drill.

I'd had the idea of turning the third room into a dressing room for quite some time, and before we consider growing up and having little little's, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to do it now. And enjoy it for a few years! Plus the copious amounts of velvet hangers that were purchased for these require some good use.
Little B was pretty unsure with it to begin with, but after showing him a few ideas he warmed to the idea and realised that maybe he'd finally get some rail space. So him and his papa headed down to B&Q to collect wood and begin this task. We painted the wood ourselves, however it's not quite finished as we've had to add in some beams to prop up the shelf (apparently I own too many clothes... pretty sure I'm just normal?), which made for an uneven shoe line up, but once they're painted it'll be all complete. And perfect!

We debated a full length mirror in here, but with our free standing one in the bedroom it almost seemed silly having two (there's only so many times you can look at your reflection..!), and after a LOT of browsing around for the mirror I had in mind (that weren't ridiculously priced) I found this one from The Range at an incredible £42! We're currently in two minds whether we paint it white, but for now it's ideal and fits just perfectly along the side wall. And mirrors create natural light - we love natural light (and white if you've noticed...!)

Apart from our clothes and our shoes, the rooms kept fairly simple because as much as we love hoarding (let me rephrase, I love hoarding!) we wanted to keep some of the space especially for getting dressed in the morning. However for me, space just screams 'hey, throw clothes at me on the floor'... I'm still having an ongoing battle with this so Little B agreed to put up the perfume shelf IF I kept my clothes hanging up neatly at all times. At the moment it's working, but that's also down to the fact that I am in love with my white flooring and I can see it. So basically, I just want to move into this room.. Sleepover in the dressing room anyone?

B&Q Flooring & Wood | Out There Interiors Stool | Wilkinsons Voil | The Range Mirror | TK Maxx & Various Boxes
Sass & Belle Calender & Hooks | Next/Zara Perfume | Primark Hangers | B&M Bits & Bobs Bowl
The little simplest of things that have made me smile this week.. But the best thing of all is seeing Little B's face every evening, greeting me when I come home from work in his smarts. I liked that the most of all.

Fresh Carnations. I've decided that these are my favourite flowers lately because not only are they cheap (like real cheap at £2.20) and the fact they last forever (like literally weeks) but they're also perfect for this bottle.

Delicious Summer pancakes. Waking up to the smell of pancakes cooking at the weekend was ultimately the best way to my stomach. Wrapped around fresh fruit and a cheeky helping of Nutella made for a fun Saturday!

Pretty dresses. If there's any shop that makes me do the happy dance when the postman delivers a parcel, it's Ever Ours and their incredibly pretty little pieces. This dress has made me happy dance far too much this week.

 The Treat Jar. Mama and her friends came over last week and pretty much demolished the treat jar, so I made it my mission to fill it up. In the form of jelly tots, because I like jelly tots. A lot this week actually.

Little B. This weekend was the first of many to come spending time together. We headed to London for a small potter around Carnaby Street and stopped for a glass of wine and a catch up in the evening before the theatre.

Little R. I'm not too sure what's happened to this little furry thing, but he's going through a stage of sleeping in the funniest positions. That's until he falls off the bed in the middle of the night.. It makes us chuckle.

If there's one thing that I'm rubbish at (along with all my many, many other things I cannot do or remember..) it's turning my wardrobe from day to night. You see, the things I wear in the day are mostly located on the 'evening dresses' of websites, or clothes that my friends would put together for a night out so when it comes to deciding on a party outfit I struggle, I really struggle. So basically where I'm going with this is that when Duo Boots asked me to style up a pair of their shoes* from day to night, I didn't half become indecisive on how to do it, and IF too..

Urban Outfitters Smock Dress | Topshop Leigh Jeans | Primark Bag | New Look Jacket

Admittedly if I'd been asked a year ago, you'd have found this post containing two dresses, and the same pair of boots and jacket. However I mixed it up a little, and with my jeans being the easiest and comfiest thing to wear for an afternoon lunch date, they seemed the perfect option teamed with the boots. I threw on my old Urban Outfitters smock dress that looks like it's had a run in with the washing machine (boo to shrinking!), and hoped that my trusty leather jacket added the cool factor. Keeping it simple. But delightful. And pudding was still hidden!

New Look Jacket | Primark Dress | Olivia Burton Watch | Miss Luxe Bag

My evening looks have changed over the last few months, and where I once dressed up even more, I'm fast choosing comfort for a few drinks with friends rather than something short (this was a rare occurrence in fairness!). As you know (you always know this..) I'm never without my jacket, and throwing it over a pretty little monochrome dress keeps me warm from those colder evening chills that appear even after one too many. 
To be quite fair, this outfit is something I wear to work on a regular basis and although I've changed up my more casual look to become jeans and boots, I'm still opting for dresses and boots. Because boots are the perfect addition to anything (my wardrobe can tell you this...!) and these Duo Boots certainly do not disappoint. 
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