Living with a Chef


As told by Little Me
- Being without said chef boyfriend. Most of the time.
- Mentioning living with a chef to a pretty standard reply of "Oooh, you MUST get lots of lovely meals at home then." Nope. He works every night.
- Running commentary on the rare dinner dates out together.
- The remains of said chef boyfriends dinner the night before consisting of; 3x packets of crisps, 2x chocolate biscuits and the packet of cakes.
- Those lonely lonely nights apart. And seeing the cat more than said boyfriend.
- One very passionate and thorough said chef boyfriend. In more ways than one - think DIY quickly? Nope it needs to be thorough. And perfect.
- Sometimes (most times) very tired and sleepy on the famous one day off a week treat.
- Lack of comminucation for up to eight hours in a day - usually resolved with notes around the house with messages to pass on to each other.
- Impromptu shopping buys because Balsamic Vinegar and that new squeezy Condensed Milk is pretty important...
- Attending couple evenings alone, and being quizzed on the real status of said chef boyfriend. Who they've never met.
- Making the most of limited time together by always doing something different and appreciating it hugely.
- Content with simple pleasures including chilled nights in with a good takeaway.


  1. Squeezy condensed milk! Lol!

  2. I feel your pain, my boyfriend works in food retail and he works weekends, early mornings and late at night. I'm often alone at weekends if my friends are busy and he can't come to events with me. I really appreciate a lie in with him.

  3. My boyfriend is also a chef, I feel your pain! x

  4. my boyfriend is also a chef and completely relate to all of these! I'm so glad of my cat! x

    Rose and Weston

  5. It seems like living with a photographer is pretty much exactly the same, except instead of 'ooh you get lots of nice dinners at home - No.' It'll be 'ooh I bet he takes all your pictures and gets well into it!' No, hes fed up of it and hates doing it by the time I bug him :P


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