The simple things


Sundays are made for the nicest breakfasts, and this Sunday consisted of jam croissants and fresh orange juice. Finished up with a cup of tea and the most delicious strawberries of the week.

I like boxes. Like a lot. And because I'm messy, Little B bought me some new ones in the hope that I'll tidy up after myself. So far the pretty boxes have won. For now anyway.

On Saturday I spent a lot of time behind the camera, and it was fun. Although I've got the shakiest of hands, I don't half love taking a good photo and seeing the end result with a feeling of pride.

My perfumes are running low (it's been a few months already), and I couldn't help but pick up this beautiful scent. I think I've officially done a round on all the Next perfumes. I just can't decide my favourite..

 Our kitchen is not our favourite place, and whilst we're dreaming of those sage walls, cream cupboards and wood worktops, for now we're decorating the fridge. It makes eating from it even more fun.

I am not a cat lady. I just like cats. And cat pyjamas. And cat slippers..


  1. Your breakfast looks lovely, these foodie photos are always my favourite! I haven't bought a Next perfume in a while but I'm pretty sure I thought 'paradise' was amazing & a great Summer scent.

  2. Ahh that breakfast shot has my stomach grumbling!

  3. That breakfast looks heavenly! My stomach is growling just looking at it. Your kitchen is so cute, I love the pictures on your fridge.

    Smitten with Sunday

  4. Love your photos. That breakfast has got me so so hungry right now!
    Great blog x
    Dani |

  5. I always love your photos and your bed is so pretty and dreamy like one I always wanted when I was little.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin'

  6. Love the fridge decoration! Now craving croissants and strawberries :)

  7. I really need to start treating myself to some more tasty breakfasts like you do, porridge is about as exotic as I get haha! I'm also completely in love with your bed, its gorgeous! x

  8. Your photography is just breath-taking Katy! That looks like one scrumptious breakfast x

  9. I always love your photography. Your photos are always incredible, do you have any tips on how to take great photos?

    Also, I am loving your fridge :-)

    Beth x

  10. What a beautiful bed! (and cat!)


  11. That breakfast looks so dreamy!

  12. There is nothing wrong with being a cat lady. I like cat slippers and cat sweaters personally. This cat is adorable. I also love that you have a cat in your logo. Yay kittehs! On my blog I have a category "Kitty Corner," where cats meet fashion, you might want to check it out.

  13. a) I LOVE those heart shaped bowls
    b) your fridge pics are awesome
    c) pretty please can I snuggle with your cat?
    x x
    {The Lobster & Me}


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