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Topshop Top | River Island Shorts | New Look Jacket & Boots | Nica Bag

I go through months having favourite colours that I'm constantly drawn too. Last time my eye was drawn to everything purple and my wardrobe slowly started to resemble Ribena, but this time I've been quite literally all over navy. I want navy everything, and these shorts were no exception! Shorts and me have this little relationship mostly throughout the year, but in Summer we really get it on y'know (and I always forgive them for making my ass look big. It's worth it!) and with my stripe top collection magically growing (sometimes I just can't help myself) those Sailors at sea gave me something of inspiration. Not that they wear leather jackets mind.

Primark Knit | River Island Polo & Beanie | Topman Jeans | Daniel Wellington Watch | Deichmann Boots

I'm also fairly sure that sailors don't shop in River Island either, but it seems that Little B and I do that a lot lately! Although we're not wearing the same colour combination (high fives to us for once!) we're both sporting mainly Topshop/Topman and River Island - that's how we roll. And most definitely rolled home after these photos were taken last week... There are just some times when we can never say no to the biggest lunch our eyes have ever seen. We also couldn't say no to Little B's boots when we spotted them last month just sitting their on the shelf looking at him, wanting to come home with us and live a tan tartan life in his wardrobe. It was the best decision he ever made. I'm pretty sure I'm in love with them a bit more than him though.


  1. I love your top and shorts combination! You sassy lady!

  2. nice outfit

  3. You look lovely! I can't help myself with stripy things - in fact I think it's starting to become a bit of a problem! Haha!

  4. I adore your shoes Katy, you both just look so chic and effortless! x

  5. I saw these shorts in River Island the other day and carried them around with me for a full 10 minutes trying to decide whether to buy them or not (realised I should wait until pay day tomorrow in the end). They look amazing on you!

  6. Awws, you two are so cute! I love your shorts and striped tee too Katy, I'm obsessed with navy clothes too and if I see something in the shop that's navy I will automatically want it haha :) xx

  7. Nice outfit, I really like the shorts!

  8. i am in love with your boots!

  9. oooh I love those shorts, might have to steal your style here x


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