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River Island Dress | Primark Jumper | Nica Bag | Orla Kiely for Clarks Shoes* | Olivia Burton Watch

The wanderer returns - kind of anyway! You see, I haven't been wandering the back roads like you see in the photo's, instead the photo's have been hiding and well, I guess so have I. Right after we spent the morning outfit shooting it seems that I lost my love for blogging there and then, and instead decided to cut ties for a while and actually, I'm still not convinced but alas here we are and feeling mighty high in these beautiful shoes.

Jumpers over dresses aren't possibly the most flattering of looks, but sometimes comfort (and warmth) is everything even if your shoes aren't exactly practical or ideal in the eyes of passersby. And in all honesty, this outfit makes me feel slightly private school girl, you know, the ones who own horses and are pretty chic. Because that's so not me, but we can all pretend sometimes (until one stumbles over her own heels!). Talking horses (and wondering if Little B will ever let me have one in the garden), Ladbrokes are hosting a competition where you can win tickets to Ladies Day by submitting an outfit that you'd find perfect for the event, so if you fancy scrubbing up well and dusting off your fancy hat, then this is for you! Personally I'm one for keeping my legs warm and spending my days eating cake - I guess it doesn't matter how you dress, you still can't change the way you act. Now pass me that cake and watch me spill crumbs down my jumper!


  1. Wowie those shoes!!!
    You look beautiful Katy, loving the white polka dots & the pop of white on your collar too:)

    Taz and Bear

  2. Could you look any more beautiful?

  3. Oh my! Those shoes, I've been in love with them since the collection launched, they're just so dreamy and perfect! x


  4. The shoes are stunning :) I'm feeling a bit like that with blogging at the moment, not really knowing where to start... or when to stop...
    Rosie x
    Every Word Handwritten

  5. Loving those shoes! In fact, the whole outfit is lovely. I'm glad you decided to keep blogging, I enjoy your posts :)

  6. First blusher and now pink nail polish, we'll make a girl out of you yet ;)

    Cute shoes misses! Let me borrow them when I'm back yeh?! xxx

    Sweet Monday

  7. Those shoes are so cute!! Your style is incredible ♡ xx


  8. Oooh, we've got a hottie over here!

  9. Glad too see you back Katy and hope you stick around! Missed your pretty face!

  10. I've missed your blog too! I hope you get the love back, but we can always chat on twitter anyway :) xxx Claire at Jazzpad

  11. I'm finding it harder to blog with my job, moving house and just generally being an adult and losing my interest a little. A little holiday and break has helped though. Love these shoes, would look amazing with a plain navy shift dress for night out too x

  12. You look super cute! Lvoe your styling. The dress and watch are gorgeous!
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