Mothers Day with Cath Kidston

If you're mama is anything like mine, then you probably enjoy showing her how much you love her, and want to treat her extra specially rotten for Mother's Day - I know I do! And when Cath Kidston offered to help me pick a few pieces from their range with a giftcard* I thought it would be the perfect 'extra something' present... You see, I was super organised this year and had already bought mine and Little B's mama's presents (I'm also one of these people who don't know when to stop buying - for others, and me!)!.
So yesterday whilst back at Little B's hometown, I popped into the ever so beautiful store to browse around and pick up some delights for my mama. It's fair to say that I'm a terribly indecisive person and even with Little B whispering that we can get Starbucks after, still didn't make me hurry - Plus what's NOT to love about spending your morning pottering around the pretty cereal bowls and lusting after the baking pieces?
I finally decided on my favourite pieces which she'd love and something I could borrow (and forget to return...) if I ever needed too. Obviously, you only get to see the delight of the wrapping paper (pretty nice!) because mama is a reader and although I'm rubbish at surprises, this one's staying secret!
If you're looking for the ideal Mother's Day gift, Cath Kidston have an awesome Gift Finder page to help narrow your ideas down for the perfect present, and if you're like me you'll end up shopping for yourself too. That's the rule though right? Four presents for others, one present for me? Well, I walked away with an apron anyway...

* In collaboration with Cath Kidston.


  1. I also picked up some bits for my Mum in CK yesterday - got her loads and I'm so excited to see her open them! x

  2. Love Cath Kidson, although can't ever spend as much in it as I want, all these pressies look fabulous, sure she'll love them xxx

  3. I really like Cath Kidson! Lovely post :)

    Valérie from Scribbles of Valérie x

  4. Cath Kidson have so many lovely pieces! A store near where I live has started stocking some of their things and it's so tempting to just buy all of it whenever I pop in, oops! x