Mothers Day with Bespoke Offers

As I mentioned in my last Mother's Day post that I don't know when to stop buying things, well it happened again for my Mama. She only deserves the best, like literally the best (so yeah Mama, you carry on shopping at Topshop!) and when I came across Bespoke Offers and noticed they had a page solely dedicated to Mother's Day gifts, I couldn't help but spend my lunch break shopping. Again. Honestly, this is happening too much lately...
Whenever it's a family birthday, my Mama tends to do presents differently, and instead treats us to weekends away, Harry Potter Studio tours and Sushi making classes which is pretty awesome really and last year me and Little B took on this incredible idea, and instead treated our Mama's by taking them to see Les Miserables (they probably couldn't hear a word over my terrible singing!) which seemed like the perfect way to spoil them and say thank you for all they've done! So when I spotted the theatre ticket offers, my fingers did the clicking and within minutes I found myself browsing the many choices of musicals.
Of course I'm the most indecisive person, and even with the super speedy sign up to Bespoke Offers, I still couldn't make up my mind until Little B declared after two days of deciding, that we were to book Matilda because Mama has seen many musicals and she'd probably prefer to not hear my singing voice for one day.
I was secretly pleased that Matilda was our choice, and with that I made my swift payment (which was far to easy - in a good way of course. Plus I think that if it's paid quick, it's almost like it never happened!) and may or may not have done a jig in my seat knowing that me and Mama can go and enjoy an evening with Miss Honey and Co!
If you ask me, she's gonna have the best Mother's Day on Sunday! I hope that Little R is taking note..

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  1. Aww that is so sweet of you. I hope you guys have a lovely time at Matilda!

    Krystal |