Everyday things

So it's almost a slight shock seeing a post like this today, especially considering I'm that unusual girl who never owned make up until last year (and still doesn't know how to use it!), doesn't cleanse and all that and well, basically lives like a man. But saying all that, I still wash every morning and get through perfume like no tomorrow.
My everyday things are small compared to the majority of ladies like yourself I'm sure, but every (most) nights I make sure I've moisturized - my skin is incredibly dry and to be honest the NSPA Body Butter probably isn't the best thing to use but anything with a sweet smell and I'm sold. Sometimes though only the never ending bottle of Diprobase can sort my forever itchy skin out.
I'm slowly coming into the world of makeup, it's never especially appealed to me (my family aren't huge wearers either) but part of the reason for not wearing it was simply because I didn't know what to do with it. And I felt stupid. But with a friend on hand, she bought me some blusher one evening and I've never looked back since. It may be the smallest of strokes (and probably unnoticeable) but to me it makes me feel good. Like a lady. Oh and the lipstick? Yeah that's happened recently... Although I'm not allowed to admit where I bought it from said friend.
Trying new products isn't my thing with moisturizer being difficult at times, but Soothe Me* sent me over a few samples to try and although I don't suffer from acne or wrinkles yet (I'm excluding those multiple lines on my forehead!) it's pretty much soothed me when applying it to my face. And it smells nice, like Gorgeous Cream nice. Plus I just like telling Little B that I'm off to be a lady and put my products on (also meaning, taking the chocolate up to eat alone because I don't fancy sharing!).
And if there's one thing that I won't leave the house without, it's ten hundred sprays of perfume. Literally. I used to receive Miss Dior from family members on my birthday but when Little B told them that it had nearly gone by February (my birthday's December FYI) I decided to buy 'day perfumes'. Next have the most affordable and pretty delicious scents about and I'm fairly happy to pop in every few months and part with £12, to stock up on some of my now favourite scents. Nude and Adore are my ultimate two must haves lately.
This post may have pushed me slightly out of my comfort zone, but don't worry I'm not going to go all swatches on you. Nope, I'm still merely the girl with the cheesy grin and baby hair. Who buys cheap lipstick.


  1. I love this post and I am glad to hear that you decided to join the world of make up. It wasn't something that I was always into either but was introduced by as friend as well and haven't looked back! Looking forward to future posts!

    Krystal | www.moorekrystal.wordpress.com

  2. I'm with you all the way with cheap lipstick, as long as it's a pretty colour, I don't really care if it's MAC or my local market. I wish I could go au natural but unfortunately my problem skin is just too awful for the public eye, you are so lucky to have such a naturally beautiful complexion! I wonder if Diprobase is similar to Doublebase, I live on that stuff! xx


  3. I'm a fairly new follower, so first of all: hi. :) I liked seeing this post because I, like you, have only recently begun experimenting with makeup (including cheap lipstick, haha) so it's interesting to see the routines of others.

  4. I was caught off guard seeing this post I admit! You're one of those rare girls who are gorgeous without a stitch of make up but very interesting to see what few products you use. Nice to see a Natural Collection powder in your stash, I love Natural Collection!


  5. I was always a Diprobase user (I have bad eczema) but recently got moved to QV cream which I think is even better. Might be worth asking your doc about.

  6. I love the watch!
    Rachel, http://sunkissedrayy.blogspot.com/