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I go through months having favourite colours that I'm constantly drawn too. Last time my eye was drawn to everything purple and my wardrobe slowly started to resemble Ribena, but this time I've been quite literally all over navy. I want navy everything, and these shorts were no exception! Shorts and me have this little relationship mostly throughout the year, but in Summer we really get it on y'know (and I always forgive them for making my ass look big. It's worth it!) and with my stripe top collection magically growing (sometimes I just can't help myself) those Sailors at sea gave me something of inspiration. Not that they wear leather jackets mind.

Primark Knit | River Island Polo & Beanie | Topman Jeans | Daniel Wellington Watch | Deichmann Boots

I'm also fairly sure that sailors don't shop in River Island either, but it seems that Little B and I do that a lot lately! Although we're not wearing the same colour combination (high fives to us for once!) we're both sporting mainly Topshop/Topman and River Island - that's how we roll. And most definitely rolled home after these photos were taken last week... There are just some times when we can never say no to the biggest lunch our eyes have ever seen. We also couldn't say no to Little B's boots when we spotted them last month just sitting their on the shelf looking at him, wanting to come home with us and live a tan tartan life in his wardrobe. It was the best decision he ever made. I'm pretty sure I'm in love with them a bit more than him though.

Buying childrens clothes to wear as loungewear is ultimate wild Friday night. And snuggled with Little R.

Daffodils blooming on the windowsill make those still-cold mornings not quite so bad. They make me smile.

 Tasty afternoon lunches at local farm shops with the other one are the perfect way to spend a Wednesday.

Little R is officially the one with the big bum in the house after knocking over the tulips on the window ledge.

Seeing Little B in his normal clothes rather than his usual chef whites for a day of pottering. It was perfect.

Homemade afternoon tea with the lovely blonde cousin outside in the sunshine complete with strawberries.

The most delicious halloumi and roasted pepper wrap ever tasted from a tiny place called Hatch in St Albans.

Actually seeing this face for a whole five days solid. Dinner was cooked, TV was watched, families were seen and lots of laughter was had. I could most definitely get used to this.

It's a rarity that we can almost put a label on this outfit as Date Night, because as you know this happens only once every few weeks (he works most evenings, and I spend all our money on homeware making it more like once a month), however this week we had a couple of days together and with that, we made the utter most of it. There were times when we bickered over who made breakfast and who hoovered the stairs, but putting them aside, we dressed ourselves up Friday evening and headed out for a few cheeky drinks and lived like we were back in 1969 (I tried 21 but it didn't have the same ring to it as 1969, even if we weren't born in that decade. I'll quit now).

Considering my everyday fact to whoever listens, that I don't own many tops, well I certainly don't seem to be lacking in black tops. But although my collection is stacking up, sometimes it just seems that they're not quite right for a particular item and in this case, the green skirt, So when this popped through my letterbox last week the little dance that occured straight after confirmed that this perfect top (complete with perfect collar) was an ultimate winner with said skirt. And now I've gotten almost a new finished outfit, it's only mandatory to over wear it.. Finished with my trusty and loving (also referred as old and scabby) sparkly socks!

If there's one thing in life that nothing will ever compare too, it's your Mama's cooking and I for one never need an excuse popping home to enjoy Mama's dinners. Admitedlly I'm not the greatest of cooks (it's a good job I'm dating a chef - I'm a girl who loves my food!) and apart from my childhood memory of using Cream Of Chicken Soup as a pasta sauce, I haven't exactly paid much attention to her recipes. So when McCarthy & Stone asked me to share my favourite recipe passed down from Mama it's fair to say that Mama Mcfred certainly laughed exclaiming my attention span couldn't handle this challenge. She was right. But Wednesday night I tried..

Mama makes a pretty mean Apple Scone in seconds (not quite literally, but it always feels like that!) and with her blooming apple tree in the garden, there's always plenty on the grounds waiting to be baked. So we picked out the recipe book that's nearly as old as me and with our ingredients out, we set about messing up the ever so tidy kitchen (hands up it was mostly me!). Oh and if you fancy making this Winter warmer (or Summer taster?), here's what you will need..
1 Medium Apple                                      1 Teaspoon Salt
     8oz Self Raising Flour                           1 Teaspoon Baking Powder
  2oz Butter                                                2oz Castor Sugar
            1/4 Pint of Milk                        Glaze: Little Milk & 1oz Brown Sugar

Mama first set one of her many ovens to 200degrees and after much hesitation about being photographed, calmly asked if we needed a snap of her turning on the oven. I assured her that most people knew how to do this, but she was officially a blogger for the evening! Then she sifted together the flour, salt and baking powder where I looked on trying with all my might to remember this (and not get distracted..). - next I was nominated to rub in the butter but after smearing more all down my dress, Mama had to step in (she's good at things like that!). We added in the castor sugar next where I then took charge of being chief stirrer. This task I could manage.

Next we needed to cut the apples up which we'd left till the last minute to prevent from sudden browning. I intially started off on this, however my cutting skills would have meant that the apples would be chopped by the weekend (I'm a little slow at these simple challenges - I'm not a child I promise). And with mama being super speedy peeling and 'dicing' the apple, my distraction had somewhat led to the other apple... Once she'd completed this, I popped the diced apples into the mixture, along with a teaspoon of cinnamon - I'm going to pretend this is her secret ingredient, because every mama has one and it sounds much more interesting like this!

Once I'd mixed in the apples and cinamon, I watched in fascination as Mama worked her magic by mixing it to a soft dough and adding in the milk gradually (the dated recipe book states 'to make it soft, not sticky!). As the mixture formed into dough we rolled it onto the worktop (floured by yours truly of course!) and created a scone shape - also known, as the circle. The next stage that happened completely took me by surprise because for many moons I've always wondered how it was already semi cut straight from the oven - and if Wednesday taught me anything, it's that she does it after she's rolled it. To make cutting it easier. Absolutely brilliant if you ask me!
After I'd overcome this incredible information we placed the scone onto a greased baking tray and finished it up by brush topping it with milk and sprinkling (or in Mama's words - dribbling?!) brown sugar to make it nice and glazed. Then it went in the oven, to bake for 20-25 minutes. Guess who was on clean up duty..

As soon as it was ready, I was pretty eager to enjoy a slice (because that's the most important part of baking right?) with huge portions of squirty cream and an apple decoration (thanks Little B!). And actually, it tasted just as good as always - so maybe my short-attention-span-self isn't so bad at baking, even if I did forget the recipe twenty minutes later. But it's fair to say, even if I bake this alone, chances are it'll never taste quite as good as Mama's!

At the beginning of March, I was invited to enjoy a weekend away at one of the Mecure Hotels.. Although it didn't specifiy this was more of a couples thing, I'm pretty sure that they were a little disappointed when I informed them I was bringing my Mama instead. And no, we didn't want twin beds, a double is always best! Little B struggles to get weekends off, and me and Mama hadn't had a weekend together in such a long time so it seemed like the perfect chance to spend some money and shop. Especially when it was payday!
Our bedroom was located on the first floor and as we turned the lock to the room we couldn't help but giggle at what greeted us - this incredible and beautiful room and with not one, but THREE WINDOWS with quite literally an amazing view overlooking the Promenade and the romanticist beds of all...(haha!). Admitedlly, these kinda rooms scare me alone (don't ask why - but they do!) but the laughter of having to jump onto the high four poster bed made those worries float away. Until Mama asked if I'd checked in the wardrobe for witches..
After a fun (and expensive) day shopping, we spruced ourselves up and headed to the hotel restaurant, being seated in possibly the most romantic area, the window seat. The menu choice was something else and we filled ourselves silly with copious amounts of cheese but made sure there was room for the delicious puddings on offer. Once dinner was finished it was fair to say that me and Mama are too similar - we were ready for our pyjamas and a snuggle up in bed with Saturday night TV. We were officially shopped out! And full.
With my love for windows, I was pleasantly satisfied when Mama decided that we'd leave the curtains open that night because there's nothing better than sunlight shining through first thing in the morning (and hoisting those huge curtains across was an effort with a full chocolate belly!). When we finally pulled ourselves out of that bed and headed down for breakfast, we enjoyed the fact we didn't have to rush - and it was basically a fight between us and the wide variety of breakfast options. We would not be defeated (and yes I eat my pastries first..!)
We deciced to spend the afternoon pottering around Cheltenham again, taking in the beautiful surrounding and hiding under the umbrella away from the fine rain (you know, that rain that gets you soaking!) and heading back for one final shop. Bags weighing us down and stomachs filled with coffee (it wasn't all about food and drink...) we both agreed that the weekend was just what we both needed, extremely chilled, food filled, shopped out, and perfect company. And those are the best kinda weekends.
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It's fair to say that it's been some time since I've last enjoyed my own set of photos, like really enjoyed them but through the midst of my confused thoughts on blogging I headed back to my old favourite spot (like literally, see!) and from a dog walkers thoughts.. looked like a plonker all in the name some photos. Because what kinda fool wears heels in a quarry and especially to climb over rubble? The fools that want to photograph their outfits in fun places - that's who. And well basically, I am one of them!

As usual, I am sporting my natural attire in the form of a collared dress with a small sleeve and enough bag to hide the copious amounts of food consumed hourly (I debated using meals, but admitting that I have three breakfasts, one lunch (boo), five snack breaks and a dinner and a half just makes me sound like a right porker...) and so in my eyes it has become the dress of dreams for the month. The benefits of being the dress of the month entails actually get to hang in front of my rail (sometimes even on the bedroom door - ooh!) and are worn repeatedly until something else comes along. And then you'll be pushed back until I do that monthly 'shop your own wardrobe' evening. That's pretty much how my wardrobe system works. But for now, that pink hanger dedicated to this dress is hanging, all alone, whilst I wear it enough that it can soon walk alone.

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