The day of Love

I guess you could say that we're not your traditional couple in the sense that we don't really do Valentines Day and we're those kinda people that find it a little bit pants (I say we, but we definitely mean me more than Little B!) so when Barclays treated us via the Pingit app in celebration of their two year anniversary, we realised that it was time to leave those anti love socks behind and embrace it. Like a normal couple.

Although we don't bank with Barclays, downloading the app was extremely easy and simple (once I'd verified it with my change of address - I'm so unorganised!) and when receiving money it quite literally made a 'Ping' sound, and of course this thoroughly pleased me for hours. Plus the fact you can pay in certain retail stores. Winner.

Little B was working on Valentines Day so last Saturday was nominated as a 'let's be really nice and act so in love today' kinda day, and when we had finally risen from our beloved bed, we exchanged cards (there's a first for everything y'know!). I'd picked up some aftershave for Little B as he's always on the lookout for new (I couldn't help myself either!) and treated him to a shirt to wear at night. He'd done good and bought me a beautiful mirror that was already hanging at the bottom of the stairs awaiting me in the morning.

We'd debated taking a trip to our favourite farm shop for a well deserved lunch, but instead opted for some home baking considering we've only baked a cake once since being in our house! After a quick shop at the local supermarket, bags full and aprons not worn, we were ready to cook. The afternoon was spent making peanut butter cookies and chocolate swirl cake whilst snacking on fresh scones smothered in cream and jam. And all finished off with some raspberry lemonade and a hot pot of tea (or coffee for the sleepy kids!).

Little B's parents arrived early Saturday evening and the day was finished off by a fancy meal at Little B's hotel. We try to go out for dinner as much as we can when he's off, but it was extra specially nice to get dressed up in our new shirts and pretty tops and polish our smart shoes for a night of delicious food, endless wine and perfectly good company. No evening is complete without pudding - especially when it's Baked Alaska!!

Now it's pretty unusual when there's money left over from things (you name it, holiday's, dinner's, birthday's - we've spent it the day before!) but after our small present exchange, baking afternoon and diinner evening we didn't quite know how to finish off this day that actually hadn't turned out so bad. Little B had an idea, a secret idea and after final persuaion was allowed to do as he wished with the remaining treat money. His persuasion paid off when I arrived home from work last night to find he'd decorated our bedroom with the wallpaper I'd been lusting after. And I am in love with it! It's fair to say, that actually Valentines Day isn't quite so bad and maybe next year we'll reconsider putting on our anti love socks because if it's anything like today, then I like it. And Little B.


  1. That heart cake looks so wonderful, and peanut butter cookies sound so yummy! x

  2. I'm in love with your wallpaper! Its so pretty! It sounds like you had a lovely Valentines day xx


  3. Your bedroom looks so cosy! I have a similar duvet cover from Joules but it always gets covered in cat hairs!xx

  4. it looks yummy :))

  5. Decorating a room for V Day is an ace idea. Wish Jonathan would deck out our spare room! ;) hehe x

  6. Yesss, you put the cream first on the scones! I always have this disagreement with my mum over it - she does jam, then cream. It's totally cream then jam! They look amazing though, yum :)
    Such beautiful wallpaper - Little B is a good egg!

  7. Everything looks so lovely, sounds like you had a fab day too! x

    The Little Things

  8. The wallpaper! The cake! Glad you had a good day! :)

  9. This sounds like such an amazing day, you should definitely celebrate Valentine's day every year if Little B is that romantic!
    The wallpaper looks great. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  10. Lovely cakes, they look absolutely scrumptious!

  11. Me and my boyf don't really like valentines either, especially as out anniversary is at the beginning of march!

    Dana - xxxxx

  12. wonderful photos!
    i'm your new follower!
    happy week!

  13. woaaah you guys made that $100 go a super long way! I'm impressed. and that cake is so adorable.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  14. Sounds like you had a great Valentine's day and those cakes look amazing! I hope you now decided to keep your anti love socks off and get all romantic! XxxX