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My time in life has come where I have officially become a grown up, because I now own a pair of black trousers that are not related to anything school nor waitress like jobs - nope. And you know something? I blooming really enjoy wearing them to my meetings and trade shows at the moment. Oh and I totally rocked them out for dinner at the weekend with these still unworn shoes, because I feel so chic and like a real woman. A sophisticated real woman (until I ate mounds of chorizo and baked alaska - some things just never seem to change!).

My wardrobe is lacking tops hugely and when this one arrived through my door Saturday morning it seemed a perfect fit with my trousers (and the fact the model was wearing this outfit on Little Mistress' site totally had nothing to do with it....) and with that, my outfit was decided for an evening spent dining out. I'm still trying to master walking in these heels because they're nowhere near as stable as those black boots of mine, but so far no tumbles have occured. And because I've managed to stand proud, my little Megan tried to help me perfect the 'don't smile with your mouth, smile with your eyes' pose. And yeah, I totally sucked at it. Cheesy grins.
Oh a cheesy grin note, I'm one excited little bunny because Little B is finishing off decorating our bedroom this week, and whilst he's painting away I get the fun job of browsing for furniture. Tonight is spent making wishlists on Out There Interiors, Next and Laura Ashley - the three dream teams if you ask me. Out There Interiors have some gorgeous furniture which I just KNOW (hear that Little B) will fit perfectly especially the white range - those chairs have my name all over it. Actually it all pretty much does. I can't wait for it to be finished so I can put my new sophisticated wardrobe into my chic bedroom. Hopefully.


  1. You look amazing as ever!
    Is it bad that i'm only 17 but i already own my grown up 'just cause' black trousers? Oops.

    Dana xxx

    New post - xxxxx

  2. Being a huge fan of monochromatic outfits, I L O V E this! That top is to die for!!!

    excuse me for a while

  3. You look incredible Katy! I thought you where wearing a jumpsuit for a minute because your blouse and trousers look so perfect together! Oh and I adore your coat too, so gorgeous! x

  4. Lovely outfit! That jacket is a gorgeous colour! :)

  5. That coat is to die for! V sophisticated.

    Georgina at

  6. You look gorgeous! I love the shoes & the printed bag!

  7. these pictures are serious babin'!!
    i wish i was at the adult black trouser stage in life, my black jeans that are pretty much glued too my legs probably don't count...
    I've seriously got into interior wish lists too since me and jay have starred looking for flats! xxxxxxx

  8. LOVE this outfit Katy. I want the heels, and the top, and the coat... GIVE IT ALL TO ME!
    Making interior wishlist's gets a big thumbs up from me! Can't wait to own our own house so we can just do whatever we want with it all!

    ​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  9. The outfit looks great on you...I feel that way about was my school uniform!

  10. This is gorgeous, I love the simplicity of the outfit! Your shoes are stunning xo

  11. This is such a pretty top, I really need more things like this :)


  12. You might be a little grinner but it suits you so. You look so sophis Katy! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  13. I adore the detail in the top - black can be sensible but I think this looks ace!

  14. Love the outfit, and what a beautiful coat!

  15. you look absolutely gorgeous in this outfit! also, randomly, I think I saw you whilst shopping in cheltenham today ha! xo


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