George at Asda Top, Necklace & Satchel* | New Look Jacket | Primark Skirt | New Look Boots

There's quite a few things that I'm not really into doing (you know, like THAT Valentines day!) and last year I'd have happily passed them up, but it seems that this year I've found myself agreeing to those things that I'd once bypass - in the form of LFW. You see, busy streets and people terrify me and space invasion makes me want to slightly cry, so when George at Asda ever so kindly invited me along to LFWeekend, I did have second thoughts (and a little cry in the corner), but sporting some of their clothes, genorous tickets galore and my blonde friend in tow, we headed for fashion overload. And I was wearing necklace, the girl who doesn't wear jewellery except a watch - now if that's not fashion, then I don't know what is..!

It was a pretty beautiful day which definitely helped Somerset House look even more beautiful in real life (I'm a Somerset house virgin!) so hanging outside was not a problem and chunky heels were particularly ideal on those cobbled floors. We viewed the Trend Catwalk which was a great opportunity to see a variety of styles, and definitely take them home to attempt (and terribly fail!) and drooled at the beautiful floral prints and metallic skirts. The rest of the morning was spent browsing the rails of wonderful clothes whilst contemplating selling our houses for a wardrobe full of them - I'm not too sure what Little B would have said to that!

With a few hours to kill before our train home (and a Domino's awaiting us with the boys!) we popped to Oxford Street for a delicious warm lunch and a cheeky afternoon shop, because that's totally the right thing to do in London.. And of course, I came home with a new pair of boots. Because y'know, I don't own enough..
By this time my feet were starting to hurt, and although I'm a heel wearer at work I'm not normally one for catching tubes (think, drinking tea and the occasional walk to the printer!) so I was extremely grateful for the George flats that I'd popped in my Mary Poppins type satchel. They were perfect companions for the train journey home and made my tasty snacks that more enjoyable with cosy feet. So thanks George, not only have you shown me that your footwear is pretty stylish AND comfortable but you've also proved to me, that maybe London is quite so bad during those busiest times of the year. And actually, it was extremely fun!

We've established that I enjoy buying flowers once a week which doesn't seem like it'll end anytime soon and I've now taken it upon myself to rescue the reduced plants because, y'know, I feel sorry for everything these days. I bought this sweet pot from a local shop and when I saw this pretty plant reduced in the supermarket for pennies, I knew it was my duty to bring it home and plant it. It's been my baby ever since.

Shoes are never ending in this household especially in the form of boots, but when I received these beautiful  Orla Kiely Shoes by Clarks* I welcomed them with open arms (and sticks to help me walk). They're like walking on clouds, and utterly dreamy. Little B bought himself these Deichmann Boots because we love a bit of tartan.

I may not be the most adventurous of hair styles, but when these Little Nell Hairclips* arrived through my door I couldn't help but clip my hair up in that messy natural kinda look. So it may have not worked, but I'm yet to give up because these adorable feather hair pieces are a perfect little addition to my boring looking ponytails.

We experienced our first Lush purchase a few weeks ago, and it's fair to say that we're already converted.. The smell's are incredible! We treated ourselves to the Melting Marshmallow Moment, Ickle Baby Bot and A French Kiss bath bomb (Little B loves his baths!). There's not a local Lush store, so we've yet to buy online which we're putting off until we get our TV and Internet sorted (hey, if I was with Virgin Media we definitely wouldn't have this problem!) but I guess on the plus side, it saves us spending a fortune on those freshly smelling products.. But oh, the marshmallow scent is just divine. Start the bath water!
 Little Mistress Top* | New Look Trousers | Topshop Bag | Primark Shoes | Asos Coat

My time in life has come where I have officially become a grown up, because I now own a pair of black trousers that are not related to anything school nor waitress like jobs - nope. And you know something? I blooming really enjoy wearing them to my meetings and trade shows at the moment. Oh and I totally rocked them out for dinner at the weekend with these still unworn shoes, because I feel so chic and like a real woman. A sophisticated real woman (until I ate mounds of chorizo and baked alaska - some things just never seem to change!).

My wardrobe is lacking tops hugely and when this one arrived through my door Saturday morning it seemed a perfect fit with my trousers (and the fact the model was wearing this outfit on Little Mistress' site totally had nothing to do with it....) and with that, my outfit was decided for an evening spent dining out. I'm still trying to master walking in these heels because they're nowhere near as stable as those black boots of mine, but so far no tumbles have occured. And because I've managed to stand proud, my little Megan tried to help me perfect the 'don't smile with your mouth, smile with your eyes' pose. And yeah, I totally sucked at it. Cheesy grins.
Oh a cheesy grin note, I'm one excited little bunny because Little B is finishing off decorating our bedroom this week, and whilst he's painting away I get the fun job of browsing for furniture. Tonight is spent making wishlists on Out There Interiors, Next and Laura Ashley - the three dream teams if you ask me. Out There Interiors have some gorgeous furniture which I just KNOW (hear that Little B) will fit perfectly especially the white range - those chairs have my name all over it. Actually it all pretty much does. I can't wait for it to be finished so I can put my new sophisticated wardrobe into my chic bedroom. Hopefully.


We mentioned a few weeks ago about the most incredible place that we stayed in for a weekend away during January, and because it was that amazing we thought it was only right to do another post of what we got up to whilst there. Plus it seemed that majority of you have now passed the link to your partner, so hey, if that didn't tempt them before.. then hopefully this will. And believe me when I say this, it's definitely worth the money!

Upon our arrival we were greeted by a pretty tasty looking hamper, and immediately being sweet toothed fans we opened the chocolates before doing anything else. Little B and I have different tastes so I guess you can say that sometimes this works in our favour, caramel for me, coffee for him. The chocolates were best enjoyed alongside the fire that Little B lit moments after we had arrived. We were in for a foody time.

Before it got too windy and the rain picked up (it wasn't the most pleasant of weathers!) and the pyjamas were on - you don't understand how excited I get when wearing them, we decided to take a dip in the hot tub which was located underneath the Treehouse. We took down bottles of cider and ale, and some music for a relaxing few hours catching up on everything since Christmas. And we LOVE big big dressing downs too!

As we came into Kent, we had stopped at a supermarket to stock up on supplies for the next 24hours. We'd decided on a tapas evening because I'm such a picker (little pickers wear big knickers!) and it's my favourite thing to eat - plus Little B makes some pretty tasty bites! No evening can be complete without Camembert especially in the cold weather. Hot cheese and fresh bread makes me want to live in the treehouse forever.

Waking up and seeing the beautiful view that surrounded the treehouse was one of the many delightful things about this cosy place. As I took in the view out the window, Little B was up and in the kitchen putting the kettle on and preparing to make a breakfast ready for the day ahead. We'd had an early evening after watching Les Miserables (projector and surround sound are a must for this film!) so it was nice to wake up feeling fresh.

Little B cooked some garlic cream cheese scrambled egg in croissants for us, which went down well with the pear juice from the hamper. Once our coffees were drank and the bags were packed we said a sad goodbye to this incredible little place that we wish to build in our back garden, and headed for a day in Cantebury.
Canterbury is utterly beautiful and we have now decided we want to relocate there, and build a treehouse just like this one. Because it was perfect and exactly what the doctor ordered for everybody.
Boohoo Playsuit | New Look Jacket and Boots | Miss Luxe Satchel 

Another day, another same outfit that one is wearing again. You see, after not wearing this playsuit initially for a month after buying it, it's seems that now it can't well leave my body and here I am sporting it again. Exactly the same as last month. So I guess you could say I'm kinda boring, but also just your average girl who spends too much money on clothes and sticks to the same things - please tell me I'm not the only one?
And really, I should begin to invest in a new kinda jacket and find some other footwear because soon these boots will start walking themselves and maybe it's time to grow up and buy adult jackets rather than from the 915 range!
But when my fringe is scraped back and I'm looking like a child, I may as well dress like one too.

Alas, I wore this outfit to London on Saturday (and when I did the food shop, and afternoon lunch and all that) to the Love event, after debating for hours how to dress. As usual, I wish I'd worn something else - seriously, sometimes I just think I never fit in regardless of what I'm wearing! However I was rather toasty with my two coats on (beautiful Megan was warming up whilst taking these snaps - thanks gal!) so that's always a plus. But I must admit, as much as I want to marry these boots, I never knew they could hurt from a day of standing around in London. I guess I'll stick to wearing them around the office, because y'know, sitting down, drinking tea and eating biscuits makes them much more comfortable. And that makes me happy.


A few weekends ago, Little B took me away for a belated birthday surprise. We try to go somewhere new every few months but it seems that our last trip away together was when we headed to Snooze in Brighton, so this weekend was long overdue! Little B tried his hardest to keep it a surprise from me, but y'know, sometimes a girl just needs to know what to pack for these adventures! The moment he told me that we were heading to the Treehouse Hideaway in Kent, I knew that he was a bit of a good egg (I knew it before, but more so now!)

The moment we had parked up underneath the Treehouse, we already felt relaxed and itching to unpack our pyjamas! As we walked over the cobbled path, we passed the perfectly placed hot tub and sun loungers and ventured up the stairs feeling a little like something from the Flinstones movie. The key to get into the Treehouse was located in a safe having been given a code via email, which seemed ideal for anybody's arrival, and once Little B finally managed to unlock the door, we were greeted with the most surreal and beautiful little hideaway that we'd ever seen. It was so inviting, that we already felt like we wanted to live here forever.

Waiting for us in the impressive kitchen, was a wonderful hamper that was full of local jams, juices and some pretty tasty chocolates that we just couldn't wait to tuck into! The owners had also gone that extra mile and included a birthday card and cake along with some balloons decorated around the hideaway - those little touches to a weekend stay are the most pleasing of things. As pleasing as the warm fire that Little B lit straight away.

The bedroom was simple, however the actual build of it did all the talking with the built in mirror where I could pretend to be Betty Rubble for the duration of our stay, and the bedding was pretty and floral, making us feel even more at home (Little B can just never get away from it!). And the view in the morning was absolutely breathtaking, feeling so peaceful looking out past the fresh flowers that were placed on the windowsill.

Entering the bathroom made us feel like gremlins (the good gremlins mind!) and we couldn't wait to get our really oversized dressing gowns on, flappy flip flops, open some cider and spend an evening chat in the hot tub. A bathroom's a bathroom, but not this one.. This amazing sink was too good not to share.

Although the weather was pretty miserable for our stay, it certainly didn't stop us enjoying the outside area. The hot tub was a perfect temperature where we spent many hours enjoying the bubbles and finally catching up. We can imagine that in the Summer, this would be an ideal place to bask in the sun with an ice cold drink and taking in the peaceful view that surrounded the Treehouse.

And nothing could top this beautifully designed place, than having a fire and a projector to cosy up in front of for a night of films and tapas! Little B loved being manly and keeping the fire lit, and I enjoyed the Camembert cheese that we nibbled on all evening, so it was a win all round. We'll be posting the second half to our trip soon!
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