Fresh smelling

If you look at our dressing table then you'll know that we've quite the collection of perfumes and aftershaves (alongside our ever growing line of boots too!) and that most days I could easily get through a whole perfume bottle. You see, there are just too many beautiful smells in those wonderfully designed bottles that I feel the need to spritz more and more (at least I don't ever smell bad right?) so in the last few years I've found myself opting for Next perfume's on a day to day basis because their prices (and scents) are too darn good to miss. And then that way I can keep my Miss Dior and Lola bottles just that little bit longer at a time. But there's always room for new..
Marc Jacobs | Carven | Vera Wang | Nina Ricci | Davidoff | Paul Smith | Dolce & Gabbana

We're always open to trying new scents (we've still our favourites on Christmas orders!) and after I received Marc Jacobs Lola for my birthday, I'm extremely keen to try out Daisy - anything with daisies on and I'm sold. Little B tends to wear aftershave on special occasions but is slowly branching out more and more (I'm obviously having that effect on him) and thinking of investing in a few more. He's always been one for a simple smell so Davidoff and Paul Smith are perfect options for him and his not so businessman like life. And because I like to smell as sweet as possible, Nina Ricci, from Mrs Pharmacy, is next on my list - I heard it's a great perfume accompanied with a bag of old fashioned sweets. So pass me those bonbons and remember to spritz behind your ears.
*This is a collaborative post.


  1. Oooooo I love Vera Wang Princess. I think everyone needs a sweet, girly perfume and luckily this one isn't too sickly or overpowering. I wouldn't be without a bottle x

  2. I have Vera Wang princess. I love sweet smelling perfumes and this defo one of my favourite.

  3. You'll love Daisy! :) My go-to daily spritz at the moment is CK In2You which my boyfriends Mum gave me for Christmas (he got the male version too, aw) but Miss Dior will always be my special occasion scent.