I want to say that this week we've eaten lots of chocolate, but it's no more than usual. Although now that the Mini eggs are in the shops, it's only necessary to buy a few bags and finish off the day with pastel chocolate.

 Last weekend was a slight write off after our works Christmas do. When there's free wine on the table, nobody is getting away without a hangover the next day. Domino's and lots of water sorted me out (eventually!).

 Little R has found a new favourite toy (hurrah it's not our underwear/paperwork/hair bobbles) and spends many hours in the bathtub with it.. Only if it's not in the bed/on the sofa/by the front door (or everywhere else!)

The ever so lovely Emily drew us and our New Years resolution last week - Little B thinks that maybe I should stop buying unnecessary fairy lights. Personally I think they're always necessary, and we can never have enough!

 There are just some mornings in life when you're up earlier than planned and breakfast in bed has to happen. And for that? Lucky charms - and a banana, because every morning needs a banana (unless you're Little B!)

Towards the end of the week saw us get a little tired and grumpy, so we bought new scented candles, some fresh flowers and spent an evening under the cat blanket watching a funny film whilst eating a Spanish casserole!

This weekend we're really looking forward to some time away. Little B booked a treehouse as a birthday surprise for me, and it couldn't have come at a better time. A few days away, just the two of us, our wellies, a selection of tapas, fleecy pyjamas and a bottle of wine all to be enjoyed in each others company. We can't wait.

 In Love with Fashion dress* | Primark top | New Look boots | Miss Luxe satchel

I like tartan, that's a known fact after sporting a few pieces these last few months, however they've not been the traditional colours so when I spied this dress and it's pretty delicious collar I couldn't turn it down, and I risked it for a chocolate biscuit. And to make my Papa proud because he's a true scotsman.
Prints are kinda a big deal in my wardrobe (ask my cousin, she'll tell you I'm a queen of prints) and of course nothing beats teaming a dress with my trusty leather jacket and favourite boots - I'm pretty certain I say this all the time! But on a serious note, the leather jacket wasn't enough to conceal the gaping of the dress being a little too big, but a basic Primark tee works wonders. Love, I adore your clothes I really do, but your sizing's funny.

Sometimes I think the main reason I cannot live without my jacket, is the fact it makes me feel cool and we all know that's what I'm forever after. (yes, I'm looking at you Amy!). There's some part of me that however hard I try to do the cool factor, I still end up looking like I've come from the school grounds - so for that I'm blaming the shoes. And the satchel. Oh and that cheesy grin o' mine. I must learn to swap my shoes for chunkier biker boots, ditch the satchels (oh!) and replace that smile with some sunglasses - in the form of Raybans, which I've noticed SCLO have a perfect variety. But first, I must pull up my socks and polish off those new shoes.
I guess there are some things you just cannot change. And some people who do cool a lot better than you.

River Island top | River Island skirt | Olivia Burton watch | New Look boots

Now here's another rarity, in the form of a fitted outfit as worn by yours truly. And as you'll probably have guessed from my other 120+ outfits in the last year, slouchy dresses are more my thing and the last time I braved the bodycon was quite literally this time last year. But when I was in River Island over Christmas something came over me, and I felt the need for this leather skirt which surprised me considering A-line shapes and my hips really aren't the best of matches. I tottered about for a while before heading back to take it home with me, where I laid eyes upon this beautiful stripe tee (you can never have enough stripey tees) and with that, I forgot my fitted clothing fears and headed home to place them in the wardrobe alongside my other leather skirt and stripe tee.
At first it took me a while to brave the outfit outside my own comfort zone, because let's be honest, like any other girl I tell myself I'm going on a diet the following day. Seriously, I just can't get enough of chocolate - my best bet wouldn't be a fad diet, I'd probably need the intense training from a Revival Boot Camp. Somebody who'll push me, put me through my paces, probably make me cry but make me fitter and healthier. Maybe that's what I need. But for now, I gotta get on with it, because this skirt won't wear it's self.

It's fair to say that I surprised myself, and I don't half feel a little (if I dare say so myself), sexy in this ensemble. Even on New Years day when I arrived at my parent's house my whole family seemed taken aback with compliments flowing on how nice I looked  (they've always said I'm a nice dresser but hey, this one took them by storm!) and of course Little B didn't complain! He even cheekily treated me to this beautiful Olivia Burton watch to complete my look. Hell, I feel like a brand new lady.. So here's to you 2014, you've not been so bad!

Better breakfasts.  Weekdays are for golden syrup porridges eaten in the car, and granola yoghurts consumed at the work desk. Weekends always call for sausages and hash browns. Or nutella crumpets. Always.

Blogging, shopping and organising. A perfect excuse to stay in bed in the morning whilst browsing Bloglovin, searching through the Next Home book and planning the week ahead. Under the cat throw of course.

Taking naps. Because if you can't nap on the weekends when can you? Especially if you're suffering from the night before, the busy week that was, or have used all your energy playing in the garden (we're looking at you R).

No other footwear except slippers. Always best accompanied with some fleecy pyjamas for that extra cosy feel whilst snuggled on the sofa watching a cheesy film. Other shoes aren't seen on weekends.

Candles lit and fairy lights on. Because there's nothing like inviting guests into your home with the fresh smells of soft cotton scented candles, twig lights a lit and a touch of dangling white fairy lights sparkling. Super cosy.
Boohoo playsuit | New Look jacket | New Look boots | Olivia Burton watch

It may be a new year and everything but it doesn't stop the fact that I'm still buying anything and everything printed for my overflowing printed wardrobe. Admittedly this was bought last year during a 'I've nothing to wear for my birthday'  dilema and as per usual, I didn't even end up wearing it.. This tends to happen on a regular basis for me. However fast forward a month and I'm now questioning why on earth I didn't stick with this playsuit - I mean seriously, there are daisies on it. Many, many pretty little daisies.

And although today is a Sunday which is essentially a keep your pyjama's and slippers on kinda day, I thought I'd throw my wild side out there and wear it (plus I'm still debating whether it's a bit on the short rear side for work purposes...!) whilst, indeed, doing the housework. I say housework, I've spent 20% unpacking and sorting out the guest bedroom and the other 80% eating - two breakfasts are just a must sometimes. So with all this eating (and already thinking about dinner) my brain has come to realise why this playsuit was best left last month, worn only accompanied by Spanx. But alas, it's Sunday - nobody needs wear that kinda thing on a day like today - and right now, I'm about to get back into those fleecy pyjama's, find some dinner to make (and probably a second one too) and spend my evening getting a little too addicted to trashy TV. We love you Sunday's!
Finally getting that haircut. Because it's only taken me eleven months to make that decision, and actually, one of my finer decisions ever made (once this fringe finally grows out). I feel so bouncy.

Making my favourite Winter casserole. I may have forgotten the potatoes fifteen minutes before serving this to my mama and papa, but it was a pretty tasty one at that. You can never, ever have too much garlic.

Little R's new love for the garden. And climbing THAT tree in the garden, because obviously being similar to a Koala Bear is much more fun. As long as there's a mug of tea, we can spend hours watching him.

Brightening up the bedroom. Until we finally decide on wallpaper, these Instagram prints fitted in nicely above the bed making it harder to get up in the morning. It's officially becoming a home instead of a house.

Fairy lights in the post. Because those other eight sets just aren't quite enough and it's been a few weeks since buying the last set. Oh and when they're in the sale, you just really can't say no to birdcage lights. At all.

Weekend flowers. Monday's are flower days, so when Little B came home with a few beautiful bunches at the weekend, it was love. And pretending to be a florist, is the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning.


With the New Year having just joined us (finally), there's plenty of resolutions and promises being thrown around the air which are inspiring and always a sign of a new beginning. In the Little's household we've never been one to set ourselves goals and resolutions with a likely chance of achieving them. I suppose this can be seen in two minds, on the one hand we'd rather not be reminded of our fails like when we cave in and eat chocolate every day, but on the other hand, maybe we're not setting about and pushing ourselves to things further than what we think we're capable of doing. Because we're always the first in the queue to stay content.
If last year taught us anything (actually it taught us a lot - and it made us a hell of a lot stronger), it's to change things when we become unhappy. I asked myself this week if I actually knew what happy meant, and it wasn't until Little B said 'things could be better, but they could be a far lot worse' that completely stuck in my head. He was so right. I felt like I'd spent the last few months thinking about being happy, rather than actually being happy. With social media and the internet thrown in our faces daily with happy pictures of this that and the other, we can sometimes get lost in other peoples lives, wishing we were holidaying with them, or enjoying a tub of Ben & Jerry's at 10pm (we're guilty of this!) when really we should be enjoying what we have. In our own lives.

Since my Frankie diary arrived (thanks brother), I've taken it upon myself daily to note down any quotes I've found on the internet (seriously cannot get enough of my iPad - and it's swanky Caseable case*!). One's that relate to life, our life and help us push ourselves for better things, but also to appreciate what we already have. We've always been grateful people, and we're hugely thankful for our incredible parents for bringing us up this way, but this year we're really taking it upon ourselves to find the smallest of beautiful things in life. I mean we all have our flaws and have things we'd rather change (non dry skin please) but we must live with it, so we're going to embrace it. And that is the only main thing, if anything, that we're going to promise ourselves this year - to take better care of our bodies. So today I'm going to thank my ears, because they still give me the opportunity to listen to the simple sounds of the trees blowing in the wind and the noise of Little B's car pulling up onto the drive after work. Tell me, what are you grateful for today?
Little Me wears: A Minkpink dress*, New Look jacket and boots and a Miss Luxe satchel.

It's a pretty simple fact that I'm easily persuaded by a printed dress, it beats a plain one anyday (I'm currently working on this!) and when this delightful looking one caught my eye, my first thought was that of a Peter Pilotto dress I lusted after last year. And although it's nearer suited for Summer weather, it certainly didn't stop me teaming it with my usual clothing pals, the leather jacket and black boots. Oh and those bare legs? Yeah I'm wild as anything you see. It's January, I'm fed up of tights.. Plus it can only get warmer now!

This year (excuse me whilst I get used to that!) I've not set any resolutions because Little B and I know within five minutes they'll be broken, however I promised myself that I'd take better care of myself. From the little things like not letting my eyebrows overgrow (although now the fringe has gone, there's no hiding them!), to making sure I eat a proper dinner every night, because as much as I love crumpets, they don't make for a real meal. Who knows, maybe it'll be the year I invest in wearing makeup (I'd probably need to go to a class for that - I'm clueless at that kinda thing, and from the looks of it the Professional Makeup Academy looks a good place to start!) and branch out to a new jacket and shoes. Oh, but those extra lie in's and comfortable black suede boots currently favour over applying eyeshadow and painful heels. There's still 11 months left yet..

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