Nigel O'Hara

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With Christmas looming quite literally round the corner (it doesn't officially start in our household till my birthday has been - tomorrow if you're wondering!) wishlist posts and post it notes are flying around everywhere at home with a flurry to order in time for that big day. And as usual, I manage to come up with ideas a week or so before Christmas of what I'd quite like - and this time it comes in the form of a watch. 
I'm not really one for telling the time on a watch (I guess I'm a little like Joey Essex in that sense) but since Little B had his David Wellington one it's made me think twice about this fashion accessory (that's also pretty handy too!) and with being slightly clueless - I didn't know where to begin looking until I found Nigel O'Hara. They stock a huge variety of watches of all different sorts, which is perfect for somebody like myself who doesn't actually know what they're after (but if you know how terrible my decision making is, then it's not always the easiest!) of both male and female watches. So Little B and I picked out our top favourites, and have sneakily passed these onto our family members starring my most favourite of the Tommy Hilfiger one (it shines beautifully!), along with the other wishlists that we've been compiling in the last week or so.
I think we need to buy a bigger tree for all these presents that we're wishing upon...


  1. Love these, I really want a new watch for Christmas! Hope you have a great Birthday tomorrow :) Xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  2. Love the Bulova watch! Happy Birthday for tomorrow!