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This week I did something for the first time that I've never quite been able to do (let's not start on the stupid jokes).. I lit my first ever candle on my own.! And now I just can't stop (Little B always had to light them for me ha). This one Kim bought me for my birthday has been my ultimate favourite - the smell is incredible.

Today for the first time in quite possibly seven months, I wore a fitted outfit. I'd treated myself to these buys yesterday after Little B agreed to buy them for me (I knew he wouldn't say know with it being a slim outfit!) and no better reason than to wear them straight away. It's fair to say I felt a little cool. And trendy too.

 On Sunday we managed, with the help of both of our parents, to move all our belongings into the house, after a week of painting. As soon as the last box touched through the door, we popped open some champagne, because well this time it was the real deal. And we couldn't be happier. We are officially grown up's now.

 Little R has settled into the house pretty well, and declaring the bath his place to chase his tail (and eat the chain plug!). It seems that his sink obsession is still on-going and actually likes the kitchen - he's definitely the only fan (we're already saving for a new one!). As of next week he's going to head outside alone. For the first time!

 On Wednesday we had the living room flooring put down, and the furniture put up. It's officially become my favourite room in the house with the biggest transformation from what it was a few weeks ago. I surprised Little B with a coffee table last night and with a few rice lights and candles lit, this is the ultimate cosy room.

 Yesterday me and Mama went out for some last minute Christmas bits/new house pieces, and after treating her to a lovely new dress, I thought with the year we'd had that maybe I too deserved some nice things (do I ever need an excuse?!). Of course you can never have enough leather skirts and stripe tops, and this dress was too beautiful to walk past and ignore. And black boots? There's always room for new ones..!

Last night was a takeaway kinda night. After living in the town next to where we are, and Domino's delivery out of bounds, could only call for a cheeky delivery to the new house. And incredible it was. We definitely enjoyed a feast alongside some fruity cider and wine, and accompanied with some Christmas films. Ideal.

And just because I think this is literally the best text I've ever received in my entire life. Little R has a tendency to eat people's food when they're not looking and Papa was getting a little fed up with my parcel deliveries daily throughout the month. So this message is actually genius. And the fact that Papa eats fish fingers..


  1. Your living room is gorgeous! Looks so cosy, and I love the gingerbread men across the bottom of your tv :) I'm excited to have all of this with my man too, although it's a long way to go - lots of saving to do - but I'm sure it will be worth it.
    That candle is gorgeous, I agree! I love the cute packaging too. xx

  2. Ah looking foxy miss Katy! So glad you're getting settled in your new house.

  3. The place is looking lovely :)
    The skirt is fab!

  4. ahahah your cat is one epic little cat, sink lover and food pincher! LOVE the fitted outfit - Wonder if that skirt would look alright on me? mmmm probably not :(

  5. Your house looks so lovely!! My cat ate half of a fillet steak that was supposed to be for my Granny the other night.. Rascals.

    Becca. xx

  6. Definitely looking very trendy in your new things, perfect outfit right there! Congrats on the house, you must be so, so pleased. Can't wait for more pics, I love your taste in always have the cutest things! Also, cracked up at that text it's hilarious in so many ways xxx

  7. LOL at the text. You look so good in that outfit Katy, and congratulations! x

  8. I love the photo of your cat in the sink, it makes me chuckle x

  9. Your (VERY OWN!!!) home looks just wonderful, so cosy and perfect, glad it's all coming on nicely.
    & hello new outfits- that one is gorgeous <3


  10. I really love how your home looks! These pictures are lovely :) I like the dress with the polka dots! Cuuuuute :D

    Valérie //

  11. You look amazing in that outfit! Your living room looks very cosy and sweet, I'm moving soon and can't wait to decorate. I'm also laughing at the text from your Papa so much. That's too funny. And glad to know I'm not the only blogger with family that don't appreciate frequent parcels! Have a great Christmas.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  12. I repeat my instagram comment, what a babe! I am so excited for you and B in your new home- so amazing to start the new year in a new place all of your very own. It looks wonderful. Well deserved Champagne! A very merry christmas to you and your family Katy.

  13. I'm with you there on the candle lighting, 22 years old and I still can't brave it - yay for partners!
    Your house looks like it is coming along nicely. I love the festive gingerbread man garland!
    I hope you have a very merry Christmas!
    Bits & Bobs

  14. Adorable Yankee Candle & oh so funny text msg!

  15. Absolutely LOVE your living room, what a lovely brick feature it has!
    Jess x

  16. oh your living room is so so lovely! love your new clothes
    Julia x

  17. haha! ... i love your outfits. merry christmas xx

  18. Oh wow! That post is inspiring and impressive… I just found your blog while feeling a bit (late-) christmassy.
    As yours looks brilliant, do you have suggestions on how I could pick up and improve my blog " "? Thank you so much!

    Bisous xx

  19. Yay you're in! Hope you've had a few days on your own to settle in both of you. Christmas can be so hectic, today me and Liam just sat in and watched crap tele on our own, it was bliss :)

    Lots of love to you both, hope to see lots of you in 2014.

    <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  20. i was lucky enough to receive a sampler box of 12 yankee candle christmas scents in my stocking this year and am slowly working my way through them - so far my favourite is pine & green apple - they almost look too pretty in their presentation box to use!

  21. Love your photos and the text message! :p

  22. Hahahaha, love the text! xD

  23. Congrats on the new home! How adorable is Little R in the sink? Bless him. Love that skirt too, you look great in it.


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