Under the covers

Black heart lace | Black mesh | Pink and black lace | Floral print | Paul Smith | Car print | Calvin Klein

Now we're going to put our hands up and admit that we're underwear hoarders. Like hugely. With us admitting this, we'd like to hope that maybe we're not the only ones - and that infact this is merely a normal human being thing? And I'm sure you'll agree that there's the different knickers categories. Let me break it down for you:

The ones that we wear on a constant daily basis, being comfortable and still relatively nice.
The ones that happen to come out for special occasions. Sexy, but five minutes wear is quite enough.
The ones that we'll put on for an evening out, manageable for a good few hours and attractive.
The ones that look like your little finger won't even squeeze into and are a funny skin colour. But you still persist.
The ones that there for your fat days. The worn elastic makes you love that little bit more.
The ones that we've bought, put on in the morning, and immediately taken off. We still can't throw them away.
The ones that are there just incase. They're ancient, but we may still need them. Because we might just run out?!

Well, apart from the male species who  have it easy with underwear. It's either this or that, or the highway as Little B says (I'm quietly vomitting in the corner) or those fun covers from Ann Summers! However ladies after some serious online browsing I may have just found some pieces that could possibly become all those knicker groups into one. That's pretty incredible. I know what I'll be asking for Christmas, this set from Blossom Lingerie is first on my list! And maybe, just maybe, it'll finally give me the push to sort through my underwear drawer and actually throw out those ones that are uncomfortable after five minutes. Although, I think I'll just keep onto those knickers lurking at the back untouched.. Because you never know when you might just need them..


  1. I am a complete underwear hoarder! I have so many pairs!

  2. I'm ashamed to say I have pants from when I was like 13! Still haven't the heart to throw them out, they just sit in there under all the others :') xx


  3. Hahaa you're so right about the different underwear types! I'm quite strict with myself when it comes to sorting out my underwear drawer. I keep telling myself that if I get rid of old pairs it means I can have new news! haha xo