We dreamed: Littlewoods lusting

Littlewoods range of Women's boots | Littlewoods range of Men's shoes.

You'll probably be able to tell from our outfit posts that we're pretty much boot wearers come rain or shine (urgh, I hate that saying - but it's true!) and we constantly feel the need to treat ourselves to a new pair every month or so. Well things are about to change with us having bought a new house, so shower screens and lightbulbs are sadly overtaking our love for footwear, but that sure doesn't stop us browsing around and teasing our little feet with some beautiful boots, especially in the form of Littlewoods. Admittedly, they're not our first port of call when it comes to shoe shopping - and we're slightly embarrassed to admit that we should have looked sooner because let's be honest, Little B is now pretty much obsessing over those Van boots (and mentioning them every time he's getting ready!). And well, I can never have enough black boots in my wardrobe - I mean these are completely different to all my other ones right....?!
So we've spent far too long not knowing what we want for Christmas, but I think we'll be pointing our family in the direction of this wishlist, oh and probably this beautiful boyfriend jacket, because you know, you need a nice new jacket with some pretty darn cracking new boots don't you? We know we do!

In collaboration with Littlewoods

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  1. I love to wear boots as well, so much nicer than normal shoes. I love the bottom right pair, the detailing is so nice.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx