The little things


It's been a busy few weeks here with Little B working constantly, and well, me, just swanning about. So today is being spent from the comfort of this bed (I like this room, but I can't wait till I'm decked out with our fairy lights and heart shaped 'rubbish' again soon) with nothing but London Grammar playing, and catching up on blogging. And all those grown up bits of paperwork that I keep putting off..

This weekend I headed out with my little little pal Laura bean. There was wine and cider consumed, terrible taxi organisations and numerous outfit decision changes (of course on my part...). Tonight is definitely consisting of ice cream with more marshmallows than needed, and some Sunday night TV with the parents.

 Last weekend an old friend (she's really not that old) came up to see me which was hugely overdue and very much needed. It was full of fun, stories from those wild Friday nights, and laughter of our old business (that hugely failed after 3 weeks...). Of course that weekend it was only fair to head to Prezzo's too, because whenever there's an offer, it just seems silly to turn it down...

 With Little B working 745948303 hours (I'm only half exaggerating!) weekends are impossible, but we managed to take a day off together last week and so a lunch date was on the cards. We stopped at our favourite little Farm shop for jacket potatoes and sausages, and of course a glass of Strawberry lemonade. The afternoon was finished up with a new set of sofa's and ingredients for homemade pizza's.


  1. That pasta from Prezzo is so yummy - I've had it before! I hope you get to spend more time with Little B soon :)

  2. Lovely photos! It must be hard not spending much time with your man at the moment, I hope you find lots of time in the festive season to be together :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  3. I love your little 'life lately' posts :) Your bed looks super cosy. Wish I had a cute cat to cuddle up to!
    Must be hard with Little B constantly working, but I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end. Soon you will have your own little house decked out in fairy lights galore. xx

  4. Your figure os gorgeous! Can I ask what camera you use? xx

  5. All the food looks so yummy! Love making a room all cosy, your's looks gorgeous and so relaxing, I'm currently slowly infiltrating my other halves home with fairy lights and other girly bit's and bobs, he is yet to notice...x

  6. ice cream and marshmallows is just what I need after such a long day mmmm x

  7. I love the photos! :) Icecream + candy would be the best thing ever right now!


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