Fresh from the kitchen

Since moving back home, baking has resumed (I partly think it's because there's a dishwasher in this house - and let's be honest it's a lifesaver!). I want to say I've been adventurous in the sense that I've not just made cupcakes, however these delicious pieces have all been from packet mixes (I know, I hate it too!). But, as soon as you've got a slice on your plate accompanied with a cup of tea, all is forgotten as to where it's come from. And that's all that matters really. Well, I know it does when there's a freshly baked cake in front of me!

Rocky Road - This is possibly the easiest to make, and my ultimate go to whenever I need a chocolate fix (lately.. Everyday!). I'm always adding more marshmallows to the mixture - because we can never have enough squidgy goodness! If you're after a good recipe for rocky road then you can find one here.. And my favourite tip, is to add in some Aero Mint and Malteasers. Rocky road has never tasted so good.!

Lemon Drizzle - If we are ever asked which cake is our favourite, Lemon drizzle always tops it, especially for any occasion. There's just something about it (especially in a loaf tin) with it's sweet taste and trimming of icing on the top. This recipe for the perfect lemon cake is definitely one to try. Adding in lemon peel also makes for the best flavours. Served with a piping hot pot of tea.

Honeycomb Brownies - When I saw this recipe on Olivia's blog, I knew what we'd be having for lunchtime snacks that week. I've always been a huge fan of crunchie, so adding it into a brownie was beyond words. These bites didn't last long in our fridge and are even tastier warmed up alongside a dollop of honeycomb ice cream! I think I'll be making these again this week, only thicker. And better.


  1. Love his post Katy! I want to make them all aha :)

    Emily xo

  2. These all looks amazing! I've not made rocky road for ages! I think I might just have to do so now!

    Emma Xx

  3. Oh gosh I need to go eat chocolate now!

  4. Wow I am now seriously craving something sweet!! Literally have got to go and buy the ingredients so I can bake these this weekend! Thank you :)
    Saskia x
    Sassy's Space Blog

  5. You're making me hungry! Nothing wrong with a packet mix every now and again - Betty Crocker is amazing, especially the chocolate fudge cake mix and icing!!
    The brownies look and sound so amazing - might have to give these a whirl! xx

  6. Ah these all look amazing, so glad you tried the brownies- they're pretty special and never last long! xxx

  7. Definitely going to need to bake tomorrow after seeing this post!! xx

  8. Yummy, this all look so good! :D