Little Me wears: A Whistle & Wolf dress* and Primark shoes.

I guess you could say that I've always been classed as a fancy dresser even on casual days (my kinda casual still involves heeled boots - unless I'm not heading outside then it's leggings and a jumper!) so I tend to struggle a little when it comes to the evening, because everything I own I class as day wear even if I purchased it from the party dress section. Of course this means that I could style it up differently but you know, boots and a leather jacket are as far as I go for day and night. But last week when out shopping with Mama Mcfred I found these shoes and decided that maybe it was time to spice things up and get some real proper party shoes.

It's fair to say that Mama Mcfred had a right old giggle in the shop whilst I (attempted) tottered around declaring that these were a perfect fit and with that these were bought as an early birthday treat - they're definitely still getting wrapped up because we love nothing more than unwrapping things. It seems I didn't just stop there, and upon donning this beautiful dress at the weekend I pushed the boat out and sported an up-do... So it's not exactly anything fancy, but hey, it's a step up. And you know what? I don't half quite like this look. Some would even say a little Zooey D (although I'm sure her feet see the sun more than mine ever do).
And as much as I love getting ready for a good old knees up, it's fair to say I'd swap my dancing shoes for a night in with the girls anyday, and it seems I'm not the only one with 70% of women preferring this. At the end of the day, I'm all for a cheeky cocktail or two, but nothing beats a tasty hot chocolate and those warm slippers.
Little Me wears: A Sugarhill Boutique top*, Matalan shorts, H&M Blazer and Ash boots.

There comes a time in your life when you want to feel like a real true grown up, so you dress like you're going places and as though you know everything and anything. Well, today was one of those. Although in reality, I forget things every five minutes, I don't know a great deal and I really don't have a clue where I'm heading at any time of the day, but at least I felt like a fancy pants. An Autumnal fancy pants.
Now I'm not sure if it's the blouse that had this effect on me or the shorts, but considering I wear shorts on a regular basis and I definitely potter around with a puzzled face - it's fair to say that the blouse has made me feel important. It's a pretty cute blouse at that too and it seemed like a match made in heaven teamed with my scallop hem shorts and my delicious new Ash boots, which work have now renamed them as the kinky boots.!

I'm pretty darn chuffed with this top, because if you know my wardrobe (I'm sure you probably know it better than I do) it's full of dresses and shorts, and tops are things I lack - Somehow I don't get that excitement as much as a dress, however I have found myself opting for blouses to wear to work which does secretly make a nice change. Maybe this is officially my moment of turning into a grown up even if it's an animal printed piece.. And although Little Schmidt wasn't a mouse, this top's for him!
It's been a pretty busy weekend - but thankfully from the comfort of my own home. We've had lots of visitors in the household, so endless cups of tea have been consumed and mama's fresh baked cakes have gone down a storm. And tonight is finished off with a Wispa hot chocolate topped with more handfuls than possible of marshmallows.. It's weekends like these that make me love living back home!

Little R has been a tinker lately and decides that by climbing (and opening every cupboard on the way up) onto the top of the kitchen, he can't be seen so therefore did nothing wrong. I'll openly admit that I give in too much to him - it's his adorable nose. And the way he snuggles under the covers with me every night. I just can't refuse..

 As usual Little B has been working (I may just buy him a bed for there), so it was a rare treat that we had date night on Wednesday. It was made incredibly better with JGL joining us as we decided to watch Don Jon. There's no better evening at the cinema than the biggest Ben & Jerry's milkshake, a blanket and a good movie.

These flowers have been a huge delight sitting in the kitchen for the last few weeks. My blonde friend and her Dobbing (or Little B's boyfriend - whichever) surprised me with these at my last day of work and of course it reduced me to tears with the sweetest words inside a card. And this is why I call her my best friend.

 I'm most definitely Little R's favourite (even if Little B feeds him more!), so it was nice to come home from work on Tuesday evening and find them having man time in the kitchen. Plus it was a rare moment to see Little R sleeping - and Little B taking it back to his roots, and reading an actual book instead of his Kindle.
Little Me wears: A Fashion Union dress*, New Look jacket and boots and a Miss Luxe bag*.
Little B wears: A Topman shirt and jeans and Peacocks boots.

So with finally admitting that I'm a bit of a predictable one in my smock dresses, leather jacket and boots combination, I thought I'd mix it up a little today.. and urm, wear a shift dress instead! I know, I know, I'm totally living life on the edge and especially considering that I wore a fitted dress for a meal (we're not always out for dinner, not normally anyway!) this week! To be honest, I had a slight naive moment when choosing this dress - forgetting that shift dresses are actually more fitted than I remember. This of course delights Little B being able to see those curves of mine but I'll tell you now, the napkin at dinner stayed firmly over my stomach! Nothing gets in the way of me and a good meal. And this is why I'm dating a chef...

Going out for dinner is always a nice excuse to get dressed up (even more dressed up in my case - I apply lipstick.. OOH!) and Little B always heads straight to his ever growing shirt collection with that secretly excited look in his eye. One of these days he WILL have a day job that involves shirts and trousers and I certainly won't be complaining when that day comes. There's no chance I'm turning a man down in a dashing suit.
Little Me wears: A Boohoo smock and New Look boots and jacket.

It's fair to say that hands down, the smock dress has replaced all other dresses in my wardrobe. My lunch breaks are spent browsing numerous sites, entering 'smock' into every search possible. After all, if eating anything and everything without showing signs of a food baby, is on the cards, then order me ten smocks. Because I'm sold.
I spied this little number last month on Boohoo, and after many hours debating whether to size down, I ended up sizing up (the problems of being indecisive - you end up missing out!) and although you can fit myself and Little B into it together, I really don't mind it. Plus the fact it's called Kate, kinda meant that I needed it right? It's been my everyday dress this week and certainly fitted the bill when we headed to Prezzo last week - I definitely demolished the pizza starter and Calzone.

I feel a bit like Harry Hill in the sense of him and his standard style with his big collars. Of course I don't do big collars (I do like a collar though), but I'm getting a little too predictable with a dress of some choice teamed with boots, my leather jacket and a satchel. I'm trying to branch out a little more with jeans and my endless supply of shorts but if I'm being honest - if a piece of clothing doesn't show my lunch then I'm most definitely sold.
And on that note, I'm off to consume a shed load of soup and empty the fridge of that chocolate stash. I love Sundays. And food.

Little Me wears: A New Look knit, Primark hat, Topshop jeans, Ash boots and a Miss Luxe bag*.

There are just some days, especially weekends when all you want to do is stay in your pyjama's and plod about doing as little as possible. Until you realise that you're lacking chocolate/tea/bread (insert appropriate) and force on your most comfortable yet slobby attire for the shops, because that's what normal people do. Unfortunately, I am not one of them and even on a day of rest, I'll pop on my Sunday best. Until lately, when I've attempted the American approach - because nobody rocks jeans, a sweater and a beanie quite like them, and it's fair to say this is a far step away from my usual dress, jacket and boots look. I may even admit that jeans could well possibly be a comfort factor, but this'll be as casual as I'll get because for me, leggings stay at home. Regardless.

And with that, we declared last Sunday cosy knit day as we ran small errands and made hospital visits.
Once again, we want to thank you for your kind words and incredible amount of love on our last post. It wasn't the easy of posts to publish, but your comments have truly melted our hearts (there were tears from Mama - Papa still doesn't know, I'm sure he'll kill me when he finds out!) and it's so wonderful to read of your support. We honestly cannot thank you enough. If we could invite you all over for tea and cake, we so would!



As we've briefly mentioned before, 2013 really hasn't been our year and as much as we don't want to wish time away, we really can't wait till the new year comes in. And although it's nice to keep some things private, I thought it only fair to share a little about what's been happening. Along with tears on the keyboard.

- Last Thursday we unexpectedly had to say goodbye to Schmidt, and it actually hit us both real hard. Although he was two, he was incredibly full of beans still and partly because of this, made it hard for me to accept he was old. Thankfully he was curled up in a ball in the comfort of his little orange house. We buried him that evening at the bottom of my parent's garden. He'll be forever missed.

- A few weeks ago Papa had to make the hardest decision of his life, and last Friday he headed to hospital to have a leg amputation. The words his consultant said to me that Friday night promising me that I'll soon get the dad back that I knew, have stuck with me. It's been a complete shock to the family but through this incredibly tough time, it's just showed how much we support each other. And I love my family a lot for that. 

- This year saw us lose a handful of close family and friends and however hard those times were, it completely put our minds into perspective and made us realise that if we weren't happy ourselves, to change it. And so we did just that. Our jobs and the cottage had been getting us down for a while and when loved ones aren't around anymore, we felt the need for change, so with this we both started new jobs and moved house.

- The excitement of us buying our first house has kind of taken a back seat at the moment, even though the paperwork is currently in process. We're aiming to get the keys at the end of the month, but with everything else going on, our priority is family. There'll be slow weekends spent painting the house and moving bits in, so until everything feels a bit more homely, we'll be staying at my parents offering all the help we can.

With everything happening lately it's fair to say there's been many tears, plenty of cuddles, copious amounts of chocolate and an incredible flurry of love but it's also times like these that make you realise how lucky you are to have some wonderful people around you. I cannot thank my friends and family enough for their support (and flowers and chocolate!), and also to YOU too for your extra kind tweets and texts. They've really meant a lot. Here's hoping that as of now, things will get start to get better, because as much as I can put away chocolate and love the smell of fresh flowers.. This house just isn't big enough for all that AND my growing stomach.
Little Me wears: A Primark knit, Ark shorts*, Miss Luxe bag*, Shoezone boots* and Asda socks.

There comes a time in your life where you just have to go with things that are thrown at you. With us, it's looking younger than we actually are - so we embraced it today. Now we're forever being told that we should appreciate looking young, ideally when we're in our 40's, maybe, however being 25 (oof) we really don't want to be ID'ed for bonjela when we're out doing our food shop. And yes, that happened. On more than one occasion.
So it quite possibly didn't help that we've decided to dress like we've stepped out of school, but you know, sometimes collars, shorts and a satchel are just a must for a blistery Winter day.

With us having moved back home temporarily, we've only got limited supply of our clothes to hand (if you ask Mama, she'd definitely beg to differ...!), and upon looking for something under the bed (I'm forever looking for nothing under there) I remembered I had these shorts which I'd never shamefully worn. I think the lack of high waist played a big part, but with my love for this plum jumper (best £5 ever spent!) it seemed like a match made in heaven. Some would even say a little Rachel Berry, which I used to do ever so well.
Little B was partial to an afternoon stroll after a heavy lunch, so we headed to one of the quiet villages to duck watch, because sometimes people watching isn't enough. I think he just wanted to be able to wear his extra snug Pull & Bear jacket, which FYI, I WILL be borrowing in the near future.

It's been a busy few weeks here with Little B working constantly, and well, me, just swanning about. So today is being spent from the comfort of this bed (I like this room, but I can't wait till I'm decked out with our fairy lights and heart shaped 'rubbish' again soon) with nothing but London Grammar playing, and catching up on blogging. And all those grown up bits of paperwork that I keep putting off..

This weekend I headed out with my little little pal Laura bean. There was wine and cider consumed, terrible taxi organisations and numerous outfit decision changes (of course on my part...). Tonight is definitely consisting of ice cream with more marshmallows than needed, and some Sunday night TV with the parents.

 Last weekend an old friend (she's really not that old) came up to see me which was hugely overdue and very much needed. It was full of fun, stories from those wild Friday nights, and laughter of our old business (that hugely failed after 3 weeks...). Of course that weekend it was only fair to head to Prezzo's too, because whenever there's an offer, it just seems silly to turn it down...

 With Little B working 745948303 hours (I'm only half exaggerating!) weekends are impossible, but we managed to take a day off together last week and so a lunch date was on the cards. We stopped at our favourite little Farm shop for jacket potatoes and sausages, and of course a glass of Strawberry lemonade. The afternoon was finished up with a new set of sofa's and ingredients for homemade pizza's.
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